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Zoro and Luffy are two of my most fav characters and I was kinda sad how every time I look them up there aren't hardly any fics :( So my bored mind came up with this. The thought actually came out of watching the One Piece fun Monster Time/ New Moon Trailer/ Blood and Chocolate. I figured I like monster stories :D So I'm gonna try one, though I'm still thinking of this story so my thoughts are not all together here.

Thinking about it though I couldn't find a reason for me to make this story normal, in that I mean relationship wise. Meaning I'm considering putting this as Yaoi . . . MAYBE. Depends where it goes and what you guys think, as I said I'm still thinking of this story and thoughts would be appreciated :D As I have stated before I'm not a big fan of guyxguy, but I wouldn't know how to put this story :/

Well forget my blabbering and enjoy the chp. We'll see where it goes from here, or what your guys' input should be. 'Kay, ON WITH THE CHAPTER!! XD

Summary: Eternal friendship, eternal love . . . eternal war? Werewolves and Vampires races have been sworn enemies since the dawn of time, hunting one another is now just a right of passage. But what happens when two youths throw away old grudges and replace it with something more? . . . turn the world upside down of course!

"Luffy!" came the red-headed man, making the raven-haired teen jump. "I thought I told you to stop playing with them?!"

"I'm sorry Shanks," The boy pouted, taking his thumb off of his fang. "But they're just so SHARP!"

"I know that anchor," Shanks said with a smile as he came and sat next to the youth and ruffled his hair affectionately. "It's just a sign showing your initiation his coming up soon."

"Yeah, I'm a little nervous about that," the boy said glancing down and rubbing his arm.

"Why's that Luffy?" Shanks asked with a confused blink.

"I don't know," Luffy said with a roll of his shoulders. "It's just . . . I've never met them before."

"Oh, you talking about Werewolves?" Shanks said with a knowing smile.

"Mhm," Luffy said with a nervous nod. "I heard they're strong."

"Yeah, but that's all!" Shanks said with a laugh and wave of his hand. "They lack what's up in here." At that Shanks poked his skull.

"Yeah, Ace told me they were nothing but dumb beasts!" Luffy said with a giggle.

"That's partly true," Shanks said with a nod and smile. "You should take advice from your brother. He's already had his initiation."

"I know!" Luffy said with a smile. "He even came back sooner than expected! He's really strong!"

"Yes, he is," Shanks said with a nod. "Usually it takes New Fangs some hours, or even the WHOLE night before they kill their first Werewolf."

"Ace came back in two hours!" Luffy said with a proud grin as he held up two fingers.

"That he did," Shanks said remembering feeling quite proud of the young Vampire as he returned with the head of the Werewolf.

"What about yours Shanks?!" Luffy asked with sparkling interest.

"W-Well," Shanks said scratching his cheek and looking at the interested teen. "Mine was quite a long time ago you know."

"SO!" Luffy said with a large smile as he plopped in the man's lap and rolled. "I wanna hear it!"

"The truth is Luffy—I never killed the one on my initiation," Shanks said honestly.

"Hm, what do you mean Shanks?" Luffy asked, tilting his head. "I thought you're banished until you come back with a Werewolf head."

"That's true," Shanks said with a nod. "Just not his."

"Doesn't the rule apply for the Werewolves too?" Luffy asked, narrowing his eyes.

"Theirs are a little different," Shanks said scratching his head.

"Hm, how come you know so much about the enemy?" Luffy asked, narrowing his eyes.

"Because I actually paid attention in my schooling years!" Shanks bit back.

"Nee, hee, hee, right," Luffy giggled.

"Hhh, seriously Luffy, you're gonna need to know all about them if you are to fight them," Shanks said, a little worried for the young blood. "Not only that, but they expect you to excel just like your brother Ace."

"About that," Luffy said looking down and twiddling his thumbs.

"Hm, what is it Luffy?" Shanks asked, noticing his nervous mood.

"I'm not as strong as Ace is so . . . I don't know if I can live up to everyone's expectations," Luffy said, worried about what everyone will think.

"Don't worry!" Shanks said with a smile, slapping the boy on the back. "You'll be getting nothing but a pup, shedding its puppy fur. It'll be a piece of cake!"

"Yeah!" Luffy said with a large grin as he shot up with new confidence. "It will be! After all—it's just a pup!"

The two strong beasts clashed and sunk their claws into one another. The other roared out in pain as the other gained the upper hand and pounced upon it. The dark beast placed it's clawed hand on the throat of its opponent, demanding it to submit. The other pinned its ears down and lowered its head.

The other stood up and roared his victory. The others sitting by just smiled and clapped their hands, acknowledging the warrior. One man, a tall pale man stood up and came to the victor to congratulate him.

"Well done Zoro," he said with a smile as he placed his hand on the champion's broad shoulder, the fur underneath the touch of his palm seeping back into its human tanned flesh. "I would expect nothing less from my son."

"I'm glad I'm found pleasing in your eyes father," he said with a smirk, wiping off the sweat from the battle. "But can't you give me a challenger that doesn't wet himself?"

"But my boy," the golden-eyed man said with a smile. "You are still shedding your pup fur. You cannot fight us adults until you are done."

"Then why is it taking so da-- long!" Zoro complained, looking at his arms that still had some fur on it—still shedding.

"Be patient my boy," the man said with a smile, this man known as Dracule Mihawk. "Your initiation is coming up soon—that shall make you very happy, I know it."

"I'll bet fighting da--ed Vampires will be better than fighting these ingrates!" He scoffed, watching his opponent crawl away with his tail between his leg.

"Don't underestimate them my son," Mihawk pointed out. "Most of them are quite ingenious."

"Hmph, is that why you never killed the Vampire you were put against on your initiation?" Zoro asked looking at the older dog.

The man's smile turned into a frown just bringing up that Vampire. Mihawk shook his head just remembering it and then snickered.

"I just underestimated him is all," Mihawk said with a faint smile, remembering that redhead.

"Tch, if I were the pack leader I wouldn't have let you back in," Zoro grumbled as he sat down and put his boots back on.

"Which is why you're not!" Mihawk reminded him. "May I remind you that if I hadn't been allowed in, you would have never been born."

"So," Zoro said, looking up at the man with lazy, uncaring emerald eyes.

"So?" Mihawk raised a brow. "I had to kill FIVE other Vampires to be allowed back into the Great Pack for not killing that redhead!"

"Well what about him, hm?" Zoro asked, with a smirk. "I head he was let back into his clan."

"He also had to kill to earn a right of passage to enter," Mihawk said with a nod, trying to make the young pup understand.

"Tch, so why don't you just hunt him down and kill him?" Zoro asked with a yawn.

"You don't understand that you only get one night to kill them!" Mihawk said. "Perhaps if you wouldn't sleep through your studies you'd know the rule of the games!"

"Yeah, yeah I know," Zoro said waving his hand. "The night of the full moon."

"That's right," Mihawk said with a nod as he looked up into the darkening sky. "Once a month a Pup and a New Fang are allowed a right of passage, and also respect into their race."

"Then how 'come you have so much respect—knowing you neglected to kill your opponent?" Zoro asked, tilting his head back from where he sat towards his sire.

"Because I come from a long noble line of great warriors, as do you pup," He said looking down at the youth and jabbing him in the side with his boot, earning Zoro a grunt. "So look on the bright side, if you neglect to kill your opponent, they'll still respect you."

Zoro scoffed and let out a chuckle. He scowled as he looked at his father before looking away and saying—

"I WON'T lose! The stupid New Fang's probably some fool!"

"Not necessarily," Mihawk said with a smile, shaking his head. "As you are aware of some of our race takes time for their pup fur to fully finish shedding."

"Yeah, I know. Glad as he-- I'm not like that," Zoro said with a smirk, feeling quite sorry for those who are much older than him who still cling to their old fur.

"Actually it's not as bad as you think," Mihawk said, bending down to him and tapping his shoulder. "I was very similar to that, and the Vampire I was up against was some years younger than me—heh, poor fool didn't expect to fight such an older Werewolf."

"A youngin' still whooped you're a--," Zoro said with a sigh, earning him a smack to the back of the head.

"You won't be saying that when your time comes and you find yourself against an older Vampire," Mihawk scoffed. "As I said before, they aren't that different from us. Some of them it takes years for their new fangs to come in. The older ones are always the more experienced."

"Heh, ya hear that Usopp! You're gonna have to fight an older New Fang!" Zoro teased, staring at the pup some yards away.

"Sh-Shut up!" he stuttered from where he sat, that pup had always been teasing him, telling him he was going to lose when his full moon fight came.

"Heh, ha!" Zoro chuckled, he loved teasing the pup to where it hurt.

"Don't forget also that if you defeat this Vampire you are allowed to hunt along side the Alpha and his top warriors," Mihawk added with a smile.

"I dunno," Zoro said with a smile. "That sounds like heaven, but I like the way you get to hunt, alone—never was a pack person."

"My boy you were born a Werewolf not a Vampire," Mihawk sneered. "They fight alone, but not us."

"Not all of them," Zoro said. "Some have taken our idea to hunt as packs."

"Some," Mihawk said. "Mostly the Head Blood and his warriors, but most prefer to hunt alone."

"Hmph, like I said—they're fools," Zoro said with a smirk.

"They may be, but you'll get to see first hand when the full moon comes," Mihawk said with a sigh as he stood up. "Now come on, it's time to head over to the Alpha Pack Leader.

"Yeah, yeah," Zoro said with a sigh as he stood up and followed the older wolf.

As they walked out of the fighting arena Zoro passed by the young dark pup Usopp, who sat near the corner just sketching away. He smirked as he said—

"That older Vampire's gonna murder you on your Full Moon Fight."

Zoro said this as he passed him causing the boy to tremble. He HATED it when he teased him like this, but he knew it was probably true. Usopp glanced down and hugged his sketch pad close knowing it was all too true—he was a coward among his race and knew he'd shame the Alpha just by attempting to fight his counterpart. He didn't want to die, nor be banished—but there was no other choice between the two—for him.

"Hmmm, yes, they are coming in perfectly," Dragon said with a pleased smile as he took his fingers away from his boy's mouth. "It is about time for your initiation."

"Heh, hear that Luffy," Ace said with a smirk from where he sat on the desk. "You're gonna be hunting like the big boys now."

"Y-Yeah," Luffy said, still a little nervous about this whole ritual.

"What's wrong?" Asked Dragon seeing his son's nervousness.

"He's just a little nervous is all," Shanks said with a smile as he stepped forward.

"I can see why," Ace said with a nod. "You are a bit scrawny—I hadn't expected your fangs to come in so soon."

"Me either," Luffy said scratching the back of his head. "I wanted to be like you Ace; I mean you were ready and everything!"

"Yep, I was," Ace said with a smile, remembering killing his first Werewolf. "Poor bast--- never knew what was coming."

"You're so strong just 'cause your were this clan's deceased Head Blood's son," Luffy said with a pout as he crossed his arms.

"Well then you have no excuse to lose," Ace said with a smile, looking at his little brother—though not related by blood. "You're this clan's new Head Blood's son. So show us what you've got!"

"Hey! There's still some time left before the upcoming full moon! Do you think you could teach me a thing or two, you know—so I can kill that mutt?!" Luffy asked, raising his fist.

"Why sure!" he said with a grin as he hopped off the desk, but halted upon glancing carefully at Dragon. "That is, if pops says it's okay."

"Can he dad?!" Luffy asked with a pout.

"I don't see any harm in it," Dragon said with a sigh a nod. "After all you are my only son—it'd be a shame if you were killed."

"Uh-hem, might I suggest you tell Luffy who he's going up against?" Shanks cut in with a cough.

"Yeah, who's this pup?" Luffy asked with a cocky grin.

"His name's Roronoa Zoro," Dragon said, remembering him with a sigh. "Of all pups it has to be him."

"Na—doesn't sound so tough," Luffy said, cocking his head.

"Easy there Luffy," Ace said knowing the ignorant boy never knew what he was getting himself into.

"He's the son of Dracule Mihawk," Dragon said, glancing at the redhead who looked awfully surprised.

"Na, who's that?" Luffy asked looking at Shanks, seemingly he knew—by the look on his face.

"I was not aware he sired a pup," Shanks said casting his gaze down, leaving Dragon to stare at him in silent wonder for a little while.

"But who is that?" Luffy groaned.

"He's the son of the wolf Shanks couldn't beat idiot!" Ace said, smacking Luffy upside the head.

"WHAT?!!" Luffy gasped with wide eyes. "But won't that mean I won't be able to beat him either?!!"

"He's a good amount of years older than you Luffy," Dragon said. "And he's been shedding for some years now—if I were to put it in our terms I would say he's been growing his new fangs for years."

"But mine have just come in some months ago!" Luffy complained. "How can I beat him if he's THAT experienced?!"

"By my help," Ace said with a smile, as he placed a hand on his shoulder. "Relax; it'll be a piece of cake."

"For you maybe," Luffy mumbled with a pout.

"Hey! What happened to my optimistic little brother who claimed he could take on 10 Werebast---s at once?" Ace said with a smile.

"You think I can?" Luffy asked.

"Sure," Ace said with a smile.

"YOSH! Then I will!!" Luffy pointed up optimistically. "I'll make everyone proud once I bring his head back!"

"That's our Luffy!" Shanks said with a laugh and smile.

Dragon would have joined in with the laughter if he would have believed Luffy was ready—which he clearly WASN'T! He'd seen Mihawk's pup before and knew he was a force to be reckoned with. He was older and much more experienced—he's been training for this fight for a while now, unlike Luffy. Hhh, he feared only the worst could come out of this Full Moon Match that was to take place in less than two weeks.

"Dracule—I see you've brought your pup," the large Alpha said as he lifted his head to watch the two walk through his warriors towards to where he sat.

"He is here," Mihawk said motioning towards his tall son.

"Hm, looks like you've been training well," The large Werewolf said as he scanned the pups built body.

"I have Alpha Whitebeard," Zoro said as he inclined his head to him in acknowledgement and respect, Whitebeard followed his motion afterwards.

"That's good," he said with a nod. "Because you're going to be fighting the Head Blood's very son."

"Is that so?" Zoro said with a smirk feeling as if his training and waiting for a strong opponent has finally paid off.

"Yes," Whitebeard said with a nod. "I have seen this boy though and I am not too pleased with him."

"Why is that?" Mihawk asked.

"He's barely grown into his fangs!" Whitebeard scoffed. "On top of that he's scrawny. Hardly an opponent I say."

"Hhh, then must I fight him?" Zoro asked, really not wanting to fight another weakling.

"What goes, goes," came one of Whitebeard's top warriors gruff voice.

Zoro turned and looked at the silver Werewolf who sat near Whitebeard with his arms crossed. He groaned looking at the familiar warrior wishing he didn't have to put his two cents into things.

"I wasn't asking for your opinion Smoker!" Zoro snapped.

"Don't get snappy with me pup," Smoker said as he glared at him. "I have killed more Vampires than you have even seen!"

"Well you're about to be outdone old dog!" Zoro said with a cocky smirk.

"Heh, you have some pup there Dracule," Smoker said, leaning back against the boulder he sat against.

"Jah ha ha ha ha ha!!" came the laugh of another warrior as he slapped his thigh. "I'll say!"

Zoro looked at the brown Werewolf and wished this idiotic warrior would just shut up and leave him alone. He doubted they'd want to fight a weakling as well. He narrowed his eyes at the laughing warrior—Jyabura, that wolf had always had it coming!

"Well if you don't want it Roronoa I suppose I could give the opponent to Teach here, he's been waiting for an opportune moment to fight a Vampire." Whitebeard said, motioning towards the older Werewolf.

Zoro turned to eye the dark-haired man. Ah yes, he was one of the few Werewolves who still hadn't stopped shedding—the poor man has been shedding for years, still clinging onto that pup fur. Zoro knew he's been aching for a chance to fight one. The man sneered upon meeting Zoro's gaze.

"You do realize what you're wanting to pass up Roronoa?!" Jyabura spoke up in a chuckle. "This is the Head Blood's son! You kill him and it'll automatically land in a spot among Alpha Whitebeard's Inner Pack!"

"Is that so?" Zoro said with a smirk as he gazed at Marshal D. Teach—the fool had been wanting that position for some years now, and would probably kill to get it.

Zoro eyed Whitebeard who waited for his response. Zoro smirked and tilted his head back. Weak opponent or not, if he got into the Inner Pack then he'd end up fighting the best of the best Blood Warriors anyways—yes, this didn't seem like such a bad idea."

"Hmph! Just because you get to kill a high status Vampire shouldn't mean a thing!" complained Blackbeard. "The boy's probably weak! A newborn pup could take him down! Is that what Wolf Warriors you wish for now, Alpha Whitebeard?!"

"Hey! Calm down Teach-bro!" called out another Warrior as he lifted his sunglasses—in the middle of the night—for no reason at all, just to prove he had good eyesight. "This law's been around for ages."

"Hmph! I say it is flawed!" He grumbled as he crossed his arms.

"The law is the law," spoke up another warrior, this one sounding more cold than most. "It cannot be changed once written—not even by the Alpha."

All turned to see Rob Lucci standing there, with his hands in his pockets and eyes closed. The man was in Whitebeard's Inner Pack, but seemed so dark that even Whitebeard wasn't too fond of him. The only reason why he kept him around was because he was strong and one of his finest Wolf Warriors . . . once killing 300 Vampires in one night—he was nearly a legend, among Mihawk who had killed countless as well—despite the fact that he failed his initiation.

"That is true Lucci," Whitebeard said with a nod. "So what is your decision . . . Roronoa?"

"Well, it seems like I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place," Zoro said with a smirk.

"Ooohh, you gonna bite back," Jyabura asked, licking his lips.

"I would, but it seems this is an opportunity I can't pass us," Zoro said as he looked at Whitebeard. "I accept."

"Very well," Whitebeard said giving a nod, glad the boy agreed for he had been wanting this pup among his warriors for quite some time now—he knew he'd make a great Wolf Warrior and fit well in the Pack—even the Inner Pack.

Whitebeard then stood up, as did his warriors, following his actions. He lifted his hand towards the moon that was now shining bright.

"Once this moon is full will be when your ritual shall arise!" he said looking at the strong pup. "So prepare yourself Roronoa for your right of passage is at hand."

"Heh, I can't wait," Zoro said, licking his lips, not being able to wait for that challenge.

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