Another LJ prompt drabble. Some more Brucie interaction! This time with Superboy, AKA Conner Kent. If anyone doesn't know, Tim is Robin, also. I'm sure everyone knows who Bruce and Clark are.

As always, characters are not mine!

Conner hadn't been to Wayne manor in an exceptionally long time, and had certainly never attended any of the parties that Batman – Bruce, he reminded himself – was forced to throw just to keep his cover useful. But Clark had invited him along so he could visit Tim; apparently there had been a particularly grisly murder case, and the two of them had been shut up in the cave analyzing everything down to the microbes in the kitchen sink.

He felt like, more often than not, the S shield stood for sitter. As in Bats and Birds.

Upon arriving at the party, Conner had half expected Clark to have to sneak downstairs and pull the overgrown grump out of his hidey-hole, but Batman -- Bruce -- was already at the door, greeting them like old friends.

Even if he had referred to them as Mark and Conrad, made a mean spirited comment about Clark's suit, and then snagged Conner by the shoulder to pull him off to the side.

And dear god Batman was leaning down so they were face to face and whispering like they were conspiring to take down an attending drug lord.

Conner blinks when he feels a small piece of plastic and metal slip into his palm, looking down to see that crazy tuxedo wearing Batman has handed him the keys to a car. It's not the Batmobile, but knowing him, it was... something comparable.

"Do a guy a favour, Conrad, and get Timothy out of the house for a bit? He's been playing those computer games for so long that I fear his eyes are going to go square." Bruce leans in and adds with a whisper and a horrifyingly drunk sounding snigger, "And I doubt present company would help his geometry woes."

"Uh," Conner says in reply.

"Good man," and Batman is patting him on the shoulder and standing up again, attention apparently caught by a string of flashing silk skirts.

"No way," Conner blinks down at the keys again and stares for a few dumb moments before he goes off to find Tim.

Clark has told him time and time again that Batman has dual... triple motives for everything.

Apparently his desire to keep Conner out of the house is worth risking a brand new Porsche.

He doesn't know whether to feel offended or thrilled, and he thinks that might be half the point.