Roles Reversed


My name is Matt. Matt Jeevas. I'm a fourteen-year-old orphan, also a genius. I live in Whammy's. My life was a fine, normal one, until that one night I switched bodies with my best friend.

Mello's the best friend I'm talking about. He's also the only friend I have. Shoot me, I'm antisocial.

Anyway, he's basically the opposite of his name, even though it's missing the 'w'. He tends to lose his temper a lot and when that happens, our room gets disheveled. Except my games. I've drawn an invisible line to that. Which brings me to a good trait of Mello: he doesn't hurt me. He's either punched, kicked, pinched, sent to the hospital, broken, and any other harmful verb you can think of, every other orphan. Not me. He occasional punches me on the shoulder, but that's because it's a guy thing. It doesn't mean, Get out of my way before I break your face. It's more of a, Was that an awesome trick or was it?

The person that has received most beatings from Mello is this guy named Quinn. He's a worse nerd than me.

The person that has received most beatings from Mello from a distance is Near, otherwise known as the albino kid with white hair that's most likely to succeed L. This, naturally, pisses Mello off. But even he isn't totally evil and took mercy on the kid, just because he knows that L probably checks on Near every day to make sure he's healthy. So Mello resorts to abusing this Near voodoo doll that I made for him, and occasional dropping some nasty words to Near.

And that brings me to something that infuriates me more than losing a game. Mello is obsessed with beating Near. Ever since we were eight, when the albino first came here, Mello's spent practically all of his free time studying. Even on Friday nights. We used to sneak out every night after curfew and lounge outside until we felt like going to sleep. It gave us this nice, overwhelming feeling that made us feel free.

But, the Friday nights, oh, they were way better than any nights. You see, everyone at Whammy's knew that L had some addiction to sweets. I'm one of the few who also know that Roger is the one that gets this shopping list from L(listing his favorite candy) and is also the one who gets the candy. He gets the shopping list on Friday nights via e-mail, goes out to get the stuff first thing Saturday morning, and on Saturday night, Watari comes to deliver the food to L.

Our plan was simple, courtesy of Mello's evil mind and my computer skills. I'd hack into the fake e-mail address that L would use to send Roger the shopping list. After I find that L has already sent the e-mail, I compose another one stating that I forgot about something. And then I list all the things that Mello and I would want. The next day, specifically Saturday night, we sneak into Roger's room. There, Mello and I would find everything I'd listed.

It was heaven, really. The sugar would get to our heads and we would spend the whole Saturday night wide awake, laughing, probably giving the others a hard time trying to sleep.

So, see, if you were me, you would miss all that if Mello suddenly started studying on Friday nights. Even on his birthday. He also sometimes gets pissy at me, too, when I tell him that he's no fun anymore. But I'm just stating the truth there.

Finally, though, on my fifteenth birthday, Mello put away his books and spent the whole day with me. He didn't growl at the sound of Near's name and didn't even spare glances at his textbooks. We skipped class together. We teased the other kids. We laughed when I hacked into Whammy's grading system and lowered Near's 100% to a 99%, which brought him to a tie with Mello.

And on the night of my birthday, that's when Mello got the brilliant idea of playing a trick on Night. That led to the whole body-switching thing.

Technically, the whole mess was Mello's fault. Partly mine, you could say, but he was the one who convinced me to play that stupid trick on Night. And, I guess it was also partly Night's fault too, because she overreacted over the whole trick. Besides, all we did was smother toothpaste on every page of one of her spellbooks. If I were her, I would have just used some spell to clean it up.

But, nooo. She just had to use a spell that would fine the culprits(aka me and Mello). And when she found us, she recited this mumbo jumbo stuff. I passed out in the middle of her chanting and woke up two hours later, in mine and Mello's room, in mine and Mello's shared bed.

Which brings us to the present.

Hm, I have doubts about this, but I thought I'd share it anyway. What do you think?