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"What about Connor?"

"Connor Loker? I don't think so…it sounds like a Hawaiian bar."

"Well how about…" Eli flipped through the book before selecting a page "…Finlay or Flynn?"

"Are you seriously liking these names or just picking them out randomly?"

Eli tossed the book back in the bag and leant back into his chair with a sigh, "We have to choose something you know."

"I know but there are thousands of names and I want it to be right not just something off a random page of a book, besides we don't even know what it is yet."

"I bet it's a boy."

"Sorry to disappoint but I think it's a definitely girl." Katelyn rubbed her stomach with a smile.

"Care to put money on it?"

"No…but I will put the first diaper change on it."

"You're on."

The conversation was instantly culled as Katelyn gripped hold of the bed frame and gritted her teeth against the contraction. Eli was beside her in seconds, his hand gently massaging her lower back as they waited for it to pass.

They'd been in the hospital for around two hours already and apparently she was around 6cm dilated having been officially in labour for a lot longer. Eli had wanted to take her in sooner but Katelyn had resisted saying that she'd rather risk an accidental home birth than spend more time in a hospital than she absolutely had to. He hadn't been happy about it and she had giggled through her first few hours watching him pace around the apartment gathering towels 'just in case' and making sure the midwife was on speed dial.

The contractions had finally got a bit too much though and she had let Eli load her into the car along with the 'baby bag' he had so diligently packed and repacked several times whilst waiting.

"You can take the gas and air you know, its not cheating." Eli sat back down in the chair as Katelyn returned to her slow pacing of the small room.

"I'm doing alright at the moment, plus I don't feel like sitting down and gas and air makes me dizzy."

She knew why he wanted her to have pain relief - he could read every contraction in her face. It wasn't that she wanted to torture him, or that she was hell bent on a 'natural birth' but she really didn't like hospitals, having spent some of the worst moments of her life in them, she just wanted as little interference as possible. She was only really here because she knew Eli wouldn't really have coped with her having a home birth - he had been very attentive during the last seven months, sometimes too attentive as she had never felt more like an open book as he watched her every expression to make sure she and the baby were alright. When a few Braxton-Hicks had happened a couple of weeks ago he had practically gone into panic mode until Katelyn had made him stand still long enough to explain what they actually were.

Katelyn motioned for Eli to hand her the baby book and she began her own random flipping of the pages as she paced. They were struggling to find a name that they both liked and one that felt 'right', especially as Eli was convinced it was a boy and rapidly bypassed any girl's name suggestions in favour of boy's ones.

A nurse popped her head around the door, "Shall we give you another check up and see where we're at?"

Katelyn smiled at the woman but Eli caught the flash of annoyance that also crossed her face as she returned to the bed and shuffled awkwardly onto it, the book once again relegated to the bag. She grimaced as the nurse snapped on a pair of gloves and put her hand in places that even Eli hadn't been allowed near in quite a while.

"Well we're coming along very nicely - not far from the magic 10cm now so hopefully it shouldn't be much longer."

When the nurse had satisfactorily concluded her examination, Eli and Katelyn were left in peace again - the baby book taunting them from the bag.

"What about Glenda?" Eli mused.

"Please tell me you're joking?" Katelyn rolled her eyes at the suggestion wondering simultaneously why he had suddenly picked a girls name and where she'd heard that particular one recently.

"What's wrong with Glenda? You did insist we were having a girl."

Katelyn realised where she had seen the name and she frowned, not at all impressed.

"You really want to name our child after the woman who just had her hand in my lady parts. That is really classy."

Katelyn couldn't help the sarcasm that crept out as another painful contraction rippled through her. This time she batted Eli's hand away as he reached for her.

"Hey! What did I do?"

She scowled at him as the last wave of the contraction subsided.

"You're not taking this seriously enough. Our baby will have to live with the name we pick for the rest of its life and if it was up to you you'd pick any passing thing. I'm surprised you haven't suggested Pepsi yet."

Katelyn threw her hand out to the open drinks can on the side table then folded her arms in a huff not bothering to hide her pissed off expression in the slightest.

Eli chuckled softly finding her sudden mood swing amusing, "Wow that was a pretty heavy dose of hormones there, feeling better now?"

She tried to keep up her scowl but Eli could see her expression softening despite his teasing and patronising tone. She'd had a few 'mad moments' throughout the pregnancy and Eli had quickly realised that calling her on it was the quickest way to diffuse it - he'd tried making jokes and even playing along but it had only made it worse so he'd opted for his usual honesty policy.

The first time it had happened he'd been caught off guard; she was trying to get something out of the top kitchen cupboard and was getting increasingly frustrated that she couldn't do her usual trick of climbing on the counter top. He'd made a joke about her being short and something that may have translated as 'fat' in her mind; normally she would have fired back with a witty comment but instead, he'd found a plastic bowl being launched at his head. He'd learnt quickly that pregnant women were not to be messed with.

Eli stood up and sat carefully on the bed next to Katelyn, his right arm moving round her shoulders so she could lean her head against his chest. She gratefully snuggled up against him feeling bad that she had snapped at him. He stroked her hair for a few moments before offering up another name.

"So what about Pepsi then?"

Katelyn groaned and thumped him lightly in the ribs.

Katelyn was exhausted and was rapidly losing the battle against sleep. She'd started labour at around 3pm the day before and despite it all going smoothly their baby hadn't arrived until 5am. Fourteen hours in labour, especially overnight when your head was telling you to sleep but your body was throwing contractions into the mix wasn't a revitalising experience in the slightest.

It was almost 6am now but Katelyn didn't want to take her eyes off the sight in front of her. She lay on the bed on her side gazing at Eli holding their little baby girl, his arms supporting the 6 pound 8 ounce weight easily with a look of complete adoration and contentment on his face.

"I've always had the perfect name ready you know." his voice was quiet as he spoke to Katelyn, his eyes flicking momentarily to her face before returning to their baby.

"Oh yeah," Katelyn couldn't hide the fatigue in her voice as she yawned.

"That's why I was always giving you boys names because I didn't have the perfect one for a boy yet, but I did for a girl."

"But I thought you were expecting a boy, you even bet the first diaper change on it?"

"Well there was still a fifty-fifty chance either way."

Katelyn let out a small laugh, "So what is this perfect name then?"

Eli looked up at her and Katelyn didn't need any of his skills to know he was conveying how much he loved her in his expression.

"Do you remember the night when we sang Somewhere Over the Rainbow?"

Katelyn nodded secretly hoping he wasn't going to suggest Dorothy or Toto.

"That was the night when I first realised I loved you. I should have told you there and then but I was scared and I didn't want you to feel rushed or under pressure or anything. From that moment, every time I saw you I wanted to tell you how much you meant to me but I couldn't quite believe it myself, I'd never felt that way about anyone before."

Katelyn felt tears start to well up in her eyes at his unexpected confession, that night had been quite a turning point for her too, but she'd never known how important it had been for him.

"I always thought if we ever got this far that I didn't want to forget that night and seeing as though that song was the favourite of both our grandmothers then perhaps, if we had a little girl, we could name her after them."

It was what Katelyn had been searching for, a name that actually meant something to them, not one just picked off the pages of a book. She couldn't help the lump that appeared in her throat as she realised he had been thinking of a name for their baby long before they were even married.

"Olivia Rose." Katelyn smiled in agreement as she whispered the name Eli had chosen, "You're right, it is perfect."

"I'm glad you like it." Eli carefully leant over and placed a gentle kiss on Katelyn's forehead; as he sat back into the chair he stiffened slightly as the newly named Olivia stirred in her sleep. Once Eli was satisfied he hadn't disturbed her, he relaxed and turned his attention back towards Katelyn whose eyes were still focused on the tiny bundle in his arms.

"Now Kate..." She looked up at him with tired eyes, a sleepy smile still playing across her lips, "...I don't want to be rude, but you do look absolutely shattered, maybe you should get some sleep?"

He saw the look of hesitation that crossed her features, "We'll both be here when you wake up, I promise."

"One more cuddle first?" she asked quietly as she shifted into a more upright position on the bed in anticipation of his agreement.

Eli smiled softly then handed over the little sleeping figure to Katelyn, "One more cuddle."

Katelyn took her baby from her husband and cradled Olivia's head carefully in the crux of her arm. She felt as if she could spend all day like this regardless of how tired she was, from the minute the midwife had placed Olivia in her arms she had never wanted to let go.

"Hello Olivia" Katelyn's voice slipped automatically into that sing-song pitch all parents seemed to use around newborns. Olivia stretched out her little fingers and crinkled her nose before settling back into sleep again.

Katelyn giggled and looked at Eli, "So what does that mean?"

"In theory it could mean she hates the name, a wrinkling of the nose like that could be disgust. However, in my professional opinion I think it means she's a baby and that is the only expression she can do at the moment."

They both laughed quietly at Eli's assessment.

"Are you going to be as bad as Lightman is with Emily?"

"What, you mean paranoid about her every move and checking out every person she spends time with especially if it's a boy?…Definitely! We might even have to start a club so we can compare notes."

He reached out to touch Olivia's tiny fingers which flexed out again wrapping themselves around his forefinger. They were both quiet for a moment just gazing at their little baby before Eli again raised the topic of Katelyn getting some rest. He motioned for her to pass Olivia back to him.

Katelyn nodded - she didn't really want to but felt too tired to argue. She could feel the tiredness creeping back into her mind and knew that it was perhaps the last opportunity she would get for some half decent rest before they'd be facing nightly wake up calls. She let Eli take Olivia from her arms and then moved further down into the bed to make herself comfortable, another yawn escaping her.

Eli lay Olivia down in the small hospital cot by Katelyn's side then sat down on the edge of the bed. He raised his hand to caress along her temple, pushing a few stray strands of hair from Katelyn's face. She closed her eyes and felt her body relax gratefully as she allowed herself to succumb to sleep.

As his fingers gently played across her cheek, the last thing she heard as she drifted off was Eli telling her he loved her.

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