I wonder, is there such a thing as love as first sight?

I don't know. Before I met you I didn't even know what love was.

~ Intro ~

My name is Roxas and I have the perfect life.

At least I thought I had.

I have a rich boyfriend; Xemnas, who buys me whatever I want. I live in a big fancy apartment he bought me and all my clothes are first class. I have all the things money can buy. My life's just perfect, you know?

I also work at Xemnas's record company as a singer. I know he loves me. Not that he's told me, I just can tell.

My name is Axel and I have the perfect life.

At least I thought I had.

I'm single and proud over it. I sleep with random persons I meet at clubs and I live in a small, crappy apartment. But I still love it. I wear mostly black clothes because not many colors go with my wicked red hair. My life's just perfect, you know?

I also work at a hotel owned by a rich guy named Xemnas. I know he hates me. Not that he's told me, I just can tell.

"Roxas?" Xemnas calls out. I am currently reading a magazine about myself and not paying attention at all. "Roxas?!" Xemnas says a little louder but forcefully.

"Yeah?" I call out uninterestedly as I keep on reading.

"Are you even listening to me?" Xemnas sounds annoyed and he probably is too.

"Of course I am!" I say and look up, smiling at him.

Xemnas harsh face softens and a small, and kind of evil, smile cracks up. "Then what did I just say?" He challenges me.

I don't know. I pout slightly and look up at him. "I don't remember. You know I have a bad memory…" I mumble as I pout even more, my bottom lip quivering.

Xemnas just sighs and says "What I said was; We're going to Traverse Town for some time. We'll be living at my hotel there.".

"Oh…" I let out before returning to the magazine. Before I can read another sentence, Xemnas bites into my shoulder. "OUCH! WHY DID YOU DO THAT FOR?!" I scream at him and glare back at him only to find a lusty look in his eyes.

"You weren't paying attention to me before and that was your punishment." He stated devilishly.

"Yeah, yeah…" I mumbled and rubbed the aching spot on my shoulder.

"Pack your stuff, we're leaving tomorrow," Xemnas called out from the bedroom.

"So soon?" I ask and frown.


"Okay, I'll pack later then…" I say drowsily. "I'm just gonna finish reading this magazine."

"Axel?" Zexion, my boss at work, calls out. I am currently reading a magazine about Xemnas boyfriend. Usually I'm not into magazines but there must be something wrong with this guy or else he wouldn't be with Xemnas and I need to find that weakness. "Axel?!" Zexion says a little harsher.

"Yeah?" I call out uninterestedly as I keep on reading. No weakness yet…

"Are you even listening to me?" Zexion says with a hard and stern voice.

"No, not really…" I mumble and look up at him, smiling. "But if it's so important to you, Zexy, I'll listen."

"Axel! I swear to God, one day you'll screw up big enough for me to fire you!" Zexion says and glares at me. He really hates being called 'Zexy', believe me, I know.

"We both know your work would be so boring without me that you'd never do that," I say and smile seductively towards him.

"What I said was;" Zexion starts, clearly trying to change subject, because he knows there's no point arguing with me. "Xemnas is coming to live here with his boyfriend for a while and you'll be their personal room-cleaner and room-service-person," Zexion says and snatches the magazine away from me. "Don't read at work!"

"Why do I have to be Mansex's personal… whatever you said!?" I call out while trying to get the magazine back. "And why did you take my magazine!?"

"DON'T call Xemnas Mansex and you are to do that because I tell you to. And I took the magazine because you weren't paying attention," Zexion states and smiles superiorly at me before marching away, leaving the magazine on the desk before me.

I snatch it back and glare after Zexion.


"Yeah, yeah. I'll write it down!" I mutter quietly. "I'm just gonna finish reading this magazine."

"Roxas! Did you pack everything I told you to?" Xemnas asks me as barges into my apartment in the morning. Well, technically, it's HIS apartment but you get the point.

"Yeah…" I mumble as I lay under the covers on the bed.

"Get up, we need to get going!" Xemnas states and pulls away the covers that cover an almost naked me.

"Why?" I mutter as I sit up and glare slightly at him. The bite from yesterday still hurts as I move to get my clothes.

"Because they're awaiting us there at twelve o'clock." Xemnas states matter-of-fact-ly as he watches my every move until I'm fully dressed. "Come on let's go!" He calls out and wraps an arm around my shoulder as he takes me to his limo.

"Axel! Don't forget to wear your uniform today! AND GET UP!!" My roommate Demyx calls out as he barges into my room. Did I ever mention that I have a roommate? Well now you know.

"Yeah, I remember…" I mumble as I try to go back to sleep.

"Get up, or you'll be late!!" Demyx exclaims as he pulls away my covers. He quickly covers his eyes. "Wear pajamas, please?"

"Why do I have to get up now?" I ask as I reach for my pants and pull them on.

"Because Xemnas will be there at twelve o'clock." Zexion states as he walks into the room, covering his eyes. Or rather, looking only at Demyx, his beloved boyfriend.

Yeah, my roommate is dating my boss. That makes me so happy! NOT! "We need to get going Axel. Work starts in an hour," Zexion states and almost drags me down to his car.

"So, why are we going to Traverse Town?" I ask Xemnas as we sit in his limo. One look at him and I know he's currently undressing me with his eyes. I kind of like that kind of attention at times.

"It's a secret." Xemnas states and smiles.

My face crack up in a pout. "Pleeease tell me?" I ask and crawl up next to him.

"No, I'll tell you tonight." He says sternly but smiles at me.

"But… but…" I pout.

"Tonight." He says softly and kisses my forehead.

"Okay then…" I say disappointedly. "I guess I'll have to wait…" I mumbled and went back to reading the magazine.

"So, why is Mans- Xemnas going to hell hole like Traverse Town?" I ask Zexion as we sit in his car. One look at him and I know I'm irritating the crap out of him. I'm proud to announce that it's something that happens a lot…

"It's a secret." Zexion states and sighs.

Time to play one of my favourite games. The 'torture-Zexion' game. "Pleeease tell me?" I breath in his ear.

"AXEL, GET OFF ME!" He screams and pushes me away violently.

I do everything to keep my laughter in as I see how flustered he gets. "But… but…"

"Just… shut up and don't bother me while I'm driving." Zexion mutters and blushes.

"Okay then…" I say in fake disappointment. "I guess I'll have to wait…" I see Zexion tense up and smirk at my awesomeness. I then return to the magazine to find the weakness of Mansex's boy toy.