A/N: We all know how a much of a pain the butt Luna can be in Fan fiction. Constantly we see her nagging, hiding her face from the Senshi she must help to guide, and forever being that annoying little bigoted fur ball that often comes off as anything but supportive when it comes to things like same gender relationships. What if there were more reasons to this than met the eye, what if it was simply because she didn't understand and thus was the cause of all the rudeness we see from the cat of the moon? We know that in some forms of the series Luna can take upon a humanoid form, but in the anime she is a cat, and will always be a cat (In saying this we DO see her in HUMAN form during one of the movies, however I haven't actually seen this movie in a long time so we are going by the actual anime story line, not the movie.) What if she wanted to be a human, fall in love, and understand the Sailor Senshi that so many times she ends up scolding for falling in love, putting others in danger, and can't seem to understand half of the time? Well in this she gets her wish. Can Luna understand the girls better after walking a few steps in their shoes? In this fiction we attempt to find out. Since I'm a fan of odd ball pairings you may find to be who she falls for quite a shock! At the end of it all will she remain a human or go back to being a cat?

Yuri pairing!


Chapter 1: Wish of a Feline.

Luna lay resting on her owners' bed in the early morning sun that protruded through the window. It was a wonderful day to be outside in the late spring weather slowly turning into that of summer. The gentle breeze wafted through the trees as branches swayed constantly in the never ending dance of nature. Birds flew to and fro collecting things for nests or too feed the chicks that had newly hatched. Luna simply had to sigh at the lack of something to do. On the moon there was a constant need for her to be busy with many tasks. Here on earth very few knew she could speak in a human tongue and the little black cat found that other cats simply couldn't hold her level of intellect. She was an animal but that didn't mean she'd fancy killing other animals in need to hunt like the cats from earth, she didn't have the urge to mate every single time she began heat simply to reproduce, she wasn't even a normal house cat. These facts had set in very recently as she noticed how much earth differed from the life she loved so very much on the moon. As a result Luna found herself to become very cranky as of late.

With Usagi and the others attending school and the very busy outer Senshi who remain aloof more than one should consider normal the only one Luna could really relate with was the very lonely Artemis who was happy for the simplistic life. Often she thought that she could be asking too much of the earth that she now lived on yet she had the eyes of longing. If the little cat was realistic she wanted more than to be a simple little feline that helped the girls. On the moon she was a wonderful adviser; on earth was a far different story. She didn't understand humans of earth, talking cats weren't normalcy and without her queen to confide in when she found unease within a situation Luna was at a loss. Surely this would pass. That was a constant thing she had told herself since the girls had started to find normality within their lives and yet more and more Luna found that she couldn't shake her need to be more than just a cat. This couldn't be right. She shouldn't want more than what she had. Even if this was logical emotions weren't so forgiving.

How much was it to ask for a real love to enter her life, one that didn't revolve around a lazy white house cat who was perfectly happy to chase a bug around, or laze in the sun day after day. How hard was it to ask of a cat as smart as she, with wishes and plans for the future? Sure Artemis was a great adviser to Minako and also seemed to carry every single fault she carried as a result. That fur ball totally feared a relationship. As a cat he didn't need to worry about such things and could be as flighty as Minako herself. In fact in Luna's opinion that was where the human blond had acquired part of that trait from. As she stood from the bed and jumped onto the window sill she pried the glass contraption open before jumping to the tree limb within her reach. Making her way to the ground she decided that she needed a conversation with someone of intellect, someone who could offer her a reason for such odd thoughts, such condemnable wishes.

Trotting down the street and down the sidewalk she received one the many side glances she would receive for simply walking without her owner. If she were unlucky sometimes she would be attacked by children or even adults if they disapproved of her passing by. This was another thing that made Luna uneasy. Couldn't she walk freely without being scrutinized for being a cat? She felt as if she was constantly under a looking glass, as if she were being studied for an experiment. If she were honest she felt as if she could be captured and used as a test subject if she would be unlucky enough to get caught by the wrong person. Finally having enough of the staring she reached the brick wall that led to the apartment complex of Ami Mizuno. After a bit of work she had scaled the brick and found the tree that could get her into the small window in Ami's bedroom.

The room was simple and pretty much empty considering the fact that it belonged to a teenager. All of the other girls had many things cluttering their spaces but for Ami she had her bed, her desk, and a few shelves for books. A small television with only basic channels and a small disk player attachment found a home in the corner on an end table, dust lightly covering the screen. The low hum of a computer and muffled noise of the residents on a lower floor were the only things that could reach Luna's ears. It would be a few hours until the Senshi of Ice returned from her scholastic activities but Luna found herself far more at home with a Saeko's fidgeting in the next room. Surely even if she couldn't understand why this small cat often ended up wandering her house she knew that Ami seemed to care for it. In the kitchen the small bowl of turkey and another of fresh water sat in the corner. With the sounds of a pen making its way across some paper Luna found herself the favorite perch across the woman's armchair. Things here were quiet, yet they were also a welcome change to the constant ruckus found in the neighborhood where Usagi lived.

Time idled on slowly as Saeko paid little mind to the cat that so very often graced her with its presence. Her writing complete she found her way to the kitchen for lunch before heading out the door for work. Finally after a few more hours Ami arrived home quickly noticing the sleeping mass that had curled up in the one place her mother frequented. "Hello Luna." Ami greeted as she walked past the study and into her own bedroom, her smaller friend leaving her perch to follow the same path. She found her second favorite perch within the house, the top of the bookshelf nearest the heater.

"How was school?" Luna's unusually timid reply caused Ami to raise an eyebrow inwardly but she paid little mind as she pulled out her school work from the day onto her desk.

"Normal I guess." Ami replied as she went about going over her books to decide what to start on first. "Odd question coming from you though, may I ask why the sudden interest?" As she found her reading glasses for small print she kept half an eye on the seemingly nervous cat on the bookshelf.

"It was just a question." Luna responded as she began to stare down at the floor, blue carpeting had never looked more interesting in her life as the scrolling of Ami's pen and clicking of a calculator overtook her ears. "Besides can't I have an interest in something other than Sailor business every now and again? It's not as if I get to see what you girls do every single day when I'm left behind. Artemis may be happy not to know, but I do worry."

That caught Ami's attention as she set down her pen placed her glasses atop her head. Slowly she turned to face the animal to claim such admittance. "What do you worry about? School is normal here and everyone does just fine generally, actually in all reality I don't think we've been better now that we aren't fighting things every other day."

"I'm not worried about school itself. I'm worried that I may not be doing what I should be for you all. I'm feeling inadequate and considering my position that's not very helpful." Ami stayed quiet as if in careful contemplation. For a moment she studied the tense stare that Luna had upon the floor and sighed inwardly. The small cat for her part didn't really know how to continue but her drooping whiskers and ears that seemed to fold slightly told of a far deeper issue than simple worry. "Ami… what is it like to be a human?"

The question was laced with emotions uncommonly found in Usagi's adviser as the small creature continued to seek advice from one who she should be helping to guide. "Human..." Ami answered back not really sure how to explain something so complex easily. "It just is. You're asking me what it's like to be something that I can't compare to anything else. To be a human is simply that. Science can give you answers but I'm not exactly sure by your tones that they are the ones you want to know about. It would be the same if I ask you what it is like to be a cat. Could you honestly give me a comparison I would be able to understand?"

"No." Luna sighed understanding exactly what Ami meant. "I can't explain what living like a cat is unless you know how to live without opposable thumbs, covered in fur, and unable to speak to most people."

"Then you know I can't explain it well for you. If I were you, if you really seek to understand humans then try to walk a mile in ones shoes. Did you think to ask Usagi or perhaps Setsuna? They may know of a way. Her crystal seems to be able to grant wishes and Setsuna seems to know more than most on Senshi matters." Ami paused for a moment thinking of another person she could name that may provide useful, but Luna had cut in the middle of her thought process.

"Use the crystal to become human? Isn't that what one would call abusing the crystal. After all its properties shouldn't be used for personal gain." Luna reasoned "That's why I haven't had the heart to ask her to do that. Besides any and all crystal effects are finality. I couldn't use that method unless was one hundred percent sure that was what I wanted."

"Alright then how about Michiru and her mirror, if she can dispel illusions is it possible she could also create them too?" Ami said as she stood from her seat and picked up the cat in her arms and stroked her fur as she felt sorry for her friend. "Luna… What is the real reason you want this so badly. Last time I saw you looking the way you do now the world was going to end. I know there's more to this than simply being worried about not understanding humans. Tell me the truth?" Ami was simply requesting the information, she wasn't prodding by any means and yet it seemed if this was something the girl dearly wanted to know.

"I have dreams that I may have been human at one point in my reincarnations. If that's true, I can't remember what it was like and I want to know. I don't want to be a simple house cat all of my life and it will be a long time until the Neo Moon comes around. Is it really so wrong to want to be like everyone else for just a moment, just to feel something more than I do now." Luna sighed as she jumped down from Ami's arms and onto the windowsill again. "Will your mother be gone all night again?" Luna asked changing the subject.

"Yes she will. Double shifts tend to do that." Ami spoke simply looking out the window with Luna. "I'm just having yet another quiet night in if you'd care to join me; I know Usagi has a date tonight so she won't be home. That's all she bragged about at lunch." Laughing ruefully she looked at the clock and then too her homework. "I guess she'll be copying mine again, I don't foresee her completing hers in the near future. I don't even need to be Setsuna to know that. Sometimes I think you and I are a lot alike. We both aren't exactly what one would call normal and we both seek more than what we have." As Ami placed her glasses back to her eyes and sat back down to do her homework, she noted the thoughtful look on Luna's face as the small cat drifted to sleep on the sill lulled by the soothing sounds of the calculator and pen that Luna so loved in the warm early evening sun.

"Luna…" a voice called from an area unknown. The voice was ever familiar as the late queen and Luna quickly complied in answering the voice that had called her within sleep.

"Yes my Queen?" the small cat spoke with a sense of normality, as if she was about to be given a task to complete.

"I am unable to stay long. I have come regarding a wish I have heard your heart call out for quite some time. If you knew you were crying out so loudly or not I was listening. You are correct, if you use the crystal to attain the form of a human you will be unable to return to normal, however if you wish to understand human life I can give you a temporary form. I want you to have seven days Luna, so that you can decide the right path. Consider this a gift for being good to me and looking after my daughter so very well." Luna wasn't given a chance to respond as the voice left her and sleep returned to normal.

The next day she felt a soft bed under her body and another warm mass next to her. 'Ami must have moved me onto the bed last night.' Luna mused as she rolled over to get more comfortable. She could feel the warm breath of another and subconsciously wrapped her arms around Ami. 'Wait a second this doesn't feel….' Luna was abruptly broken from her inner thoughts as she realized something was extremely off. Her eyes flew open as she realized she was cuddled next to Ami and not as a cat, but as a human, a human with arms that currently didn't belong where they were positioned. Quickly she flew off the bed as fast as her new body could take her and into the bathroom slamming the door behind her.

"Luna?" Ami called after being awoken from her sleep. "Why are you in the bathroom? Is everything alright?"

"Define the word alright and then you tell me!" Luna's shrill voice wafted through the door in a panic. "I mean I don't exactly know if alright would be the right term for this!"

"I'm coming in." Ami said as she turned the door. "LUNA!" The door slammed just as quickly as she had opened it and tried to compose herself. "What. How." Ami was lost for any way to speak and did the first logical thing that came to mind tossing her robe into the bathroom with her eyes averted as far away from the door as possible "Put that on." She squeaked.

Luna did as she was instructed before opening the door to the still red faced Ami. "I'm not dreaming am I?" Luna asked as Ami took in the sight of Luna and her human body. She was only slightly taller than Ami. With deep blue eyes and wavy black hair that trailed down to the middle of her back she was stunning. Long slender legs and a beautiful figure she looked to be a woman in her early twenties. Her voice was the only familiarity that told Ami that the woman was indeed Luna.

"No, you're not." Ami whispered still in shock. "How did this happen?"

"I was dreaming, the Queen had told me something about wanting me to be happy. This is how I ended up. I guess I have seven days in this human body." Luna explained still so very confused about her new body.

"Well, if you're going to be a human you'll need to walk around in something other than my bathrobe." Ami spoke still a little lost with what was going on. "Let's go see if we can find you something in my closet that fits, then I guess we will decide what to do from there."

"What do you think I should tell Usagi about all of this?" Luna asked as she followed Ami back into her bedroom watching intently as the girl looked for something suitable for a woman of Luna's alleged age.

"Honestly? I've not the slightest clue. Personally I think that you'd be better off keeping this to yourself until you know what it is you really want to know about humans." Holding up a pair of jeans and a pair of clean undergarments she tossed the articles of clothing towards Luna while attempting to find a bra that would hopefully fit her friend. "Think of it like an undercover mission. If you want to know then be a part of the interaction first hand without them knowing. Believe it or not, we all act a lot different when hanging out not worrying about Senshi affairs." Tossing the largest possible sports bra she could find for Luna who had a larger bust, she then found a simple fitting T shirt.

Luna for her part at least could figure out how to dress herself having seen Usagi do it enough times. Ami grabbed clothing for herself before running out of the room to dress quickly and figure out what to do with a newly humanoid Luna. The Senshi of Ice could still feel her heart beating rapidly as the events of the last few minutes played in her head. 'It's going to be one hell of a week.' She thought to herself as she mentally forced the images she had just seen to the back of her mind. She had bigger things to worry about than her flustered emotions. 'She's a cat.' Was the logic that kept playing in Ami's mind, yet emotions were still saying 'She looks human.' When Luna stepped out of Ami's bedroom a particular sentiment bore repeating. 'One hell of a week.'


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