I know they think I don't notice, I know they think I can't see them send what they think are those secret glances at each other.

But I do, I see how they look at each other, how there hands will brush against each other when they walk. When they sit a little too close to other and Juta would tease Asuka about his cute and girlish hobbies. But I see the glint of happy lovingness that is directed towards what is supposed to be my boyfriend. At least that's how I believe it's supposed to be.

When this all started me and Asuka had being going out for barely a month. I saw him and Juta in an empty classroom I had left my textbook in. They were holding hands while Juta had a loving smile on probably to do the fact that Asuka's cheeks were tinted with a soft pink.

"Asuka………why are doing this?"

"D-doing what? I don't know what you mean."

He pulled his hand away. "Don't give me that, you know. I tell you I have feelings for you and then the next day I see you and her together. Why?"

He sighed. "I'm scared…my mom…she wouldn't understand. After what my father did she just wouldn't understand or support the two of us in a relationship."

"Fine! Then keep her! Just tell me….to you feel the same way? Or do you truly have feelings for her?"

"Juta……you I know I love you, you and only you"

Then they kissed.

I saw it with my own two eyes. My boyfriend kissing our friend, it was devastating. After that I could never look at them the same again. Neither Asuka or Juta told me about that day. They seemed to have come to an understanding.


"Ryo…..I'm sorry but….I don't love you…….I want to break up."

So hi long time no see lol. So this is the third installment i guess. First was Juta then Asuka and Ryo. I hope you guys have enjoyed them! please review! :D