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Madeline had succeeded in getting her sons to go to church perhaps a total of three times before Michael left. Frank never went and Madeline knew full well not to even try to convince him to come along. Both Michael and Nate never complied to the ordeal happily. And after Michael left it became painfully obvious the only reason Nate ever went was because Michael did. It wasn't long before Madeline completely gave up and soon lost interest in going herself. They had never like the fact she smoked anyway. After Nate left the nest, Madeline stopped any sort of religious practice she might've hung on to. If there was a god, he'd forgotten her, she decided. Why shouldn't she forget him too?

Frank died. Madeline had no idea how to react. She was free but she was also alone.

Nate's gambling problem got worse. Madeline had no idea how to help. She knew he'd just tell her she had a smoking problem.

Michael all but disappeared off the face of the earth. Madeline had no idea what to do.

And then suddenly Michael came back. It was rocky at first. Michael didn't hide the fact he wanted to be anywhere but with her. But after a few months, he seemed to accept her in his life. Along with that, however, Madeline started to realize what kind of a life her son really led.

Madeline surprised herself when Michael had Nate take her to Fort Lauderdale. She found herself giving a silent and quick prayer to anyone who might be listening. If God had forgotten her, perhaps he'd be merciful enough to not forget her son.

After that, when Michael, Sam or Fiona came over with any sort of expression that made Madeline's senses go on high alert, she found herself sending a silent prayer for their safety to whoever was listening.

But then Michael disappeared again. Sam and Fiona's faces expressed more than their words how dire the situation was. As soon as they left the house, Madeline fell to her knees. It was not because of weakness or tears. In fact, Madeline felt more determined than anything.

She stared into space for a moment, unsure of what to say or do. Finally, she slammed a hand down on a side table next to her and glared upwards.

"Bring him home," she demanded. "God, I'm begging you. Just bring him home."

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