Queen for a Day

Chapter 7

Gibbs woke the next morning to the wonderful sensation of Tony snuggled up against his back. His arm was thrown over him and he could feel his morning woody pressed against his ass. This brought an answering tingle to his own erection...OH SHIT! Carefully Gibbs lifted the blankets and peered beneath them. Yup, there was the Colonel giving his usual morning salute. Not that he wasn't happy to be restored to his normal self, but DAMN, the timing couldn't be worse. There was no way he could let Tony wake up naked in bed with him, the real him that is, after thinking he had spent the night with a woman, which he had... sort of. Hell, he himself couldn't even understand it, let alone explain it. He had to get out of here.

Carefully he disentangled himself from Tony, thanking his lucky stars that he was a sound sleeper. Heck, the man could sleep like a baby even in the middle of the bustling bullpen. He tiptoed out of the bedroom, gathering up the clothes he had worn the night before. They wouldn't do him much good now though unless he wanted to maybe wear the pants as arm warmers. His legs sure wouldn't fit.

"Thank you, Abby," he muttered under his breath as he remembered the huge handbag Abby had insisted he buy. At the time he had kidded her that he didn't see why women felt the need to carry something on a daily basis that most men would consider first cousin to a suitcase. Then he had stuffed his tee shirt and sweats into it. Thank God. Once dressed, he stuffed his other clothes into a trash bag, and after retrieving his car keys, he added the handbag as well and then disposed of the evidence down the apartment's garbage chute.

He grabbed a pen and a scrap of paper. He couldn't let Tony think that his companion for the night had left without so much as a goodbye. For a moment he was at a loss as to what to write, then he realized that the truth would do just fine. Thank you for giving me a wonderful evening. Although circumstances will probably prevent us from meeting again, I want you to know that I will always treasure our brief time together. Love, Leann.

He knew he should leave right away but he needed one last look at Tony. One last mental picture with which he could relive this night. Besides, he told himself, the note would be best if left in the bedroom. As he crept back into the bedroom, he stepped on a loose floorboard which let out a loud protesting squeak. Gibbs froze, but he knew it was too late. While Tony might sleep through him exiting the bed, after all, an intruder was unlikely to snuggle up with you at night, his training would be sure to alert him to someone prowling the house.

"Leann?" mumbled Tony as he blinked the sleep from his eyes. Then he focused. "Boss, what are you doing here?"

"Just came by to check on you. Make sure you weren't feeling as down as you were on Friday. Abby insisted. Heck, you had everyone worried."

Tony stretched luxuriously and said, "You can stop worrying, I feel much better now."

"Yeah, I can tell. You look like the cat that ate the cream."

"Her name's Leann. Did you see her out there, or maybe she's in the bathroom. I could swear she just got out of bed a few minutes ago."

"Didn't see her. But this was on the table." He held out the note he still gripped in his hand.

Tony read it and his shoulders slumped. "Damn, I had hopes for this one."

"Yeah, I read the note too. At least it was a special evening."

"And I did break my slump," said Tony, visibly brightening. "I don't know what it was, but she was different ... you don't have a sister, do you Boss?"

"No, why do you ask?"

"Cousin maybe?"

"Not around here."

"Oh well, it's just ... she kinda reminded me of you."

Gibbs had to look down to hide his smile. Maybe there was still hope after all.

The End