Alternate Ending


I woke up in my bed; my hair was a mess, my long curly golden locks. For some reason I bolted upwards and touched them, as if they'd been gone for a long time and I had missed them. But I shrugged and stood up, looking out the window. It was a cold day in Seattle I could tell just by looking outside. It was also rainy, the sidewalks had small puddles on them, and the sky looked as if it would start pouring again at any minute. Suddenly, I got a strange sense of déjà vu, but I shook it off, and went to take my shower.

After was done my shower, I opened up my dresser drawer, taking out a pair of blue skinny jeans, a light purple t-shirt, pulling them on; I brushed through my hair, and then shook my head around like a maniac – that was how I did my hair every morning. Once I was done, I checked my calendar, to cross of the date before this one. Yesterday's date was September 27th, and today's was the 28th.

I paused for a second and stared at that date. It seemed so familiar, I guess that was because I had, had about eighteen other "September 28th's" in my life … but there was something very particular about this date that was catching my attention, though I couldn't quite place it.

Once again, I stood up and looked outside. It was rainy, and cold, and I felt like something was supposed to happen today, something very, very important.

I sat in Carly's house, waiting for her to come downstairs. We were waiting for Fredgeek, we were supposed to watch a couple movies together – it was Carly's idea. But Freddie was late, so we couldn't even open the cookie dough until he got here.

Stupid nub. Stupid attractive nub – uh, I mean … stupid, stupid, nub.

We waited for another hour before Carly insisted we go to see if he was home, and just forgot. When we walked over to Freddie's door, I got another strange sense of déjà vu. I couldn't have lived this day before … could I? No that was impossible.

Ms. Benson opened the door, and frowned at Carly, she didn't like Carly much since Freddie had gotten into that accident. When we asked her if she knew where Freddie was, she immediately got frantic, saying he was going to get a smoothie, and then heading to Carly's.

We told Ms. Benson to calm down (actually, my words were, "Chill woman!" but that's beside the point) we would all go to the Groovy Smoothie, to see if he was there.

The three of us walked across the street, and entered the door. Another sense of déjà vu swept over me. And for a second, I felt afraid, as if Freddie wouldn't show up. What happened to him if he wasn't there?

Ms. Benson let out a harsh, "Freddie!" and ran over to a boy at a table, the boy turned around.

"Mom!" Freddie said, "What are you doing here?" he asked.

"We were looking for you, Freddie!" Carly cut in, "We were supposed to meet to hang out today, we went to see if you just forgot and went home, but Ms. Benson said you left over two hours ago. So we came here."

"Oh right…" Freddie mused, "Sorry, I was talking to Gibby," he said pointing his thumb over to Gibby himself, "I lost track of time." Then he turned and made eye contact with me. And I remembered it all.

"Fredward was murdered."


"You d-died!"

"Sam, I'm here. I'm not dead. Just look at me. Do I look dead to you?"

Was yesterday a dream?Couldit have been a dream?

"Don't you miss him too, Carly?"

"'Course I do. But I know that Freddie wouldn't want us like this, wallowing in the nothingness because he was gone. He would want us to be happy. To laugh. To smile."

"No I can't look at you either, because that hurts too much! I can't be with you, because it hurts TOO MUCH!"

"I'm hurting you."

"Sam . . . you're okay, right?"

"Y-yeah, I'm fine."

"Go with the flow, whatever happens, it has to happen. It's real."

"Freddie, I love you, I always have."
"Sam, I love you too, it's not past-tense, it's present. Even when I'm gone through this world, I'm still
alwayswith you, I'm stillalwayswatching over you. I love you, I wish I told you."

"I'm so glad you're finally starting to live again!"

Yeah . . . live, that's an interesting word.

A picture I had on my wall. It was a picture of Carly, Spencer, Freddie and I about a year ago. We were all smiling, with our arms around each other. It was gone. My picture was gone. I couldn't believe it. My house had been broken into.


"Only you can hear my quiet scream,
Because the blade has a incentive scheme,
The slayer is more imminent than you think,
Just promise me not to blink,
This is not a trance,
Just give love a chance,
Then maybe you'll see,
What would be."

"No, Carly, no. Ilovehim, as in I wanted to kiss him, as in I wanted him to be my boyfriend. And now he can't, because he's DEAD! How do you think I feel, huh? How am I supposed to get over someone, who I love, and I'm nevergoing to see again?"


"Have you ever thought that maybeI'mprotecting you from something?"

A glitter of light, forming to a shape, a shape of . . . Freddie. There he was, standing before me. It was slightly translucent, due to the fact that hewasn'treally there. And he smiled at me, and for the first time in a long time, my heart melted. This was Freddie, this wasmyFreddie. Not the creepy one that had been around me for so long. This was Frednerd. This was Freducinni. This was Benson. This was my Freddie.

It's the worst thing anyone could ever go through, the most terrifying thing, and the most silencing. It's like you want to scream, but you can't, because everything around you is so quiet.

"Did you suffer?"

"Yes. He made sure of it."

"F-Freddie! I-I'm do-one! I c-can't do thi-is anymore! Just-t ple-ease, make i-it s-stop!"

"I would if I could Sam, I would if I could."

"Any last words, Spencer Shay?"

"You are a bastard."

"Sam, I-I saw . . . F-Freddie. . . . I saw Freddie."

My picture. It was there. Only one thing was different about it. Freddie's face had an "X" through it; Spencer's face had an "X" through it. My face was circled.

"Carly? Please, you have to believe me."

"I-I do. I can't believe it, but I do. I believe you, Sam."

"Sam … that was Officer Ferris. They found him, they found Leroy Hamilton."

"But my best friend, Sam, she's smart. And she stopped you. She's the reason you're here today. She is everyone's saviour."

"You may think Samantha Puckett is your saviour … but if she was a saviour … why isn't here Freddie here? Now … doesn't that you feel so … powerful?"

"The fact that you're going to JAIL. THAT'S WHAT MAKES ME FEEL POWERFUL!"

I held the knife up to my chest, and sighed. The night starts here. And I plunged the knife in.

"Hello, I'm Dunkel,"

"Sam, I love you too, it's not past-tense, it's present. Even when I'm gone through this world, I'm still always with you, I'm still always watching over you. I love you, I wish I told you."

Tears started falling down my cheeks. How could I have been so dense? Freddie didn't love me, this whole time he was probably being controlled by Dunkel just to mess with my mind, forcing Freddie to play along. Freddie probably still loved Carly, and wanted to be with her. I was so stupid. How could I have believed him?

"I hate you,"

"No you don't,"

"No. I hate you."



"I love you."

"You promise?"

"Forever and always."

Freddie put a long kiss on the top of my forehead. Then, he and the white room start to fade away, as more tears fall down my eyes.

And I love him.

It took all my might not to run up to him and tackle him to the ground. So I just stood there, as Carly Freddie and Marissa talked. Eventually Marissa and Gibby left, and Carly and I only stood.

"I-I'm going to get a smoothie, I'll meet you two there," I say to Carly, hopefully getting Freddie's attention.

"Okay, c'mon Freddie," Carly calls.

"I still have to pay, Sam and I will meet you there, start the movie for us,"

Carly stared at the two of us, "Uh … yeah, okay, bye." Then she left, awkwardly.

Freddie and I immediately walked up to each other, speechless, not knowing what to say. It was I who spoke first.

"I thought … I thought I was going to have a happy life without you," I said, a wide smile spreading across my mouth.

"He decided that it wasn't my time of death … just yet," Freddie explained.

"What about my to-be husband?" I asked.

"You stole him from another chick anyways," Freddie said with a shrug.

"Freddie?" I asked.

"Yes?" he answered.

"I love you."

"Forever and always?"

To answer his question, I kissed him, a long kiss that told him that I was here, and so was he, and that nothing could separate us from now on. We were with each other, and that's all that mattered.

He's there. Then he's not. Am I going insane? Is life torturing me? The only thing I know is that I'm afraid to admit I might be crazy. Because if I'm crazy. They'll take him away.

An Evil Waffle Note:

Finally! I finished it! It took a little while longer than I was thinking, but now it's done! And this was my second option as an ending.

I'll tell you why I chose the first ending as the real ending. It was because I brought up the fact that Ms. Benson wanted to adopt. I realized that if I was going to put that in I couldn't just leave it alone and completely forget about it! So that's why I put the other ending, and it's still my favourite, because still even in the end Sam and Freddie are together. :)