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The Problem With Ainus
:: sOrbetes ::

Oh dear.

Her fingers tucked the stray strand of azure hair behind her ear. Once again, she stared deeply into her reflection.

She pouted her lips the second time.

Oh dear.

- - - - - -


"What 'what'?"

"What's that for?"




"Then why the heck are you wearing a face mask?!"

The older Ainu barked at his sister.

"I got... err, Allergies."

- - - - - -

"Oi, baka..."


"Are you sure this can cure allergies?"

"Not as sure as I am about your stupidity."


"Hn." A smirk.

"I wonder what gave her allergies. She's never had one before." A quizzical look. "Ne..."

"What now?"

"What do you think can cause swelling lips?"

A blush.



"Won't their lips swell afterwards? They've been kissing since the first scene."

Roll eyes. "Who cares?"

"I do! What if my prince will come and kiss me? I'd have to deal with swollen lips after!"

A smirk. "Who'd want to kiss you?"

"My prince!"

"Psh. And you seriously think YOU have a prince?"

"Yes! Someday we'd meet and he'll kiss me."

"Suite yourself."

A glare.


"Ne, Ren-kun, have you kissed anyone before?"

Deep red blush. What a silly question.

No answer. It was better not to have any more interactions with the crazy woman.

"Just as I thought! You've never kissed anyone that's why you don't know anything. Maybe I'll just ask Yoh or Anna later. They can probably answer me, unlike you."

Is she picking a fight?

"Oi woman!'

"Shhh! It's the climax already! The climax!"

"To inform you properly, I am well educated about the process of kissing."

She isn't listening.

He raised his voice. "And I can attest that kissing does not make the lips swell."

She is still not listening.

"Woman!" He shouted.


"I said kissing does not make the lips swell," he drew closer. She blushed but grew stiff. He liked that. It was a sign that he was winning in their teasing game. "Unless the kiss is done like this..."

- - - - - -



"You spaced out, baka!"

"I did not!"

"You did!"

"I did not!"

"You—matte! Ren, you got allergies, too?"

"That's stupid, Ainu! I don't have—"

"But your lips are swollen too!"

It's because your sister was a very fast learner.

And a good kisser.

But Horo didn't have to know that.

- - - - - -

The problem with Ainus is that they ask really stupid, obvious questions.

The problem with Ren is that, well, he is more than willing to answer those questions...

...complete with rational explanations and a wide range of demonstrations, even.

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