Sasuke Pov

Beep! Beep! Beep!

I slammed my hand on the alarm clock. Man I hate mornings. I rolled over and buried my head in my pillow. I pulled the covers over my head.

"Master Sasuke" a maid called knocking on the door. I groaned again.

"What!" I spat the knocking immediately stopped. I think I heard the maid take a step away from the door.

"Um...we've reached our destination." she said. What is this some war game?

"Is that all?" I asked. I pinched my bridge what do I have to do to get some sleep around here.

"Your father wants to see you" she mumbled then I heard fast steps down the hall. I groaned and sat up. I got out of bed. And headed for my shower. This was going to be a long day.

Hinata Pov

I was sitting on the mountain when I saw this big thing on the horizon. What is it? What could it be? I looked closer and I still couldn't tell what it was. I looked over at Waizu my brother. He looked at me and tilted his head. I smiled then he shook his head. I nodded mine.

"Oh come on Waizu" I said. He shook his head again.

"We'll just check" I said trying to convince him. He crossed his arms and sat down. He shook his head again.

"please Waizu" I whined. He took a peek at me then sighed. We snuck down to the shore just as the big thingy was coming in. It rested its belly on the shore. And then a slope came out of it. then people started coming out. Outsiders, that's what they were. I had learned about them in studies. They came in big canoes called ships. Father said they were dangerous. we hid and the bushes as the outsiders got off the 'ship'.

"careful" a man shouted. Then more outsiders came out of the thing they called a ship. Most of them scattered around tending to the ship. There were four men who looked different than the rest of the outsiders. They didn't work on the ship either. They looked around. The youngest looking one seemed to be about my age. He looked like he was staring right at me. It made me blush but I was scared at the same time.

Sasuke Pov

I looked around when I thought I saw something move in a near by bush. I wondered if all that sailing had got to me. If it had made me crazy. I watched it careful and I saw it move again. Now I know I'm not crazy. I was curios to see what it was.

"Sasuke we are going to make camp" my father called. I looked over to him. Then back at the bush.

"be there in a sec" I said. I walked toward the bush when I was about three steps away from it a monkey jumped out and screeched. Oh a monkey. Just a stupid monkey. I turned around and headed toward where my dad was. I had completely lost interest in this stupid place in less than a minute.


I stopped. I just heard a whisper. I know I heard it. I'm not crazy.


There it was again. I turned around the monkey was there. Just sitting there. I need rest. I am going crazy. I turned back around and began to walk away when I heard it clearly this time.

"come on Waizu"

I turned back around and walked up to the monkey. It screeched at me. I took a few steps back. Then a girl sprung from the bushes. And picked up the monkey and ran off into the brush. I blinked once then twice. I rubbed my eyes. Did I really just see that?

"I need some rest" I groaned. I looked back at the bush and something caught my eye.

Neji Pov

Hinata ran though the brush with Waizu in her arms and stopped next to me. She was breathing really hard. Finally I found her.

"Hinata where were you?" I asked "why were you running?" I asked as an afterthought. She shook her head she was still trying to catch her breath. She let go of Waizu.

"It doesn't matter… what you should be worried about is your father" I told her. she looked at me with a confused look.

"what did I do this time?" she asked. That comment made me want to laugh. And I would have if I wasn't so mad right now.

"your fiancé-"

"don't say that" she whined covering her ears. Waizu did the same as Hinata. This time I chuckled lightly.

"what do you want me to call him then?" I asked.

"just say him or he" she replied. I smiled at how childish she could be sometimes.

"okay he told your father that you were on the mountain again." I informed her. she gave me a look that said 'no way'. I nodded.

"he is so Ugh!" she said frustrated. I hate him too but I'm not allowed to say. Every time he tells on Hinata I get in trouble too because I'm supposed to be watching her.

"your father wants to see you." I said. she groaned. Waizu crawled up so he was perched on her shoulder. I lead her and Waizu back to the village.

Hinata Pov

What is his problem?! Does he think getting me in trouble make happy?! I hate him! I hate him! I hate him!

"That guy is an idiot right Waizu" I said. Waizu nodded. I smiled and hugged him.

"Hinata princesses don't play in trees." My father called up to me. I looked down at him.

"Coming" I shouted. I quickly climbed down until I was jumping distant. Which for daddy was still too high.

"Don't-" I jumped down. "Jump" he finished. I smiled sheepishly.

"You could have hurt yourself" he said. I frowned. He worries a lot about me.

"But I've jumped from higher places and I didn't hurt myself" I said. He frowned hearing that. I don't think I should have told him that. He began to walk and I followed. We walked like this when he wanted to talk to me.

"I'm sure you know outsiders have come to the land" he said. I nodded.

"Yes sir" I mumbled.

"Then you how dangerous it is to be on that mountain" he said.

"It's not dangerous daddy" then I heard a screech. "Oh Waizu! I'm sorry" I said catching him. I kissed him on the head.

"How could I forget my brother" I asked myself. He shrugged his shoulders.

"Do you forgive me" I asked Waizu he thought for a moment then hugged me and nodded. I smiled. He climbed up on my shoulder. My dad rolled his eyes.

"That monkey is not your brother" my father said. He always told me that.

"Yes he is just like Neji is" I said "they will always be my brothers"

"No it's not it's just a monkey" my father said.

"I'm indebt to him father, for the rest of my life" I said. "Thanks to him I have a life"

"Whatever you say Hinata" daddy said. I smiled. "Where's your necklace" he asked.

"My necklace…" I said slowly. I suddenly remembered. I knew where it was. I hope they haven't found it yet. Then I would never see it again.

"Yes your necklace" daddy said.

"Umm… I left it at home cause the clasp was broke" I said. "I'm gonna go get it" I said running away.

Hiashi Pov

"You know where she's going right" Hoshiko said in her ghostly whisper.

"Yeah" I mumbled looking up at her.

"I'm surprised you didn't try to stop her." she laughed quietly. "You are the mean parent"

"I am not…" I said then I thought about it. "I'm not that mean" she burst out laughing.

"yes you are" she laughed. I rolled my eyes.

"are you just using your powers to spy" I asked. "or do you really want something"

"I wouldn't use my powers that way!" he ghost form said.

"you are the irresponsible parent" I said. she gasped.

"Irresponsible? "

"yeah, irresponsible"

"you're a meanie"

"really Hoshiko, how childish is that"

"fine be that way, I wont tell you then"

"tell me what?" I asked curiosity taking over me.

"I'm not telling you"

"Hoshiko…" I said in a warning tone.

"Fine I'll tell you when you get home." She said surrendering.

"I'm on my way"

Hinata Pov

I was running through the forest to the shore. I knew I wasn't supposed to be there in the first place but I had to get my necklace. It was sacred, a gift from my ancestors to protect me. before I could even get to the bush I saw the same boy from before and he was holding my necklace.

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