Chapter 1

Bella's pov

I was on the plane heading back to Forlks form Jacksonville. I have been there for 2 weeks visiting Renee and Phil. Apparently Phil's team are slowly making it up from minor league baseball to major league baseball but they still have a long way to go.

Mom is doing some sort of art class down at the local University. Apparently her 'creative' side was 'calling' her. Oh and I found out that Renee's pregnant so I am now expection a little sister within the next few months.

Since Edward left I had been spending most of my time down in La Push with Jake and the rest of the pack. They helped me alot when the Cullens left and it made me feel happier. Soon after that Jacob and I started dating. Yer I know but I found out that I really did like him as more than a friend.

Edward left 5 years ago now on this exact day and I still get nightmares from when he left me.


Me and Edward had been enjoying our day out together but something seemed off about him. I didn't ask though so I just left it.

We had just entered our medow and Edward was sparking like he was encrusted with millions of diamonds.

" I love you " He whisperd gently into my ear.

" I love you too " I said.

Then every thing went black. The sun wasn't shining and Edwards eyes had turned form the lushouse gold to deep red. As soon as I saw his eyes I was instantly scared. He then let go of me and turned to leave.

" Edward, wait! " I shouted whilst runing after him. He then turned back around and faced me

" I thought you loved me " I sobbed

" No I have never loved you and I never will " he said his voice lased with venom.

Then he turned and sped away at vampire speed. I collapsed to my knees crying my eyes out.

xxxxEnd of Flashbackxxxx

I must have dozed of because the next thing I new the stewardess was speeking throught the intercom. ' Please fasten your seatbelts and prepare for landing. Thank you for flying with Virgin atlantic'

10 Miniutes later.

As I stepped off the plane i was instantly hit with the heavy rain. When I went to the baggage hold I instantly saw Jacob standing there in all his glory - holding my bags.

I instantly ran up to him whilst yelling 'Jake' From the top of my lungs. When I got to him I flung my arms around his waist and hugged him tightly.

"Bells your back. I missed you babe." He said in that adorable husky voice of his.

" I missed you too hun. Now can we get going im seriously tired"

He laughed and simply said " Everyones waiting for you back at the res so lets get going"

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