[loosely based off Poe's poem by the same name] [Akito-centered] [Akito's POV] Akito reflects on her life and memories of her father as she gives birth.

Silver: I was reading the Complete Tales and Poems of Edgar Allan Poe when I came across a poem that reminded me of Akito. It's called "Tamerlane". It was so dark and a bit sad that it almost reminded me of Akito. As I read the poem, this story started forming. So, I hope you enjoy it.

Disclaimer: There's no way in hell I own Fruits Basket or "Tamerlane". Fruits Basket belongs to funimation, Tokyo pop, and its original creator. Tamerlane belongs to Edgar Allan Poe. May he rest in peace.

Chapter One:

"Kind solace in dying hour!

Such, father, is not (now) my theme--

I will not madly deem that power

Of earth may shrive me of the sin

Unearthly pride hath revell'd in--

I have no time to dote or dream:

You call it hope--that fire of fire!

It is but agony of desire:

If I can hope--Oh God! I can--

Its fount is holier--more divine--

I would not call thee fool, old man,

But such is not a gift of thine."

-Edgar Allan Poe, Tamerlane.

Olive-green eyes stared at me as hands traced along my side, feeling for any signs of sickness anywhere on my body. Hatori--the stupid dragon--was constantly worrying about me. He was especially worried now that I was pregnant, but then again, he is the doctor--my doctor. And who was the father? That damned Shigure.

I had already known that my chances of even getting pregnant was very slim, and the chances of me carrying the baby to full term were even slimmer. The moment I was born I was deemed sick. And during my childhood, I was concealed away from the eyes of the others until all the Jyuunishi came into existence…

Hatori raised an eyebrow in slight surprise as he heard a small faint heartbeat through the stethoscope. "it seems like you really are pregnant, Akito-san." He said quietly, as he gently removed the circular end of the stethoscope from my skin. My teal colored gaze flickered over to him, nearly making him cower away. Usually I wouldn't be as calm as I am right now, but this was different.

At any other given time in my life I would have yelled at Hatori to take this "thing" out my body and kill the damn inu but I chose not to. I didn't know why but the same thing had happened to my own parents, Akira and Ren. My body tensed up at thinking of the name of my wretched mother. That vile woman was nothing more than a commoner, a servant to the Sohma name when she met my father. She was pitiful….

But I suppose it was because of her commoner status that my father, Akira, took pity on her and married her. When my mother found she was pregnant with me, Ayame, Hatori, Kureno, and Shigure all felt my presence but it was only because I had gained the Jade Emperor status before I was even born. At first it startled my mother and she became happy upon learning that her child was going to be the "God". But all her dreams fell apart when I finally came into the world.

My father loved me upon first meeting and began to pay more attention to me than my mother. But Akira's love for Ren had already begun to wane when she was expecting anyways. It was my mother's jealousy of me that drove her to become such an unfitting mother. Many times she tried to kill me and my father but nothing worked until that night….

"What do you mean "I'm really pregnant", Hatori? Of course I'm pregnant. We've established that two months ago." my tone was a bit harsh and bitter. All I wanted to do was go back to bed and sleep, after all normal doctors make their expecting patients get as much rest as they can. But the Sohma family isn't a normal family.

Again Hatori raised an eyebrow in slight amusement. I tend to act like a child sometimes but that's how I was raised. Hatori gave a confirming nod to my antics and went over to his desk. As he rummaged through the contents of his desk, I pulled my red robe back over my shoulder. Just as I had slipped back into my haori, the door opened and Shigure busted in, a big smile on his lips.

"Ha'ri! My latest novel is out, wanna take a peek?" He said in that charmingly annoying tone of his. That tone sickened me and yet, it made me melt all the same. I noticed a small black book in the dog's hand, and written on it in faint gold letters was, "Wintry Affair". Shigure always was good at writing eerie romance novels…

I watched as Hatori gave a slight growl of frustration at Shigure's presence. So even my annoyingly charming inu can get under the sea dragon's skin. An amused smile crept onto my pale lips as I sat there on Hatori's examination table, watching the dragon and dog at play. "Go away, I don't want to read that filth." Hatori tried his best to keep his temper in check, after all to act uncivilized before an important person such as a clan head is frowned upon.

Shigure's lips curled into a frown at this and he continued to press the doctor's buttons. They are best friends. "Oh but Ha'ri, this is one my best master pieces yet! A tragic love story of a girl meeting an older, mature man while on a casual stroll--"

I couldn't help but bust out laughing at his poor summary. That's what he calls a tragic love story? A young teenage girl meeting a man twice her age by chance and they try pursuing each other? So that's what Shigure does with pathetic life when he's not around me. Writing romantic filth and tries pawning them off on Hatori.

Oh what fun I shall have breaking him of his ways. Both men turned their heads my way as I scoffed at Shigure. "You should listen to Hatori-san, Shigure. Quit wasting your life on those trashy romances and write about something more…befitting…" I tossed the last word with elegance as I now pretended to play with the end of my red robe.

His frown became an indifferent smile, and Shigure focused his attention on me. His dark eyes were indifferent as well. Damn him! "Ah, Akito-san. I didn't know you were in for a check up? I thought Hatori was the one to visit you--not the other way around." even his voice was sounded a bit cold but…

That's how I liked it. You see Shigure and I have this strange relationship between us, it's a love-hate relationship. We do one thing to spite the other and then awhile later we make up for it but what Shigure has done lately was too far. Because I had favored the Rooster, Kureno over him a few months ago, Shigure went behind my back and slept with my mother. So, now I'm fooling around with a plan in my head, waiting for just the right moment to exact my revenge against the damn dog.

No matter how much I claim to hate Shigure, my heart still yearns for him and only him. Kureno and the other two were merely substitutes for the novelist. And this baby inside would be the very thing I could use to get my revenge on him.

I smiled politely at him, hiding my anger and frustration at him. God how I loved those playful eyes of his. "I decided that I was up for a walk and wanted to come pay Hatori-san a visit. Is there a problem in that?" I inquired.

Shigure gave a playful but polite laugh at my words and continued on smilling. "Akito-san can go wherever she pleases as long as she is well." He said. Only Shigure is a match for me. Behind that smile I saw a flash of anger and jealousy.

True I've been visiting Hatori a lot lately but it was because I was pregnant and Shigure need not know that, nor does he even know that he's going to be a father. Another smile played across my lips and I slid off the table. Crossing the threshold to Hatori's desk, I placed a hand under the dragon's s chin and smiled. His golden-green gaze locked with my own teal colored ones.

I smiled again, "I'm glad to see that I'm…better now, Hatori. I shall see you next week." I ordered, seeing the jealousy on Shigure's face out of the corner of my eye.

"Hai, Akito-san." Hatori said as I walked off. I flashed Shigure a smile in passing and he merely smiled back. I can see his jealousy--no I can feel it. Shigure was always jealous of any man I become intimate with besides him. I guess in more ways than one, I am like my mother…


Jade Emperor - Jade Emperor is identified as the "God" among the Chinese Zodiac. According to the legend, he was the one who called forth all the animals for the banquet (or in some versions a race).

-san - an honorific added at the end of someone's name. it's the equivalent of saying Mr. or Miss. It's also used on people of high status.

Inu - dog

Hai - Yes

Ha'ri - Shigure's nickname for Hatori in the anime.

Sea Dragon - It's just another name for Sea Horses because they resemble dragons.

Silver: I hope I didn't make anybody mad for making Akito into a bitch…. Believe me this is a ShigurexAkito story, it's just told from Akito's pov. Well, I hope you've enjoyed the first chapter. I've been working on it all morning. Ja'ne! leave a lovely review on your way out! Criticism is accepted but flaming is not.