Author Note: This is something I put together during a week off from work with nothing much else to do. Its going to be more relationship based as I'm not confident in my ability to write about the science side of things that well. I own nothing except Katelyn.

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Loker tilted his head to look at the clock; it was 8 'o' clock on Friday night. As far as he knew the rest of the Lightman Group had gone home to enjoy their weekend. He sighed heavily; being the 'unpaid intern' didn't really allow him the luxury of just leaving if his work wasn't finished - he needed to get back in Lightman's good books - or rather on the books and that meant pushing through the fatigue to get the job done.

He yawned and leant back as far as he could in his chair. Closing his eyes he imagined being at home with a cold beer and an action movie with lots of explosives - something mind numbing that didn't have a complicated plot to follow.

He was so lost in his idyllic Friday night in fantasy that he practically fell off his chair when he heard the lab door open.

"I'm sorry, I didn't think anyone else was here."

It was Katelyn, the latest addition to the Lightman Group. She had been recruited about 6 months ago following a very high profile case that attracted a lot of unwanted press attention. Lightman had decided that it was probably time to get someone in for a bit of media management and had found Katelyn through some contacts he had.

She was more used to redundancy scandals and sexual harassment cases having worked freelance in her previous life. Companies would draft her in to either fire fight whatever mess they had created or be pro-active with some new idea they were planning. She didn't have any deception training but Lightman had found her to be quite intriguing in person - she was difficult to read.

Loker had seen the interview tape and couldn't quite believe how composed she had been; normally Lightman could at least get fear or embarrassment out of most people just by being himself but her face had been practically statuesque. Given that her job was to stand in front of a pack of story hungry journalists, it made sense that she had to be good at not giving anything away.

Loker pulled himself back into a more dignified position. He hadn't seen her all day and he found himself smiling at the thought that it was just the two of them in the otherwise empty building.

"How come you're here so late?" She asked quietly shutting the lab door behind her and taking a seat in the spare chair next to him.

"Ah you know, diligent and dedicated worker, what about you?"

"Same; I don't like leaving things unfinished over the weekend. What are you working on?"

"Well I'm analysing these men for signs of deception; one of them stole $10 million dollars without leaving much of a trace but Lightman seems to think that they're actually all in on it, we just need to find out who the ringleader is." said Loker bringing up the video's of 6 men on the screen.

"Any idea's so far?"

Loker sighed; "Actually I've been playing solitaire since he left an hour ago. I was hoping I would have a burst of motivation at some point."

She smiled and Loker couldn't resist another bout of radical honesty, "You have a lovely smile"

He was hoping the compliment would offer up some extra facial expressions; for the last few months he'd been trying to read her in an attempt to gauge her reaction to a potential date request.

Normally he would have just asked and taken whatever he got - most of his dates were short lived anyway either because the girl lied too much for it to be more than a good night out, or she was put off by his career choice - an unpaid lie detector didn't really earn him any points.

Katelyn had him foxed though, it was as if walking through the office doors triggered some 'professionality' switch and she was in work mode for 99% of the time she was here. He'd caught her mid-conversation with Foster and Torres once though and it was clear that they were deep in a 'girly' moment; his overt presence at the coffee machine however had put a sharp stop to the topic and they had quickly turned to case talk. Whatever they had been discussing, he had noticed how her eyes had lit up.

He'd tried to quiz Torres on it later as he had a better read of her; she had let a smile slip at the memory of the conversation but had given him nothing else.

He leant forward resting his elbows on his knees; "How come you're so hard to read?"

Slowly she matched his position, "Because I wouldn't be very good at my job if I wasn't"

It was fairly dark in the lab and he edged his chair a little closer. "Yeah but job aside; you don't give much away when the camera's aren't around."

She laughed and shook her head slightly knowing full well what he was trying to do; "What you're really saying is that you can't read me, Lightman's been doing fine, Foster's got me pegged too and Ria's catching on quick. Maybe you're asking the wrong questions here"

Loker thought for a moment, "Ok, why do you act differently when you're around me?"

At that question, a small amount of her bravado disappeared and she leant back in her chair again. She went to spin away from him but Loker caught the arms of the chair and pulled her closer, holding her squarely in front of him.

What he really wanted to do was turn on the main lights and see her eyes properly, that would answer the question that had been spinning around in his head for a while now but this would have to do.

"Well…" she hesitated in her answer, "lets just say as much as I quite like the radical honesty, I didn't want to make myself an easy target."

She liked him, Loker gave himself a mental high five. He then mentally kicked himself when he realised that she had been hiding her true feelings because she thought he would have noticed and come out with one of his typically blunt and usually offensive or embarrassing comments. He delivered another kick when he remembered making some rather risqué comments about how one of their clients had been looking at him a few weeks ago. Well she hadn't been totally wrong to be wary he figured.

Katelyn put her hands on top of his and gently lifted them off the arms of the chair, she placed them on his lap and pushed her chair back, her 'work' mode coming back into play.

Loker decided to take his chance; "Have dinner with me tonight."

"Is that a question or a demand." she asked coyly.

"Probably a bit of both actually." he replied.

She paused as if thinking about it for a minute; "Ok, but I have a condition."

"No problem, what is it?"

"Radical honesty on both sides; if it's my day job to hide everything, I prefer not to do it in my time off."

Loker grinned, "Fine by me."

"In that case, I really would very much like to have a night in; its been a long week, I'm fairly tired and I have a pizza take away menu with my name on it, what do you think?"

Loker thought back to his cold beer and action movie plan from earlier, he replaced the beer with a glass of wine and figured that the action movie would also have to be subbed for something more female friendly.

"Sounds great; shall we leave now before we can be guilt tripped into more work?"

Katelyn nodded, "I'll go get my coat."