Roles Reversed



Spidery fingers tickled my side and caused me to snort with laughter, pushing the hands away and sitting up. I rubbed my eyes and gave a half-hearted glare at the blond man below me, who grinned up in return.

"Mmm, I love your bedhead," Mello purred, sitting up and running his hands through my hair-my red hair.

"Morning, Mels," I said, rolling my eyes playfully.

Mello slid out of bed and padded over to our dresser, picking up a hair brush and starting to comb golden strands. I watched him, feeling as if it were only yesterday that he was threatening to knock me out and rape me if I gave him split ends. Sometimes I wish I can go back to last year, back to smearing toothpaste into Night's spellbooks. Then again, I'm not sure I'd want to switch bodies again. I mean, I'd always felt weird when I was kissing Mello back then, what with him in my body and all. It-

And Mello was suddenly sitting in my lap, tangling his fingers in my hair and kissing me sweetly on the lips. I sighed and Mello chuckled at the back of his throat.

"If Mello and Matt are finished snogging," a monotonous voice interrupted, "Linda is asking if you two are ready."

"But it's so early!" I complained, leaning back. Mello didn't move, simply straddling me and looking at Near casually. "Who the fuck has a wedding at-" I looked at the clock. "-ten in the morning?"

Mello laughed, pulling me up as I continued protesting. "C'mon, Linda worked really hard on this."

As I grumbled, Mello teased Near about the suit the albino was wearing. It was all black except for the button-up shirt underneath the jacket. On the right breast pocket was a rose.

"Looking snazzy, Near," I chided.

Near merely gave me a blank look and walked away. Damn weirdo.

"Okay," I said, dragging out the word in a tired tone, "suits, right?"

Mello nodded, pulling our drawer open. "Linda said we both have to wear them, Matt."

I sighed. "Fine. I'm showering first."

"You've got ten minutes!" Mello called after me.

"Yes, mommy," I called back jokingly, retreating into the bathroom before Mello could give me a black eye. When I came back out, Mello was already wearing his suit-it looked almost identical to Near's, except of course he pulled it off better...Mm...

"I thought you were going to, um," I gestured behind me to the bathroom, trying not to ogle him.

"No, I showered last night," Mello said, handing me my suit. "My hair isn't its best when it's wet, and I don't have time to dry it."

I looked at the clock. "It's nine fifteen! We have forty five minutes."

"Yeah, forty five minutes to spend on you." With that, Mello went into the bathroom, no doubt to get his 'supplies.' Once I called them his Beauty Kit but he punched me afterwards, so I make sure never to call him that in his face. At least out loud, of course.

After pulling on some boxers, I plopped down on a chair in front of the dresser with a huff. Mello came back out, not even bothering to hide the fact that he was looking at me like I was some kind of expensive chocolate.

"Yo." I snapped my fingers. "Let's get this over with, please?" I braced myself, or rather, my hair. God knows how dangerous Mello is with that fucking hair brush.

Mello stood beside me, reaching over to plug in the hair dryer. He turned it on, grinned at me almost evilly in the mirror, and began the process...

Thirty minutes later, my head was throbbing in pain. Mello steadied me as I changed into my suit.

"Well, at least neither of us had to wear the dress," I said to myself, looking into the mirror.

Mello chuckled. "You'd have love to see my in a dress, wouldn't you?" he teased. "Now hurry your ass. Linda's going to throw a fit if we're not there ten minutes early."

I looked at myself one last time. "Fine, fine. Lead the way, my husband," I drawled.

Mello wagged a finger at me. "Not yet, Matty." He smirked, grabbing my tie and pulling me close. "Wait a few more-"

"Are you two ready?" It was Near again.

Mello released my tie, then started tugging on it as he fixed it. "Yeah." He winked at me. "C'mon, wifey."

"More like dog," I muttered as I let myself be dragged outside. The sun attacked my uncovered eyes. Mello had 'convinced' me not to wear them on the wedding day. I started regretting leaving them back inside.

"Okay, you're supposed to wait back here and I'll be up there," Mello said. He motioned to Near. "Let's go, sheep, you're up there with me too."

I watched in amusement as Near walked after Mello down the 'aisle,' stopping beside the makeshift altar. To the side, Night turned on the stereo and the traditional wedding music began to play...

"Ready, Matt?" Linda asked.

I nodded.

"Okay, and...go."

I began to walk, counting my steps like we'd rehearsed.

Step, step, step...

One of the other orphans glared at me in envy. I stuck my tongue out at them childishly, grinning as I continued. I finally stopped in front of the wooden desk that was clothed in a white tablecloth. Roger looked particularly unhappy, having been forced into playing the priest for the wedding. He glared at me.

I merely smiled back, taking my place beside Mello.

And we both stepped back to reveal Linda in a beautiful purple dress walking down the aisle. One of the younger girls were giggling, throwing rose petals are random, running down the aisle.

Linda stopped beside Near(yes, Near) and the albino lifted her veil. They both turned to Roger.

I drowned out the boring things the priest was supposed to say, squeezing Mello's hand and leaning my head on his shoulder. All eyes were focused on the couple as the priest-haha, Roger- announced them husband and wife.

The kids cheered, even some of the older ones who had chosen to stand instead of sitting on the folding chairs. Linda and Near ran down the aisle. Or, well, Linda ran. Near kinda stumbled after her. Everyone on instinct followed, cheering. Mello and I stayed near the back of the crowd.

"Y'know, this makes me want to get married to you," I said bluntly.

Mello smiled. "I'd like that, Matt." He turned to me. "Six years from now, I'll propose to you in some cheesy romantic restaurant, and we'll get married and have a kid and start a sickeningly domestic life."

I smiled back. "It's a date."

"Ooh, catch it!" someone yelled as Linda tossed the bouquet.

I wasn't really paying attention-Mello was kinda keeping me distracted-until the bunch of flowers hit my head.

"Ow." I scowled, swatting it away.

Mello laughed, taking into his hands and waving it at the crowd. "He got it, back off!" He looked back down at me. "I think that fate is trying to tell us something," he said suggestively, smirking.

I frowned. "But Fate is right there, busy stitching some random doll-"

"Idiot." Mello whacked me over the head. "I love you."

I giggled girlishly. "I love you too."


Fifteen minutes later we were in some closet while the others were out eating cake. Of course, it hadn't been a real wedding, merely an experiment for Linda to see what it would feel like to be married. Poor Near had been the only orphan willing to play the part of the husband, but then again, he hadn't looked like he cared.

Enough about that, though. Let's focus on Mello and I in a small closet, pressed together tightly and making out. I was up in Cloud 9 while Mello slid his hand under my shirt.

I gasped, my hand groping around the wall for something to grab onto. It landed on the doorknob and I accidentally twisted as Mello began licking my neck. Instead of the door opening and spilling us out, the doorknob didn't budge.

"Wait, Mello." With the limited space we had, I turned around, trying the doorknob again. "Shit!" I hissed once I realized what was happening.

"What is it, Matt?" Mello asked lazily, wrapping his arms around my waist.

"We're fucking locked in!" I exclaimed, banging on the door. "Hey! Can anyone hear us?"

"Shh, Matt," Mello whispered. "Listen."

So I quieted, straining my ears and trying not to start flailing around. Someone outside was snickering. "Have fun, boys." It was a female. It sounded familiar-

"Fuckin' Night," Mello grumbled.

"What now?" I groaned, leaning my head on the door. "We're stuck in here until who-knows-how-long and it's hot."

I heard Mello chuckle. "Well you know Matt, you could always take off that suit..."

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