Michael could count the number of times he'd been to church on one hand. Madeline had always tried to get the family to go and the idea never appealed to Michael. He never really saw the point. As soon as he left he didn't even consider participating in any sort of religious practice. He'd gotten along fine without it all his life, why start now?

When he met Fiona, before she'd become more than just an asset, he followed her to church for survelliance. That was the last time Michael had ever gone to church if you counted that. Michael counted it: the boredom and crazed Christians spelled out church to him. Later he found out Fiona had known he was tracking her and had been playing the stereotypical good Catholic girl to fool him but all the same.

Did Michael believe in God? If someone were to ask him, he'd say yes on impulse. But if he really thought about it, he wasn't sure. He generally didn't like to put faith in someone or something he didn't know well, but he couldn't deny the miracles he was granted with on a daily basis. Maybe it was luck, though. If you believe in luck.

When Michael went undercover to stop the kidnapping of the rich Venezuelan daughter and found himself playing the part of a born against Christian, he surprised himself. The phone conversation with Lesher while Fiona watched and listened had gone down a different direction than he'd planned, especially since she was dating Campbell. He couldn't deny he'd had a little fun, however, hamming the role up after the phone call. After he walked away from Lesher, he couldn't help but glance upwards to give anyone above some sort of recognition.

Father Peter was another cover ID that slightly surprised Michael. He, Sam and Fiona all knew the high risk they were taking and for a few tense moments Michael hadn't been sure the plan was going to work. Once the Luna brothers drove away, Michael once again couldn't resist sending a grateful glance upwards.

Now, as Michael was led down a damp and darkened hallway, burlap sack over his head, chains on his wrists and ankles, exhausted and sore, he surprised himself once again. He had no idea what the future held in store for him. Management had assured him he had a "big" future ahead of him, but who knew what that meant? It was not himself that he was worried most about, though. Over the past couple years, Michael had grown closer to a few people than he ever had been to anyone before.

He didn't know if anyone was listening, but just in case, Michael prayed for the first time in his life. Whatever was in store for him, he didn't care, just as long as Madeline, Nate, Sam and Fiona all stayed safe.

"God," he pleaded, simply mouthing the words, "just keep them safe."

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