"My name, it's Vanille. And yours?"



He waited and waited. For a long time he waited.

Hope didn't want to give up, Vanille had to come back, right?

Wrong. Hope knew this as well, but he still waited. He waited for the day where he could once again be reunited with Vanille. The girl he had actually fallen for…

He missed her; he missed her smile, her laugh, everything about her. He missed listening to the sound of her voice, and missed seeing her eyes filled with happiness. Memories of his first time meeting Vanille and how she helped him cope with the loss of his mother began to flash through his mind. If only he had realize sooner how much he cared for her, would it have made a difference?

Hope looked up to the clear sky. Not a single cloud showed. "Thanks, Vanille…"

Then, he walked away, still waiting.

...Okay, my first time writing about these two, and this is only my second time writing a drabble. As you can see... Anyway, I hope it was at LEAST a bit good. OwO? Not good at these types of things but I decided to give it a try! But I'll let you all be the judge of that.

I loved playing this game, and I loved HopexVanille. Cute~... (Even if Hope was around Lighting much more. xD And even though Vanille is still a bit older than Hope, I always thought that pairing made more sense than LightingxHope... Weird, huh?)

Review and tell me what you think? Sounds good to me! ;D

Update: THANK YOU to the people who told me about my misspelled words. (Honestly, I didn't check it over after I wrote it. I figured I would have misspelled a thing or two. So thank you! It has been fixed!) and to those who reminded me of the word: DRABBLE! Before I stuck it up, I kept thinking there is a different word for this. Not one-shot. Something else... But it wouldn't come to me! So I just stuck with one-shot instead until I could remember. But you fixed that for me! Thanks!