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Sonny Monroe was driving to Tawni's house. It's been seven years since she had seen her friend, they talked on the phone, but since Sonny left the U.S. seven years ago pregnant she hadn't seen the Tawni. "Mommy, are we going to eat soon?" the blue eyed, blonde haired boy in the back asked.

Sonny chuckled, "Are you still hungry? We just ate at the hotel! Well, my friend should have something for you, sweetie," Sonny told her son. It was crazy how much the boy looked like his father, it almost hurt Sonny sometimes looking at him, but it also made her love her son so much more.

"Are we there yet?" he questioned in response.

Sonny shook her head and grinned, "Actually, we are here." Right as she said that Sonny pulled up at the big mansion she missed so much. She parked next to a very familiar car, but didn't think too much about it, It's probably Tawni's car, she thought.

"Yay! Hm! Mommy! I can't get out!" the boy protested trying to unbuckle himself. Sonny rushed over to her son and unbuckled him.

The boy jumped up and out of the car raising his arms up, "Freedom!" he shouted.

Sonny laughed and scooped him up in her arms , "You are so dramatic, you know that?" Sonny kicked the door shut and walked up to the front door of the house, she raised her son up and he excitedly pressed the door bell. "Hey, only one time, Dylan."

Dylan gave his mother a sheepish smile and nuzzled his face in his mother's neck just as the door opened, revealing Tawni Hart.

Sonny and Tawni squealed at the same time and hugged, Dylan raised his head and put a hand on his throat, "I can't breath!"

Sonny laughed and put him down, "Tawni, this is my son Dylan. Dylan, this is one of mommy's friend, Tawni."

Dylan waved at Tawni and moved to walk inside the house, "Hi Tawni, do you have any Poptarts?"

Tawni raised an eyebrow and smiled, "No, but I have Gummy Worms."

Dylan's eyes widened and he looked toward Sonny, pleading. Sonny smiled, "Ok, but only this once. And no extra dessert tonight."

Dylan nodded and hugged his mother, "Thank you, I love you!" he exclaimed then looked to Tawni, "Where?"

Tawni pointed down the hall, "Someone named Nico will be there, ask him to get them for you."

Dylan yelled another thanks and took off. Tawni shook her head in astonishment, "Wow, he is so much like Chad."

Sonny's smile faded, "Tawni, please, don't bring up Chad."

Tawni shrugged, and Sonny took off, "So, you and Nico?" she asked, changing the subject.

Tawni sighed, "Yeah, what can I say? I love the guy."

Sonny hugged her friend, "Are you guys going to get marr-"

She was cut off as Tawni waved her left hand in brunette face, Sonny whistled, "That's a big diamond."

Tawni looked down admirably at her ring, "Yeah, it is, isn't it? But it's still not as pretty as me."

"Nothing has changed much, has it?" Sonny murmured to herself.

"Huh?" Tawni asked, coming back to reality.

Sonny shook her head, "Nothing. So, how have things been?" she asked and Dylan came running in, cutting Tawni off.

"Mommy! Come! You have to see something! Come on!" Dylan said tugging on her hand.

"Ok, ok, I'm coming." Sonny and Tawni followed Dylan into the kitchen.

Sonny was looking down at her son, he was so persistent, but she had never seen him so more determined than she had now. They just walked into the kitchen, the first thing Sonny noticed was an older Nico than she remembered sitting on a bar stool, he was talking to someone so Sonny turned her head and saw something she had dreamed about for years.

There, sitting casually, was none other than Chad Dylan Cooper, Hollywood's Bad Boy in her day, America's puppy shover, and the father to her child.

He looked different, of course, he had grown taller, his blonde hair was shorter and somehow more golden then she remembered. His lean figure had changed and he was more muscular.

To her horror, Dylan ran up to Chad and raised his arms up to be picked up, Chad obliged and lifted him to sit on his lap. "Mommy, look! We look the same!" Dylan said putting his face next to Chad and with his hand made Chad turn his head toward Sonny.

Sonny noticed something else that was different about him, he no longer had sparkly eyes.

Chad's eyes widened, "Sonny?" he whispered. Sonny winced, there was something about the way that he said her name had so much emotion in it and she couldn't identify what it was. So she ignore him and walked over to them.

Chad watched her as she walked over to him and the child sitting on his lap. He hadn't seen her in so long. The last time he saw her was when she was yelling at him at the top of her lungs, throwing things at him and right after that she left. Leaving Chad heartbroken.

Sonny grabbed Dylan, brushing against Chad, and tried to pick Dylan up, Chad wouldn't let her. Sonny glared at him, "Chad, let go of him."

Chad just stared back at her, still in shock. They stayed in that position until both there hold on Dylan got tighter. Dylan pushed against both, "You're squishing me!"

Sonny immediately let go of Dylan, not wanting to hurt him, she then looked to Chad pleadingly, "Let go of my son, Chad, please."

Right after she said that Chad broke his gaze from Sonny and looked to Dylan, he studied him for a second then grinned the biggest smile Sonny's ever seen, she winced again.

Dylan looked back at Chad, bringing both his hands up and placing them on both sides of Chad's face on his cheeks, "Mister Chad, can you let go of me? You are scaring my mommy." Sonny let out a little broken laugh, Chad smiled and nodded. He got up and gently put Dylan on the ground. Dylan ran to Nico, "Can I have those Gummies now?"

"Yeah, come here little man, lets get you those gummies. Then lets give your mommy some time to talk to her friends," Nico said grabbing the gummies and leading Dylan somewhere into the living room.

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