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"The place where we share memories

That place oh so sweet

The only place that I can feel safe

The place where you swept me off my feet," Carlos sang nodding his head to the newly decided upbeat tempo of Camille's song. Gustavo had the boys do an a Capella run through of the song before making any big decisions. Camille was supposed to be on her way.

"Because I'm dying here

It's you that I need

I crave your touch,

I crave your smell

Your hand in my hand

Your head in my neck

Your thoughts in my head

Your laugh in my ears," Logan sings dreamily, obviously thinking of Camille whom he couldn't wait to see. When everyone had gone home the night before, Logan walked Camille to her apartment and came in for a real home cook meal from her mom.

"Look at you kids all wet and shiverin' from the rain! I know what would make you feel better! How about some collered greens, mashed potatoes, fried chicken, oh! And some roast beef..." At that moment when Camille's mom was talking, Logan was on the phone with Carlos, who overheard, which in the end was really bad timing. About 5 minutes afterward all of Big Time Rush, including James and his blonde girlfriend, walked into Camille's apartment.

"The more the merrier!" Exclaimed Camille's mom, to Camille and Logan's dismay.

"Yeah, and the less food for us," Said a disappointed Logan. Camille laughed, then kissed him on the cheek, which he played off as nothing, but really sent chills through his body. His nerves were playing pinball.

"Your face in my dreams

Your lips on mine

My heart, it beats for ya" Kendall bellows at the top of his lungs, as instructed by Gustavo.

"At this part, I want you, Logan, to sing it in sort of a whisper. And Kendall, I want you to come in and just belt it!" Gustavo earlier instructed the two boys before they started to sing.

"Whatever you say Gustavo," Kendall said with a grin.

So please, BABE!


Just take me back," James sings satisfied. After all, he didn't care much what part he got as long as that was one of them.

"Wait, so I do get to sing the 'please babe, now babe' part right?" He begged Gustavo when they had first decided on the tempo, who waved his hand nonchalantly.

"I don't care!"

"Yes!" James jumped up and did his little hand movement over the face thing. The rest of the guys shook their heads at their friend and laughed.

"To Euphoria..." All four of them sing in harmony, pleasing Gustavo greatly. They finish just in time for Camille to walk into the recording studio.

"Hey guys, sorry it took me so long to show up. I had to um, pick up some things..." Camille smiles and winks at Logan, whom is the only one of the four to understand what Camille's talking about.

"And you're just in time! We got the song down pact! Wanna hear it?" James says excitedly, causing Camille to laugh.

"That's awesome! Just, um, I think Mil- UH I mean Lexy, would want to hear it too, don't you think?" She says with a smirk. James looks at her confused, the corners of his mouth turned down.

"Well sure but ... what does that have to do with-" He starts, but is interrupted by Lexy and Jo walking into the room.

"Hey babe!" Lexy squeals animatedly, which is a pleasant transfigure from her usual unhappy f.t.w. attitude. James turns 18 shades of red, while under the watchful eye of well, everyone. This is also a pleasant change for James, who is normally never embarrassed by anything. It was the first time many of them had ever seen him blush. Kendall's, on the other hand, face lit up at the sight of Jo, who walked over to him with a humongous grin.

"Lex ... what are you doing here?" James asks her nervously.

"Camille thought we would want to hear your guys' song, and ... she was right!" Jo said, Kendall's arm around her.

"Well then, let's do this thingie!" Carlos said lamely, receiving groans and really?'s from everyone.

"So wonderful

Such bliss

I don't think I've ever felt such an amazing love as this"

Logan started off, looking straight at Camille.

"You stole my heart with your seductive smile

But you've broken it since we've been apart for a while

What we were, I'm not sure what it was

If it was love or a lie

or just something to try"

Carlos picked up where Logan left off. Camille nodded her head along to the snapping of the guys, and raised her eyebrows at Kelly appreciatively. James jumped in with a soft whisper, blushing when Lexy suddenly turned to him.

"The point is I miss it

The point is I want it

The point is I need it

[The point is I need it]"

Kendall turned to Jo as his part approached.

"Please hold me tight again

Please wipe my tears away

Please call me baby and ask me to always stay in your arms

Tell me you love me, and I'll return the favor

Say you we're wrong, that you made a mistake

Send me back"

"To Euphoria!" All of Big Time Rush, and Camille, and Jo, and Lexy, and Kelly and even Gustavo sang at the top of their lungs.

And Camille, who was smiling and singing with Logan, who was smiling and singing with her, couldn't get enough of it. She didn't care if Gustavo accidentally printed Carry onto the album pamphlet instead of Camille. She didn't care that her healing mole, which was now a scab, was out in the open for everyone to see. She didn't care that she was involving herself into relationships that would be extremely tragic if they ever ended.

She didn't care.

All she cared about was that day. That moment. Because it was one of the greatest moments of her life. She was in fact, having the time of her life, with the most important people in her life, and some other great people too...

This whole experience taught her something.

You're never afraid of what people think of you. You're afraid of not getting accepted. But there's someone to accept everyone. Camille knew, because although almost every day of her life she was turned down, declined, and told she sucked, that she was not good enough by so many movie and television producers, directors, writers, and screen players and so on, she had a group of people who loved her for who she was, and expected nothing more of her ... then her.

And she loved every bit of it.

She was in fact, in a state of euphoria.


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