Alien Invasion

A/N: I didn't like how the story was so rushed and a bit... chilidish, i guess? :/ so, I decided to rewrite the whole story. I added some things and might change other things, corrected some grammer mistakes and spillings! so I realy hope you all enjoy the revised version enjoy.

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An Aliens in The Attic's story

Summary: Jamie is Tom Pearson's best friend. Her parents had to go on a business trip, so she was forced to stay at Tom's house for the whole summer. She goes on the family trip with him and his whole family. Follow her as she forms friends and enemies, finding love, and wait…fighting aliens? MAN, What a summer…


"Tom, dude," I whispered, "If your parents ever hear about this you're screwed" He hushed me and kept on typing.

I threw my hands up rolling my eyes at him. I stood behind him, watching him as he turned his grades into A's. "You should've never failed those anyway!"

He turned to me with narrowed eyes, "when're you gonna stop screaming my ear off about that?"

"Gee, I don't know, Tommy. When you stop being so stupid!" he rolled eyes, "hey! Don't you roll those eyes on me young man!" he scoffed turning back to the computer screen but too bad for him I was having none of that, "Tom, you didn't have to fail all those classes to be cool" I softened my tone as I span him back to face me, "You're my bestist friend, you're always cool to me!"

"Like you just said, Jay, we're best friends and, frankly, sometime I don't even know how we managed to even to that. You're so outgoing and social, I mean, you're a cheerleader! And me…? I'm just the mathematic geek!"

"Tom, common, don..."

"Look can we just… drop it, please," I sighed sadly and nodded. He forced a smile my way, "thank you!" I nodded again and made my way back to the bed, leaving him alone for now, grabbing a random book before plopping on the bed. From the corner of my eye, I thought I saw the window opening, slowly, by itself, but it was frozen solid. I shook my head thinking I have gone nuts and went back to reading. Not even a minute later I felt it opening again and this time it was for real. I froze.

"Tom," I said my voice shaky, "I think your window is opening by itself" He gave me a weird look, before going back to his computer. "Tommy," suddenly, it flew opened all the way up and out of nowhere a blonde head popped in scaring me half to death.

"One word, and you're both dead," Bethany, Tom's older sister and my worst nightmare, said as she climbed all the way in.

"Oh, my gosh!" I breathed out, trying to quiet down my rapidly beating heart.

Tom jumped out of his computer chair, "are you outta your mind?" he exclaimed, "if dad ever catches you, he is so gonna kill you"

"hopefully a slow and a painful one," I mumbled to myself.

She scoffed giving us a confident smile, "Dad isn't gonna kill me," and with that, she turned to the open window, waiving to her boyfriend, Rickie, blowing him a kiss. He gave a last wave before driving away, with music blaring loudly.

I stood next to her staring after him with a disgusted look on my face, "what do you ever see in that playboy wanna be?"

"you mean other than the fact that he's hot, sweet, romantic, funny, and not to mention, ridiculously athletic?" she gave me a 'duh' look before closing the window and sitting on Tom's bed.

"One word, Beth, ew" I let out a disgusted shiver before walking over to set on Tom's computer chair.

"please," she rolled her eyes looking at her nails in a bored fashion, "says the girl whose got the hots for my brother" My mouth dropped open as did Tom's. We looked at each disgusted.

"You think that I like Tom?" I asked her slowly, "your brother? Tom?"

"Well, I'm not the only one who sees it,"

"Ok, Bethany, first and foremost, Tom and I are just friends" I said, "nothing more nothing less. Nada"

"And second, I would never ever think of dating her" Tom added. I gave him a look

"Excuse me?"

"I-I mean, it'll be weird and gross,"

"Excuse me?" I glared.

"No-no, I didn't mean it like that" he shook his head, "I meant dating you well be like dating Bethany, you k…"

"oh, so in addition to being disgusting and gross, now you're comparing me to the Ice Princess that you call a sister?" Tom opened and closed him mouth reminding me of a little fish under water.

"jay, no, I… you know…."

Bethany rolled her eyes at her little brother, "oh just quit while you're ahead" Suddenly, Tom's door burst open revealing his seven year old youngest sister, Hannah.

"Dad's coming" she exclaimed, clutching her teddy-bear, "and he's mad"

We all exchanged worried glances with each other, "at who?" I asked her.

Hannah pointed her tiny little finger at Tom the same moment their dad shouted his name from down stairs. I jumped out of the chair in fright.

Beth grabbed mine and Hannah's hands, dragging us behind the door seconds before his dad burst in, looking beyond furious.

"What?" asked Tom giving his dad an innocent look, but it soon vanished off of his face after realizing that his dad wasn't buying it.

"If you are smart enough to hack into the school computers, then you are smart enough to pass math," Mr. Pearson started, "do you think that Bethany got accepted into Michigan by screwing around all the time?"

"No," replied Tom with an eye roll, "she got in 'cause she is perfect"

"No, you're sister worked her tail off and that is exactly what I expect from you" his dad said, "Jamie got higher grades than you, Tom, and that's saying something"

I had a 'no-you-didn't' look on my face, but thinking about it, I realized that he was right. The only reason I got good grades was because of Tom's brain and his notes, but other than that, I'd have failed terribly.

I shifted a bit, accidently hitting me elbow on the door handle. I opened my mouth to let out a few choice words of pain, but Beth put her hand on my mouth preventing me from blowing up our cover. Speaking of which, I still don't get the reason for me hiding if Beth was the one sneaking around. I licked her hand thinking that she would be disgusted and release me, but the girl was determined. She gave me a disgusted look, not moving her hand from my mouth, before pinching me on the arm, hard. I let out a quiet, but a pained, groan.

"You know what, dad, your right" Tom said, trying to distract his dad, "I don't deserve a family vacation. I'll just stay here with Jamie and learn my lesson"

"Oh no, kiddo," Mr. Pearson said shaking his head, "you're coming with us tomorrow, and you're waking up tomorrow at 7 AM sharp" on his way out, he stopped to look at the three of us girls hiding behind the door.

Busted, I thought.

He pointed a finger at me, "you're coming with us too, little missy" and with that he left the room.

Bethany pushed me away from her roughly, rubbing her hand on Tom's shirt, "argh, I'm gonna have to wash my hand million times now, thanks to your monstrous girlfriend" she gave me a last glare before exiting the room followed by Hannah.

Tom and I shouted at her retreating back, "I'm not a monster/ she's not my girlfriend" but she ignored us.

Tom fell backwards on his bed, "it's going to be one heck of a summer"

I fell next to him, "got that right, bub"