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Chapter 1: Two Words

Sam stretched out on the soft grass, listening to the sound of waves crashing against the rocks. It had only been three days since they left Pineville behind them, but it seemed like much longer … in part by

Dean making it from the Louisiana to Oregon in record time, leaving them a lot of time to enjoy their new environment. Sam always loved the NW coast. The cool climate and frequent rain made it much less crowded than the beaches of California and Florida that Dean favored. The lush green woods and quiet streams made a very relaxing setting; Sam had a lot of good memories from this area. That coupled with the fact it's 2500 miles from their last hunt made it and obvious choice to take a breather after their run in with a psychotic bokor.

"I can't believe you were so excited to get to E Coli State Park."

"It's Ecola." Sam corrected, rolling his eyes.

"Whatever." He could almost hear his brother shrug.

Sam went back to enjoying the serene atmosphere before the sound of gagging caught his attention.

"Gah," Dean moaned, "son of a b&%^!"

"What?" Sam asked, sitting up to see his brother looking at his lunch in disgust.

"This sandwich tastes like s&%^$." He complained.

"Then don't eat it." Sam replied, laying back down.

"Thanks Sam, like I couldn't have figured that out on my own."

Sam smirked, hearing the thud of Dean's food landing in a nearby trash can … right before he heard his brother digging through a paper bag.

"What the h^%& are you doing?" He demanded, sitting up halfway.

"A man's gotta eat." Dean replied, unwrapping another sandwich.

"Yeah, and when you're through with MY lunch, what am I gonna eat?"

"I think I have some M&M's in the glove box."Dean grinned taking a big bit of the turkey on wheat.

A second later he spit it out, reaching into the car for a water bottle and rinsing out his mouth.

"That is the LAST time we go to THAT deli." He declared after gulping down half the water.

Sam smiled and shook his head, laying back against the cool grass.

"Sammy!" Dean barked, dumping the second sandwich in the trash. "Let's go."

"We just got here like ten minutes ago." Sam replied lazily. "You can wait."

"But I'm hungry now." Dean whined.

"There's some M&M's in the glove box." Sam smirked, grunting when the water bottle hit him in the stomach.

"Get in the car smarta#$."

Sam sighed, pushing himself off the ground. He took his time brushing himself off, enjoying his view of the ocean, until the sound of the Impala's horn broke through the tranquility. Rolling his eyes at his brother's impatience, Sam jogged over the the car and climbed in.

"You know Dean, patience IS a virtue."

"Not at lunch time, it isn't." Dean countered.

Sam just shook his head, smiling at how single minded his older sibling could be. In a lot of ways Dean was like a bear. When he is hungry, stay out of his way. Feed him once, he'll keep coming back. Threaten him, he'll get mad. Hurt him of his family, he'll rip you apart. Yup, Dean was definitely a bear.

Plopping down on his bed after a nice hot shower, Sam relaxed against the sea green comforter, counting the cracks in the plaster ceiling. The sun was just starting to set, casting golden light through their small motel room.

"Dude, I'm gonna go shoot some pool and see if the bar has decent buffalo wings." Dean said, pulling on his coat. "You wanna come?"

Sam smirked at the memory of the dinner when Dean's burger had turned out rancid three times in a row. He had been forced to settle on french fries for lunch, but at least the manager gave him a free slice of pie as an apology.

"No thanks, I think I'll just stick around here."

"Okay," Dean shrugged, snatching his keys off the nightstand, "don't wait up."

No chance of THAT happening, Sam thought to himself. He had almost drifted of to sleep when he felt a pain in his lower pack that quickly turned into a dull ache … a feeling that was all too familiar.

"What the-"

His confusion turned to horror when he realized the nightmare had returned. Grabbing his phone off the nightstand, he dialed Dean's number, desperately trying to steady his breathing.


"Dean!" He almost shouted. "I can't feel my legs!"

"Wait, what?"

"I can't feel my legs, Dean! I'm … I'm paralyzed."

"Okay, just calm down." Dean said in an even tone. "We'll fix it Sammy. You'll be okay."

He thought he WAS okay. He thought that Ezekiel and Alex fixed it. Why was this happening again?

"Dean wha-"

He was cut off when a scream of pain tore from his throat and he watched in horror as the letter "I" appeared by his wrist.

"Sam!" Dean yelled through the phone. "Sammy talk to me!"


Sam was only able to get out the pitiful plea before another letter formed on his arm.

"Hold on Sam. I'm coming, little brother. Just hang in there …."

He tried to focus on Dean's voice, biting the edge of the blanket to keep from screaming again. Unable to reach the faucet, Sam could only sit there as letter after letter was branded into his arm. By the time Dean burst through the door the message was complete.

"Sammy?" Dean breathed rushing to his side.

Sam merely held out his arm, watching the fear and rage burning in his brother's eyes when he saw what was written there.


Anyone see THAT coming?

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