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A/N: Here it is. The epilogue. Sorry it took so long! Just for future references, this story is in the general point of view. And now, the dramatic conclusion of The Unimaginable.

All of Ash's friends were gathered at the Sinnoh Harbor for one last time. Most had to separate and continue with their journeys as others had to stay behind. After spending the day together for (what they think was) their final goodbye, the collectively chose to see each other off. "I can't believe it." Misty said. "I might never see any of you guys again."

"Yeah, Ash was the main reason we even met." Brock pointed out.

"I don't know how I'm going to go through with my contests." Dawn threw in her two cents. "Ash was my main source of inspiration and encouragement."

"Well, it's not like we can replace him." Gary stated. "The best we could do is move on. Ash's father is the dead guy; not Ash. We'll see him again."

"You're right." Dawn agreed.

"Hey, guys, look!" May pointed towards the sky at a black spec. "What is that?"

"It looks like a bird." Todd commented.

"It looks like a plane." Brock said.

"No, it's…!" Misty squinted as the black spec came closer to view. "It's Ash Ketchum!"

"What?" Everyone shouted.

It was indeed Ash, flying on Swellow. "Hi guys!" He shouted once he was in earshot."

"Ash!" They all started crowding around him.

"I knew you'd be back, Ashy-boy!" Gary said as soon as Ash officially landed.

The small crowd of children surrounded him with a bunch of "I'm glad you're back's" and "Yay, you're here's" and caved in with a group hug.

"What happened?" Misty asked. "I thought we'd never see you again!"

"After the funeral," Ash began. "Mom told me how I did an awesome job helping to save the pokèmon, and she said that I showed enough responsibility and intelligence to stay!"

"That's great!" Dawn jumped for joy.

"Well, I can't argue with your mom." Misty stated. "You have grown to be really responsible."

"Thanks, Misty."

"So, Ash, what are you going to do now?" Gary asked.

"Well, I'll tell you one thing. I'm going to train for my next pokèmon gym battle!" Ash pumped a fist in the air.

"Yep." May commented. "That's Ash for you!"

Meanwhile, the three members of Team Rocket were sneaking into the depths of the forest. "Jess, we just did a nice thing." James said. "Does that mean we're good guys?"

"No, James, it doesn't. It means we're the best of the bad guys!" She answered.

"Explain, Jessie!" Meowth commanded.

"You see, bad bad guys would let their target roam free when the odds are stacked against them! We, on the contrary, are good bad guys because we actually did something about it!"

"So we're good bad guys for doing something good?" James asked.

"No, she's telling us that we're good bad guys because we did something good so we can do some more bad." Meowth some-what clarified.

"No, I mean we're good bad guys because we did something that is bad to do good so we can do more bad… or something. The point is: we're still in business!"

"Yay! Business!" James and Meowth cheered.

Narrator: And there you have it! Ash continues on his journey to his next gym battle, but Dawn still has her contest coming up. Stay tuned for our next episode!

To Be Continued…

That's the end! What did you think? Oh, and just so you know, the To Be Continued was put in there for the end-of-episode effect. I don't plan on doing a sequel to this story.