Title: We've All Been There

Characters: McGee, Abby

Pairing: McAbby, Tiva

A/N: I guess this is what my psych friends would call "projecting" my feelings, haha.

Summary: Drabble (100 words), McGee's frustration we can all relate to.

He couldn't believe it. He thought his email had a bug, but he really had no notifications for a reason.

Abby walked into the bullpen searching for Gibbs but found an upset probie instead.

"What's wrong, McGee?"

"Nothing," he mumbled, upset with himself for caring so much. Sadly, he couldn't stop her from peaking at his computer screen.

"C'mon, Timmy," Abby teased, "it's just a fan fiction website."

"But I WROTE the actual book!"

Abby smirked. "So who cares if your Tommy/Lisa fic has no reviews?" She turned on her heel, amused by her coworkers frustration.

He pouted. "I do."