History 101


Bella Swan – 20- History Major- Single- best friends with Alice

Alice Cullen-19-Art Major- Dating Edward Masen- Lives with Bella

Edward Masen-20-Music Major- lives in dorms

Dr. Jasper Whitlock – 25- History Prof

Dr. Carlisle Cullen – 45 – Alice's Father

Esme Masen- 43- Edwards Mother

Emmett McCarty -24- friend of Dr Whitlock's Gym Owner

Mrs. Rosalie McCarty-Black -24- twin to Emmett wife to Jacob black has 2 kids and is a stay at home mom

Mr. Jacob Black -25- assistant manager at Emmett McCarty gym

Summary: What happens when Bella suddenly stops getting good grades in College and is on the verge of loosing her scholarship!

Chapter One: The Good Ol' Southern Boy

Isabella POV:

"Hurry up Alice, im not going to be late the first day of the new Semester just because you have to look perfect for Edward doesn't mean I have to miss class" I yelled at my best friend as she used her sweet time to get ready for her boyfriend I swear between her and Edward they spend more time in a mirror getting ready then anyone I've ever met or seen I bet they can take most of the most hollywoodish people and give them a run for there money. I laughed at that thought. I bet they could.

"Okay, im done" she said running down the hall with her little book bag I swear I carried a bag that was ten times the size all she carried was the main texted and the notebook laptop. I carried the textbook plus my laptop plus a tap recorder plus all the extra course text who knows when the teacher will ask for it.

"You aren't going to need that on the first day" she looked at me dumbfounded

"Its history Alice" I looked at her she seems to have forgotten last semester oh yeah that's right last semester she was practically having sex with Edward in the back of the lecture hall in that course that we picked together. I don't get it she an art major and she takes one class of my major with me just so we had at least one class together. Strange girl.

"Oh Bella, you really think were gonna start class on the first day" she smiled and I looked at her like she must be missing something we did last semester if this instructor was like the last one I had.

We headed out to our car since we didn't live on campus Alice's father is a prominent doctor so we were given an apartment off campus. Thank god, we each had cars but we carpooled it saved on gas. We backed out of the driveway and we headed toward the campus of the University of Alaska in Anchorage I watched the road as Alice sat fiddling with her phone no doubt texting Edward who else would she text.

"Im so excited for this class this morning then I have another good class in the afternoon" I said trying to break my friends grips from her phone or at least her concentration who knows how long they could be texting or sexting or whatever the hell they do when they text or talk to each other I accidentally came in the house one night when I went out late and spotted Alice having phone sex on our living room couch. I mean after that I set rules down. No sexting, phone sex any kinda sex in the living areas that we share! So I shuddered when I thought about how I doused that couch with febreeze and all sorts of stuff hell I almost replaced it but I realized they don't make that color couch anymore and I don't know where to order the exact same one anymore. We parked the car and I jumped out the car and smiled when boys started to stare at my Chevy pick up truck it was a brand new one my daddy bought me as a gift for my birthday well early birthday because he knew my other one wouldn't make it up here after my last trip home.

"Why are they staring" Alice said looking to me as we walked by

"Because I've got a fucking sexy truck that's why" I smiled as I pressed the lock on my keys ring then slipped the keys into my back pack as I slung it over my shoulder. "Ready?" I looked to Alice who was busy searching for Edward

"Yes!" she spotted him and I think that yes was aimed at me but then she dashed off to him with words like "save a spot for me in class" I waved to Edward but he didn't seem to see me either when they both collided it was like they haven't seen each other in months which isn't true they went on a date last night.

"God I hate stupid ignorant teenagers who have hormones like raging monkeys" I mumbled as I walked bumping into someone making him spill his papers

"Oh god im sorry" I said stammering bending down to grab his papers.

"No fault there ma'am" his southern accent came out. I looked up at him and I was staring at god.

"Here you go" I handed his papers that he dropped as he helped me up

"Thank You Miss…"

"Isabella Swan" I stammered as he had asked me for my name

"Well Miss Bella the pleasure is mine, enjoy your day ma'am" I felt all gooey when he left he melted me completely. I never got his name, I wonder if ill ever see him again I wonder if I could peel Alice away from her Edward long enough to keep an eye out for this blonde god.

I walked toward the buildings looking for the history study lecture hall I loved this hall there was so much past in this building that it felt alive for a brief moment that you had stepped back in time I wanted to live in times and experience them. I walked into the class that was suppose to hold my history 101 class in I choose early American history because the colonial era witch trials, the beginnings of our civilization was interesting and fantasinating all the way up to the civil war. I just I wanted to enrich myself. I sat back waiting for Alice to come into the class, it was two minutes before the class was to start myself up front in one of the good seats saving Alice a spot next to me and having lost all hope that she's going to show up when the Blonde god came into the class room and I lost all thought of Alice. He dropped his bag on the teachers desk and my heart did a fucking drop to the floor NO HE'S NOT MY PROFESSOR HE CAN'T BE HE JUST HE JUST CAN'T BE. I felt my face grow red. He turned to the class and saw me in the front of the class room and tipped his head and smiled and I blushed brighter and I hope no one else saw that. God I am so screwed I can't have feelings for a professor isn't that kinda against a law or something.

"Hello Class, this is History 101, I am your professor Dr. Jasper Whitlock, I prefer Professor Whitlock I graduated Princeton with a PhD in History, subtopic of Civil War and This Semester we will be going through the beginnings of our great country up to that epic battle of the civil war which is said to still hold the most deaths of any US Solider to date" he smiled brightly as if what he was saying made him happy.

Jaspers POV

I woke up this morning of course groggy fucking Emmett took me out with Jacob last night after they closed up there Gym that is the last time I ever let those two take me out especially when classes start the very next day. I got dressed fast in slacks, blue button up and lighter blue jacket praying to god I don't miss my first lecture of the semester remembering I've got history 101 the pre colonial to civil war I smiled to myself. my field or study was so much better than world civilization. I dashed out of the house after I ran a comb through my hair and slipped shoes off and grabbed my coffee I finished the coffee before I even made it to the parking lot of the university. I ran toward my office when I bumped into this girl mumbling to herself about teenagers and hormones.

"Oh god im sorry" she said to me

"No fault there ma'am" I said to her she looked up and I saw her face looking at me as if she had saw a fucking hallucination

"Here you go" she handed me back my papers I helped her up

"Thank You Miss…" I tried to get a name out of her

"Isabella Swan" she stammered as I finally got her name Isabella, beauty, she is beautiful I thought to myself, no no jasper she's a student look at her she looks like a student.

"Well Miss Bella the pleasure is mine, enjoy your day ma'am" I tilted my head to her as if I were wearing my old cowboy hat I missed those they were in my closet I couldn't wear those around here.

I walked into my office set my papers down and went to grab my lecture notes that I already had stashed in one of my folders I had them all sectioned off into eras and I couldn't wait I had a huge packet for the civil war, but I shouldn't dwell on that, but they should know something so epic. I waited until 10am for them to all file into the class I walked toward the lecture hall. I walked in setting my bag on the desk and went to make sure all the boards were clean I was going to be doing a lot of date writing I want these students on top of there game, im going to be going fast I want them to under everything in this class is going to be important and they will get it when they receive there first F I am not a curve your grade type of teacher. I turned to face the class and that's when I saw her in the front row I winked and tilted my head and she blushed deep red and I literally could swear that she was embarrassed or felt something for me I hope she did god I hope she did. No jasper no god guy get ahold of yourself she is a student those are off limits. As I watched her get her stuff out and look around the room waiting for someone I guess I saw a seat open to her but she got comfortable when I cleareed my throat

"Hello Class, this is History 101, I am your professor Dr. Jasper Whitlock, I prefer Professor Whitlock I graduated Princeton with a PhD in History, subtopic of Civil War and This Semester we will be going through the beginnings of our great country up to that epic battle of the civil war which is said to still hold the most deaths of any US Solider to date" I ended my lil speech of that by passing out the syllabus. And continued

"This is a Serious course I don't do extra credit, I don't do late work, if your slipping you better pray to god, or pray to someone that you have enough success on your mid terms and finals to help you out I will be assigning homework you better have a great memory this is a no notes no open book class I don't expect you to bring the extra books other than the text book but I do expect you to read them" I sighed and looked around and she frowned looking at all her books she had the books with her how cute she was a girl scout always prepared. No jasper she's a student who expects her teachers are always wanting there text books present.

"I will be holding 6 exams 2 per unit then mid term and final. Everything from the course will be on the final… 6 exams now 3 multiple choice 3 essay" I saw groans and mumbles but all I wanted was her answers and she smiled I wondered what she was thinking about

I continued to talk about the syllabus up until half way through my lecture time then I dismissed them early on the day telling they must read the first 2 chapters before I see them the next time.

Isabella POV

"Alice, you missed a good history class he just explained the syllabus and he gave a little spiel about himself he's honestly going to be a hard ass teacher" I told her as we had lunch at a small Chinese restaurant and she was distracted by Edward making goo goo eyes at her.

"ALICE" I practically screamed and she looked at me

"what Bella I heard you its about the class did you get me a syllabus" she smiled sweetly I flung the copy out at her and set money on the table and went to the library I didn't want to put up with there shit I knew they were going to go back to the house and screw so I knew not to come back for at least 2 hours or so they took forever.

I walked into the library toward my favorite part of the library where they have cushy reading chairs and pulled out my history text book and started reading.


I had been reading for about 3 hours when I was tapped on my shoulder

"Miss Swan?" the accent sounded familiar I turned my head

"Oh, Professor Whitlock," I looked up and smiled and he sat across from me

"How many chapters have you read" he pointed to my open textbook

"Oh im on Chapter 5 im up to the Revolutionary War and I am just intrigued but I've always been intrigued by our nations history its so important to know this stuff" I felt retarded instantly. His smile widened when I said my lil speech

"Well Ma'am as a Good Ol' Southern Boy I have to agree known our History is very important and I think I must go Miss Swan Don't read too much ahead" he tipped his head again and left and at that I melted into puddles.


After I fixed dinner and Alice and Edward left to a party I put on my yoga pants and a tank and wrapped myself in a blanket and put on gone with the wind in our front room and watched it until I fell asleep and while I slept I thought of my very own confederate Ashley off to fight ….