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Sam paced around the Shay apartment. She was ridiculously nervous. She had to tell Freddie her feelings in fifteen minutes. Stupid Anti-Edward for black-mailing her. Though she had to respect him for having the guts to do so.

"Sam, stop doing that. You're making ME nervous," Carly said. She was actually nervous enough without Sam's anxiety filling the room. She feared her two friends would chicken out, and not reveal their feelings.

Spencer walked into the living room holding a telescope. Sam looked at him with confusion.

"Go do what you were assigned," Carly said to him. Spencer and his telescope was all part of the love panel.

Spencer nodded then left the apartment.

Sam looked at Carly. "What the hell was that all about?"

"Nothing. You should be heading to the park now."

"Maybe I'll wait a bit longer..."

"No you won't." Carly grabbed Sam's arm and led her to the door. "You're going to go and meet Freddie now. I need to prepare for iCarly with Gibby and Wendy."

Sam sighed. "OK." She walked out the door, and went off to the park.

Freddie stood behind a tree several street away from the swing set. He didn't want to be the first one to show up.

Meanwhile, Sam was several feet away as well, but she was behind a bush that was on the other side of the swing set. She wasn't going to be the first chump to show up.

"In five... four... three... two..." Carly said, "Hi, I'm Carly, and this is iCarly." She was sitting at a table with Wendy on one side of her and Gibby on the other. Gibby's girlfriend, Tasha, was behind the camera.

"You may have noticed that Sam isn't here right now," Carly said. "Well, Freddie isn't either. Tasha is our camera girl tonight."

"I'm sure you're all wondering WHY they're not here," Gibby said.

"Right now, Sam and Freddie are meeting at a park down the block from my building," Carly told the audience. "Hopefully, they'll finally tell each other their feelings toward each other."

"We've all been waiting for this a very long time," Wendy said. "Everyone knows Sam and Freddie are in love, they're just too stubborn to tell each other."

"So while they're confessing their love to each other, we're dedicating this entire episode to Sam and Freddie's romance," Carly said. "Spencer is on the roof of our building spying on them with a telescope. We'll be checking in with him throughout the show. We'll also video chat with you, the fans, about your opinions on this."

Gibby asked, "How about we check in on Spencer?"

"Good idea, Gibby," Carly pushed the button on the remote, connecting them with Spencer. "What are they doing, Spence?" Carly asked when his image appeared on the TV.

"Sam is hiding behind a bush, and Freddie is hiding behind a tree," Spencer informed them. "They're both just staring at the swing set."

Carly slammed her head on the table. Her friends were the most difficult people on Earth.

Freddie was beginning to get distraught. It was five minutes past six. Sam hadn't shown up yet. Then he realized something. Sam wouldn't be the first to show up. She was probably hiding somewhere too, waiting for him to show up. She wouldn't want to be the first to show up.

Freddie took a deep breath, and walked over to the swing set. He sat on a swing, and placed the list on his lap.

Sam watched him from behind the bush. She was relieved. She had begun to fear Freddie wouldn't show up. She took several breaths to calm herself then headed over to the swing set she once licked.

"Thank you, Charlotte," Carly said. "It's so refreshing to know that the fans support Sam and Freddie's love."

"We should give them a love name," Wendy suggested.


"You know. A combination of both their names."

"Seddie!" Gibby yelled.

"That's perfect!" Wendy said with a squeal.

Carly thought that giving them a love name was weird, but just shrugged it off.

"Let's check in with Spencer," Carly said. She pushed the button. "What's happening in the park, Spencer?"

"Carly!" he screamed. "I was just about to text you. We have movement."

The three teens at the table screamed with joy.

"What's happening?" Gibby asked.

"Freddie is now sitting on a swing and-" He looked into the telescope. "And Sam is walking over to the swing set right now."

"I wish we could hear what they're saying to each other," Wendy said.

"Go Seddie!" Carly screamed. She had to admit it was a pretty catchy love name.

Sam sat on the swing next to Freddie.

"So. How goes it, Fredpuss?" she said.

Freddie turned to her and smiled. "Pretty good."

Sam looked at his lap and saw her list. It seemed like she had written it forever ago.

"Did Anti-Edward give you that?" she asked.

"Um. Kinda."

"What do you mean by kinda?" She was beginning to feel something was up.

"Well, you see. I'm Anti-Edward."

"WHAT?!" Sam stood up and faced him.

Freddie gulped. It was not turning out how he expected. "I found it on the floor on Monday."

Sam ran her hands through her hair. "Oh my god. Oh my god. OH MY GOD!"

"I'm, um, surprised you didn't figure it out." The meeting was going downhill very fast.

"How could I have possibly figured it out?!"

"I mentioned myself in two notes and talked about a friend in a couple. You were the friend. I mean, i talked about how I slapped you, and how you forced me to read Deathnote. Carly figured it out."

"CARLY KNEW?!" Sam thought about the notes she had read over and over. She finally realized there were so many hints. How could she be so stupid? "Oh shit. You know you're number one."

"Um. Yeah." Freddie cleared his throat. "That's why I wanted to meet you. I, um, have something to tell you."

Sam decided she needed to get away, so she ran.

"Sam!" Freddie yelled, and went after her.

"She's running?!" Carly asked. She couldn't believe what was happening.

"She can't run!" Gibby yelled.

"Yeah!" Wendy agreed. "They HAVE to get together!"

"Calm down," Spencer said. "Freddie's going after her."

"But he'll never catch her!" Carly was panicking severely.

"He will," Gibby said. "A guy like Freddie doesn't let the girl he loves get away."

"Aw, Gibby, you're so wise," Tasha cooed.

"SAM GET BACK HERE!" Freddie screamed as he chased after her. He couldn't believe she ran from him. But he should've expected it. And it was better than her beating the chiz out of him. He also knew that he could catch her.

Sam didn't like that Freddie was gaining on her. She didn't want to face him now that he knew her feelings. It was so embarrassing.

She saw a way to fully escape him. She climbed onto the play set. She knew he would lose her on there. She would eventually reach the big swirly slide-which was her favorite thing at the park-then rush to the park's exit.

When Freddie saw her get on the play set, he knew what she would do. Sam couldn't resist the big swirly slide. It was her favorite after all. He ran around the play set, and waited for her at the bottom of the slide.

"Sam's running onto the play set," Spencer told the Seddie panel.

Gibby asked, "What's Freddie doing?"

"Waiting at the bottom of a slide."

"The big swirly slide?" Carly asked.


Carly smiled. "Sam can't go on the play set and not go down the big swirly slide," Carly told her viewers.

"Aw," Wendy said, "Freddie knows her so well."

Sam reached the big swirly slide. Freddie was nowhere in sight, which she thanked god for. She slid down and screamed when she saw Freddie standing at the bottom with a smirk on his face. Before she could turn around to climb back up the slide, Freddie pinned her down.

"Let me go!" she yelled.

"No," he replied calmly. "I won't let you go until you hear what I have to say."

"I know what you'll say. You'll tell me you're in love with Carly and have no interest in me."

Freddie really couldn't believe her sometimes. "Didn't Anti-Edwrd tell you that you wouldn't be disappointed by this meeting?"


"You said you realized you like me while you were making the list, right?"


"Well, I realized that I like you while reading the list. And I'm pretty sure I've liked you for a long time. I can't believe I didn't realize it before. I mean, you have no idea how jealous I got of these fictional guys."

Sam feared she was having an auditory hallucination. Did Freddie just say that? "What?"

"I like you too, Sam." He then placed a gentle, sweet, and quick kiss on her lips. It may have only lasted about a second, but they both could feel the sparks fly like crazy. Freddie could feel Sam's heart beat faster, and she felt his do the same.

Freddie looked at Sam. She saw the question in his eyes. He wanted to know if she was going to hurt him for kissing her. She answered him by lifted her head up and pressing her lips against his.

This time, the kiss was much more passionate. The longer they kissed, the more intense it became. Sam, of course, was the first to get the tongue involved. Freddie had no problem going along with that.

"THEY'RE KISSING!" Spencer yelled.

Carly, Wendy, and Gibby all jumped up and cheered.

"It's about friggin' time!" Carly said.

"I feel uncomfortable watching this," Spencer told them.

"EXCUSE ME! Could you two go somewhere else and do that? There are children here," a woman said to the pair.

They pulled apart from each other. Freddie stood up, and Sam went up into a sitting position on the slide.

"Mind your own business, lady," Sam said.

Freddie gave her a look then said, "I'm sorry ma'am," to the woman. "Let's go, Sam." He held out a hand, which she grabbed, and helped her up.

They left the park.

"How long were we kissing?" Freddie asked. He also noted to himself that Sam was still holding his hand.

"No clue. I lost track of time."

"Um. So what should we do from here?" He didn't know if it all meant that they would now be a couple.

"You should probably ask me out on a date, Fredcheese."


"Dude, just ask me out."

Freddie rolled his eyes. "Fine. Sam Puckett, would you like to go out with me?"


"A movie?"

"A horror movie?"


"Will you be paying?"


"Sure, Fredward, I would very much like to go on a date with you. How does tomorrow night sound?"


They reached Bushwell Plaza. Before they went in, Sam pushed Freddie against a wall and kissed him again for several minutes.

When she pulled away, Freddie said, "I could get used to that."

Freddie got out of her seat and ran over to the laptop.

"What are you doing?" Tasha asked.

"Going to the camera we have set up in the lobby for Messing with Lewbert so we can still watch them," Carly told her.

"Fredward Benson!" A voice called when they entered the building.


"You and this demon are together now?"

Sam groaned. Why did the woman always get into Freddie's business? And how did she already know about them?

"Yes, mom get used to it."

"And you made out with her on a slide?!"

"How'd you know about that?" Sam asked.

"And she'll physically abuse you."

"No more than usual," Freddie told his mom.

"What if you two break up? It'll be terrible. I won't accept this."

"Mom, shut up. Sam and I are together. I guess. I mean, I guess it'll be official when we go on our first date tomorrow. Anyway, just deal with it."

Sam did not like that her question went unanswered. "Yo!"

The mother and son looked at her.

"Mrs. Benson, how did you know about us making out on the slide? Did you, like, follow us or something?"

"No. I was watching iCarly and-"

Sam and Freddie didn't wait for her to finish. They both flew up the stairs.

They both stumbled into the iCarly studio, completely out of breath.

"You... guys... have... been... spying... on... us?" Sam asked while gulping for air.

"Yes..." Carly said.

"Why the hell... would you... do that?" Freddie wanted to know.

"We wanted to know how your meeting was going since we're doing a Seddie special."

"What's Seddie?"

"You and Sam's love name."

"OK..." Freddie couldn't help but think how weird that was. Why'd they come up with a love name?

"Did you see us talk to Freddie's mom?" Sam asked.

"Maybe..." Carly turned to the camera. "Well, that's it for iCarly." She wanted to end the show before Sam got violent.

"Wait!" Wendy yelled.


"Are Sam and Freddie a couple now?" Gibby asked.

Tasha turned to Sam and Freddie.

"I think so," Freddie said. He looked over at Sam for reassurance.

"Well duh," Sam said.

Everyone clapped.

"You guys are so weird," Sam told them.

"Before we go, let's see a kiss!" Carly suggested.

Their friends looked at them expectantly.

Sam rolled her eyes and said, "Mama rather get some ham." She walked out of the room.

Freddie shrugged and followed her. He joined her in the kitchen, and watched her eat ham.

"What?" Sam asked.

"You look so beautiful when you eat ham," he told her.

Sam laughed and almost choked on some ham. "You're such a nub. Are you gonna say crap like that all the time now?"

He smiled at her. "You bet." He walked up to her and kissed her. "What do you think of our love name?"

"It's lame. NEVER refer to us as that."

"Oh, I won't. I hate it too."

They kissed again.

"I could get used to that," Sam said, and popped another piece of ham into her mouth. "You know what?"


"I'm happy that I lost the list on Monday, and that you had found it, and that you decided to create Anti-Edward."

"So am I. You know I jumped up and screamed 'yes' when I read I was number one?"


"None of this would've happened without that list."

"I know. We should thank Edward Cullen for being such a douche. He's the one who started all this."

"Oh the irony," Freddie said with a grin and kissed Sam again. "Thanks Edward Cullen."


I hope the ending didn't sound too forced. I wasn't entirely sure how to end it. Maybe the rest of it was good enough.

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