Summary: A 12-year-old Mikan Sakura suddenly found an abandoned baby in front of her dorm room. And the next thing she knew, she is forced by Narumi-sensei to take care of it, along with a certain crimson-eyed guy! What will happen then? NxM

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"Oee ... oee ..."

The sun began to show its form when the sunrays trying to penetrate through the small spaces belonged to one of the windows located on the Alice Academy middle school dormitory's third floor. The rays made its way straightly toward a beautiful sleeping face of the owner of the rarest alice in this world; nullification alice.

"Oee ... oee ..."

The girl rubbed her eyes and drew the blanket to cover her face from the rays' attack. She was about to go back into her dream world when she heard the sound of baby's weeping in her ears. Feeling disturbed again, the girl covered her ears. Hiding her earlobes from the sound of weeping which she thought was coming from her alarm.

'Wait, my alarm doesn't sound like that ...' she thought, and few seconds later she pulled the blanket away from her body and immediately rushed to her chicken-shaped alarm.

"Weird, it doesn't ring. Maybe that sound was just my hallucination—" said the girl before she started to scratch her brunette hair which hardly itchy as a sign of her surprise. Soon after, the movement of her fingers stopped when both of her hazel eyes grew wider. "—OH MY GOD! I'm late!"

Immediately she stepped quickly into the bathroom. After she took a quick shower and brushed her teeth, she changed her pajamas into her Alice Academy's middle school uniform: white shirt and a blue checkered skirt, then added with a black coat and a blue knotted ribbon, and lastly, a pair of long black socks and a pair of shoes with the same color.

"I'm leaving!" she shouted to no one in particular. When she was about to run after she opened her room door, something blocked her pace, causing her to fall right on her chin. The tears fell down as she was stroking her reddened chin and then she gave a look at that 'something' that made her fall.

A big chocolate basket was seen in her eyes—a wooden plaited basket that she had never seen somewhere before. She took a glance at its contents and saw something that made her almost jumped and her hazel eyes widened.


Suddenly Becomes 'Mama'

by Yuuto Tamano

Chapter 1: The Unlucky Day

Mikan Sakura, the same girl with 'the girl' who was mentioned in the opening part of this story, looked pale with her freezing posture when almost all of her classmates crowded around her desk. Their face looked so amazed—you could tell by seeing the flickering of their eyes—as if what they saw was totally enchanting, including a girl namely Hotaru Imai. Even though her face was flat, but the look in her amethyst eyes couldn't deceive.

"Kyaa ... so cute!"

"The cheeks were soft, like a mochi!"

"Sleeping, isn't it?"

"The hands are moving!"


"How come Sakura has this cutie one?"

Those were the comments made by her friends to please 'something funny' in front of them. They were so noisy, making a crimson-eyed guy—who was uninterested in 'something' that Mikan brought and was blocked by a crowd of his classmates—almost lost his temper.

However, Mikan didn't respond to any comments she heard and just stayed freeze.

"Mikan-chan, who's is the baby?" asked Anna Umenomiya, her friend who had a wavy pink hair, innocently.

Mikan just shook her face softly, "I don't know."

"It's yah son, Mikan? Who is this baby's father?" asked Kokoro Yome or used to be called Koko, with his disgusting tone.

Mikan was now turning back to her consciousness as she quickly rose from her seat and stood up—thanks to Koko's annoying question. "No way!" she yelped, "I've never had a baby and this 'father' you mentioned before certainly doesn't exist!"

Hearing her crying, the crimson-eyed guy smirked.

She then sat back down and took a breath. She regretted to have brought a mysterious baby, whom she found in front of her room, to her classroom. But there was no other choice for her at that time. She was very very late and couldn't bear to left that poor baby alone so that without thinking she just brought that basket containing the baby into the classroom with her—which was greeted with the shouts of her friends who were naturally surprised. Fortunately, the first period was English by Narumi-sensei, who was known for his infamous late, even later than Mikan.

"I found this baby in front of my room. It seemed to be thrown away by its parents and I can't forgive them if they really abandon their own child!" she exclaimed with her eyes filled with justice and later being a victim of Hotaru's baka-gun.

"Baka, it's impossible," she said flatly, "They slipped into the academy just to throw away their baby in front of your door is VERY unlikely, they would be busted by the academy's teachers."

"You're right…" Mikan began to realize the possible thing Hotaru had said.

"By the way, this baby is a she or he?" asked Sumire Shouda, a girl who had a cat-dog alice and also infamous with her seaweed black hair.

The surroundings were quiet until Mikan immediately came out with some stupid idea, "Okay, let's see…"

And then, Mikan opened the baby's diaper, and ...

"Oh, the baby is a boy!" she claimed and once again became victim of the merciless Baka-gun belonged to Hotaru.

Before her friends could comment on her action before, Narumi-sensei came into the classroom with his pheromone alice spreading everywhere. Narumi-sensei dressed up with long sleeves T-shirt in which the stripes had the lace on the ends of it and his black legging also looked very tight.

"Good morning, my beloved students! Why are you guys crowded around Mikan-chan's—Oh. My. God." Narumi's eyes widened when he saw a tiny baby was sleeping inside a basket placed on top of Mikan's table.

"Mikan-chan ...err…your son?" Narumi-sensei asked, surprised.

As quick as a lightning, Mikan immediately stood up her feet and cried, "I told you... THE BABY IS OBVIOUSLY NOT MY SON!"

The sun was almost drowned into its sleep while Mikan was lamenting the misfortune of hers coming unstoppably without the slightest mercy, in the way of sobbing on her own bed. "Why? Why? Why am I unlucky today?"

"You're noisy, polka-dots! You're more crybaby than the baby." muttered Natsume Hyuuga, the same crimson-eyed guy who was now sitting on the couch beside her bed.

"Why does it have to be like this? I understand that Narumi-sensei told me to take care of this baby because I was the first one who found him... But, but, but why should it have to be with you, Natsume?" Mikan shouted loudly as she continued crying.

"Because I am your partner—that was that idiot, gay teacher said."

Natsume took a deep breath, and then turned his gaze to the baby who was still sleeping beside him. He looked boringly at the baby, thinking that he indeed was too lazy to get involved in this kind of thing. But that stupid, stupid Narumi and his pheromone alice made him unwillingly surrender. After that, he turned away and sighed again.

At least, he could spend some more time with his Mikan.

Natsume looked back at the baby who had some brunette-colored hair, white skin, and chubby cheeks. Natsume felt somehow familiar with that baby's face which reminded him of someone, but he didn't know who that someone was. Natsume's fingers then made its way to the baby's cheek and touched it, which was unbelievably soft, of course, and he unconsciously pressed the baby's cheek too hard.

"Oee ... oee..." Natsume quickly pulled back his fingers when he heard the baby's crying.

"What were you doing, Natsume?" cried Mikan as she glared straightly at him, in response to the crying.

"I didn't do anything." he answered in defense coldly without showing any slight of change on his face, though his heart felt the opposite.

Mikan immediately rose from her bed and held the baby gently, meant to stop the baby from crying. But he still didn't stop crying. She then sang a song to calm the baby down, but instead of calming, he was still crying, even louder that made Natsume covered his ears.

Panicking and almost in despair, she then made some funny faces to soothe the baby. But he still didn't stop crying. In fact, Natsume was chuckling behind his bangs because of it. Mikan widened her eyes in exasperation.

"Stop laughing, Natsume! You better help me to make him to stop crying! After all, this is your fault that he's now crying loudly and unstoppably!" she shouted.

"I'm not laughing and his crying is not my fault. You'd better just give the baby a bottle of milk."

"But I don't have any milk for the baby..."

"You do. It's just not coming out yet for now. You know... it'll be right inside your flat chest."

Mikan was silent for a moment, trying to digest his words. Not long after that her face turned red when she realized the meaning behind his words. "Natsume, you big pervert! I hate you!" she yelled.

Natsume smirked, "Just kidding. More importantly there is a bag inside that basket, isn't it? Just try to open it, who knows if there are things for babies inside the bag."

"Oh, you're right!"

"Here, let me carry the baby while you're looking for some milk."

Then she did what Natsume told her to do and immediately made her way to the bag which was placed inside the basket. Just like the fire-caster said, inside the bag there were so many babies' necessities, including a bottle filled with milk and a letter.

After giving the baby a bottle of milk, he finally stopped crying—thanks to Natsume and his brilliant idea—she showed the letter that she found to him. "Natsume, I found this letter inside the bag. I think it's from the parents of this baby. Let's read it together!"


Dear Mikan Sakura.

First of all, I want to apologize because of the trouble I gave from entrusting this baby of mine to you, but I had no other choice. Maybe you will not believe it, but the truth is a baby boy who is in your hands now comes from the future. This baby is a baby you'll give birth in 10 years.

Because something happened in the future, the baby's safety is now being threatened and the only safe place I could think of is in the past, which is in your hands. So, in order to hide our baby from his pursuers, I sent him to you. Don't worry. I will guarantee that the pursuers won't know about this plan. Well, the most important thing is I hope you'll take care of this baby as your own child—even though the baby is really yours. All the things the baby needs are inside the bag in which you found this letter.

I will give a message if the situation in the future has been under control. That's when I'll come to the past to pick up my baby.

Oh yeah, the baby's name is Natsuki. Please treat him well and kindly!

22-year-old Mikan Sakura.


Both Mikan and Natsume lost in the deep silence until she broke it with her shouting. "Oh my GOD! So this baby—I mean, Natsuki is my future son! Oh, in the future I will have a baby!"

Natsume briefly responded, "Of course, stupid."

After that, Mikan then patted Natsuki's head gently. He was still sucking his bottle of milk as she then twirled around the room. While Natsume was...

… filled with jealousy and curiosity about who was the father of Natsuki's in the future.

To be continued

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