A/N: My husband had a weird dream and it inspired a story. It was about this game show he was forced to do by his friend. I love it so much I had to put my favorite couple in it and doesn't Japan do a lot of game shows with silly themes?

Now I'm a huge gamer. I play a lot of different games but I mostly stick to my MMOs and RPGs. But I do sometimes need a nice FPS (First Person Shooter) to ease some stress from work. Shooting people up in a fast pace game is awesome! So this story touches another part of my life. I hope you guys enjoy it even with all the gaming references.

I do not own Skip Beat.

Chapter 1

It was 5pm and Kyoko was done for the day. She had finished the acting class and was just gathering things from her locker from the Love Me room, when she heard a voice that always seemed to do strange things to her. It always depended on the aura on the person that would determine how she reacted but today it was almost normal, she felt that he was in a good mood.

She turned to her right and bowed, "Good Evening, Tsuruga-san, Yashiro-san." She smiled up at them sweetly as she fought not to cringe at the brilliant smile she was getting from Ren.

"Are you heading home, Kyoko-chan?" Yashiro asked. She nodded and Ren found his cue.

"May I give you a ri…" Ren was interrupted as he saw Kyoko shake violently. "Mogami-san?"

Kyoko was digging into her bag, "Eeeeeexxxxuuuuuussssseeee mmmmmeeeeeee," She found her phone and answered.

"Hello? Ah Sawara-san, Could you give me a moment, please?" She turned her face towards Ren and bowed down again. "I would love a ride, Tsuruga-san. Please excuse my rudeness for taking this call." She didn't stand up till he pat the back of her head lightly.

"I understand, Mogami-san, please take your call and I'll take you home." She straightened up and smiled then put the phone to her ear. She was listening intently as she followed Ren and Yashiro out to his car. They kept quite not wanting to interrupt her conversation but also to listen in which Ren would deny out loud but admits that he was interested in everything she did.

"No, I haven't," Kyoko finally spoke as they reached the garage. "No, I don't," more listening.

"Yes. When is the show?"

"Four days? Hmm I think I could learn in that time. Are you sure it's ok?" They reached the car and unlocked it. She nodded, thanking Sawara and hung up. She smiled at the two men waiting for her and then blushed as she noticed the door was opened for her.

"I'm so sorry that took so long." She stepped into the car and they left the lot.

As always Yashiro was the first to ask, "Are you going to do a show?"

"Hai! It's a game show and they wanted an actress for their next contestant. Sawara-san told me it was very popular right now and would be good publicity for me. The only problem is that it's about video games, and I'm afraid I haven't played those before."

'Then why did you accept, Mogami-san?" Ren was watching her as he could through his handy rearview mirror. She always sat right where he can see her, he often wondered if she did this on purpose.

"Well," she blushed again looking at her lap, "I was told never to reject a role if you can do it. I had the time so I should definitely agree!" She had a look of determination that he loved to see in her.

She continued, "It's just a game show, and it will help my career so I should do it. Sawara-san said they could provide me with some games to practice on till the show, and even time to practice. I can pick them up tomorrow morning."

Yashiro had a look of concern on his face. 'It couldn't be that show, could it?' He had to ask.

"What is the name of the show, Kyoko-chan?" He waited in bated breath for her answer.

"Player Match-up"

Yashiro sighed, it was the dating show. 'Should I tell her?' The car door closing answered his question for him as he saw Kyoko beside him leaning over and saying goodnight to both of them. Ren took off before Yashiro could take a breath to say anything.

"What is Player Match-up?" Ren asked curiously. Yashiro looked at his charge and again debated on whether or not to lie or tell the truth.

"Yashiro-san, you sighed when she said that, I know you know what it is and that I won't like it. Why won't I like it?" Ren's demeanor got brighter and more fake as he spoke acting like he didn't understand Yashiro's hesitation.

Yashiro sighed and surrendered, "It's a dating show for gamers. They take people who seriously play games on their free time and match them up with other gamers. They will take one person and give them three choices to pick from, based on how they play they pick one and win a date with the guest." Yashiro paused and looked over to Ren and sighed again. Ren went passed his gentlemen's smile and sat there brooding.

"My guess is Kyoko-chan is the guest star for the show. It's sort of brand new and they probably don't have the money to back up a bigger star but it is growing fast. Almost all of the teen demographic plays video games of some sort. This is a great thing for Kyoko to appear on. It would get her face out there for her generation to notice her more."

"Can you get me on her show?" Yashiro already had his gloves on and his phone out.