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Summary : Bella knew deep inside, her love for Edward. But...when one little wet dream she has change the way she feels about Edward? Will Emmett return the favor of attraction? Will Edward become infuriated, or glad that she has someone else. What about Rosalie? Lemons= rated M. Third Person.

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Say it Right, Nelly Furtado


Bella just sat there watching Emmett playing his video games. Edward sat beside her, staring at the television screen blankly with dark, black eyes. He needed to hunt. All of them did, but not Emmett. Emmett always goes after them – and drains the most amount of animals – because he likes to hunt alone.

"Edward, go. Hunt. You're thirsty, and I can tell. All of you are," Bella stated in a matter-of-fact tone...and worried that Jasper was going to rip her head off.

He looked down at her and smiled. "It's okay, Bella. We're okay. Well, you know...except for Jasper." He looked over his shoulder to Jasper – and so did Bella – to see that he was holding his breath and trying really hard not to race over to her.

She turned her head back to Edward. "Please?" she pleaded. She was tired of her soon-to-be brother straining his self for her.

"Okay, fine. We'll probably be gone for only one or two hours..."

She waved her hand as a gesture of assurance. "Edward, it's okay. Me and Emmett would be doing or doings," she said, putting emphasis on doings so he'd know what she meant. She smirked at him.

"Okay guys," Alice chirped as she headed towards the door, "Let's go! Bella and Emmett, we'll be back soon. Promise." She blew them a kiss and then shut the door.

Then...they were alone. Suddenly, he stopped playing the PS3 and looked at Bella. "Well," Emmett began, "What do you wanna do? I mean, I can't just play the game and leave you bored...what do you wanna do?" he repeated in the same, monotonous tone.

She yawned and laid her head back, crossing her arms over her torso. "Actually I wanna do you," she whispered to herself, but of course loud enough for Emmett to hear.

She lifted her head up to look at him. He stared at her wide eyed, mouth open, shock expression.

Biceps and triceps, rock hard abs and amazingly smooth skin, and the best part of it all: those beautiful, full lips, was the only thing on her mind. In an instant, he was hovering over her, pinning down her wrists to the couch, and grinding roughly against her middle, his head buried in the crook of her neck. She returned the favor, grinding him just as rough, moaning at the feel of his –

"Emmett!" a voice exclaimed. She looked at the front door, where Jasper was. "You have no fucking clue how much that hurt. Desire is too strong for me to handle, so strong it kinda hurts. So Bella: calm down, stop dripping. Emmett: keep your pants up. Especially for Edward. He can't handle that."

He left again, closing the door, and Emmett and Bella both sighed. Her pulse was throbbing – hard.

She wanted him – hard.

He wanted her – but harder.

But the way Emmett thought, was more dirty, more monstrous, more sexy. More Emmett. He wanted her too, in every way possible, but he couldn't have her that way. Not with Jasper having his emotional roller-coaster ride, and not with Edward reading his thoughts. It was too hard for him to control his emotions about what Bella just know and what she said. But it was twice as hard for him to control his thoughts. Knowing that he'll be thinking about that tight, succulent, wet – dripping – piece of sweet candy between her thighs. He just wanted his head to be buried there until he ate her clean, but only to make her wet over and over and over and over and –

"Maybe I should get going..." Bella said.

He snapped out of his thoughts and looked at her. "Yeah...I guess so. I'll come by later on tonight." But let's not forget the fact that you're eighteen now; you just graduated. You're a fucking legal adult. You don't have to leave if you don't want to.

"Okay. Bye, Emmett." She stood and went over to give him a soft peck on the lips, then she turned on her heels, going to her truck.

As she drove home, she thought of Emmett. Big Emmett. Muscular Emmett. Sexy Emmett.

Finally she arrived home, and laid in her bed. But before doing just that, she opened her window, allowing Emmett to come.

She went to her bed and laid on it, thinking about what she had done with Emmett just about an hour or so ago. She couldn't believe it. It was so involuntary...but so wanting.

But...it was just Emmett. The strong, sexy, muscular Emmett. The Emmett who just had to give you the best amount of pleasure.

That's when she reached into her jeans, and started rubbing herself, massaging herself with her fingers. She imagined as though it was Emmett touching her. That these were his fingers. That, even though she was alone, he was here, whispering dirty things in her ear. Of course Emmett would do this like a pro. An expert. Only because he's been doing this for as long as he can remember; literally.

Speaking of Emmett, he had climbed through her window, looking at Bella. As he came closer to her bed, he realized what she was doing.

He heard her moan a little, which made his shaft stir a little, his jeans becoming a little uncomfortable. He sat on the middle of the bed, which made her stiffen and pause her motions. He caressed her hair and whispered in her ear, "Don't stop what you're doing, I like it. A lot. Keep going."

She smiled and resumed her movements, moaning louder. Her fingers pumping inside of her. Making her call out Emmett's name on her orgasm, then she stopped and looked up at him, smiled and whispered in a seductive manner, "You know Emmett, you should really help me out here. I can't do this all on my own..." She bit her lip. Emmett's breathing stopped. He didn't know what to do if he had "helped her", and it wasn't worth a try. Sure, he saw what she was doing to herself, and it turned him on like mad crazy...but he just wouldn't want his...fingers...to hurt her...or move too roughly inside of her enough to bring her pain. I mean, I'm a bear, clearly. What do you want me to do next? Maul you?

"Bella I can't...I mean, I'll be too rough," Emmett said.

Her smile disappeared, turning into a furious frown, her eyebrows furrowed. She removed her hand and wiped it on her jeans. "What? Emmett you're my boyfriend you can't possibly give up an offer such as this! I want you to stop being careful with me, just once," she crawled on her knees to the middle of the bed where he was sitting at, resting her elbows on his shoulders and tangling her hands in his dark, curly hair. She kissed him, once. "Please Emmett. Besides our small occasional times, I know you have it in you." Twice. "Just let it go; be yourself." A third time. "I'm eighteen now; I want you to treat me like it. Treat me bad. I'm bad Emmett. I'm your badgirl, baby." A fourth time. "And you're my badboy. My dirty rough badboy. The big, bad bear." A fifth time, climbing onto him so her legs were wrapped around his waist, and that he was holding her up. "I want you –" she whispered in his ear, nibbling it " –to touch me, Emmett. In inappropriate places. Let me touch you." A sixth time. He was really turned on, the aching bulge in his pant proving it. She took her hand, and rubbed his crotch. "Mmm, the warmth of you Emmett, so exhilarating. I want you to take me back to your place and fuck me senselessly, Emmett. You know you can't resist. You're not the kinda person to kill, and you won't kill me." She kissed him again, then bucked her hips to his, and they both moaned. "I feel you, Emmett. I want you to be the one. You only want to wait for my safety, but not for your pleasure." She kissed him, yet again. "I know you don't wanna wait. Just take me, Emmett, back to the Cullen house so everyone can hear how great you are," then she whispered into his ear, "Please baby? You'll earn yourself a good little treat."

And that was it for him. They ran back – well, he ran back – to the Cullen house and up to his room, throwing Bella on his bed. He growled lowly, and slowly hovered himself over her, tracing his nose along her jawline. It was very dark; she couldn't see anything, but she liked it that way. "You want me to fuck you, huh?" he asked in a rough tone. Bella was getting excited and nodded. So was that little treat in her jeans. "Treat you like a badgirl?" she nodded again, moaning at the rough edge of his voice. "Touch you? Tease you? Taste you?"

She couldn't take it anymore. "Yes, yes, yes!" she screeched. Nothing was going on in Emmett's head right now. Just little pieces of popcorn exploding all around in his brain.

But besides that was just Bella. Bella, touching herself. Bella, touching him. Bella, moaning his name. Bella climaxing, shaking violently. His Bella. His badgirl.

A single knock at the door disturbed them, and they became frustrated. "Emmett tell them to go away," Bella whined.

"Um...Bella you probably don't remember what I told you earlier: Desire is too strong for me. Like I said: it kinda hurts. Like bits and pieces of fire being whipped at my skin...please if you're gonna be physically and sexually active, I need you to do it elsewhere."

Emmett groaned and sat up. "But Bella told me to come here."

"Why," Jasper asked.

"She wanted you all to hear how great I was." He smiled as he heard everyone groan downstairs.

"God Bella. Well, I'm leaving. I can't take it." Emmett heard his retreating footsteps, all the way downstairs, outside.

He hovered himself back over Bella. "Now, where were we?"

She chuckled and wrapped her arms around his neck. "The part where you start fucking me senseless." She knew everyone downstairs could hear her, she just didn't care. Not in this situation.

He chuckled with her. "Right."

He kissed her slowly, passionately, romanticly. He slowly took his hands and gently squeezed her –

She gasped. Up right in her bed. "What's wrong?" Edward asked.

Oh, I just had a wet dream...well you would know...dammit I'm busted. "Uh..." Bella swallowed thickly. There was nothing she could say to save her ass in this predicament she was in. "What was I saying?"

He chuckled, giving me that same crooked grin. "Well, you said 'I wanna do you'...and then you moaned, and the moaned some more...and then you said 'help me'...a few seconds after that you said 'you're my boyfriend...stop being careful for once', 'treat me bad, I'm eighteen; I'm your badgirl', 'my badboy', 'touch me', 'so warm', 'fuck me', 'I want them to hear', you moaned, and then shouted yes three times. I'm surprised you didn't wake Charlie. That's all."

Bella sighed in relief and laid back down. What if she had said his name? What if he just wasn't mentioning it? "Yeah...I think that was a wet dream..."

He chuckled and laid beside her. "Obviously Bella. Don't worry love, our time will arrive soon enough." He stroked her hair before planting a soft kiss on her forehead.

"Kiss me, Edward," she pleaded silently with her big, brown eyes, which he couldn't resist.

And so he did. He kissed her for as long as she wanted, knowing she'll ask for more than just his lips to kiss on in the future...but he wasn't certain.


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