Best Served Cold

Chapter One : of Red Velvet Cake & Martini

Disclaimer: You know the drill. I don't own Gakuen Alice, but I do own the idea of Natsume feeding me with red velvet cake and martini.

Credits to Vione and the Hopeless Wanderlust for helping me a lot while writing this fic. Enjoy!

by Mich.

Splash splash splash splash.

I didn't know how long I had run. Without myself realizing, I had been running towards aimless directions across the heavy downpour. The torrent of rain blinded me from seeing clearly through the storm, and much I would like to be dry and clean, I was, unfortunately drenched in the sudden rainfall.


I cursed inwardly as I cleared through the rain, desperately searching for a shelter. The streets were unusually dark and gloomy, and I stopped for a moment to identify my location. To my horror, I had no idea where was I.

I looked towards my left – there was a dumpster at the end of dark alley, and to the right – another stack of rubbish bins inclined on the wet asphalt, emanating a foul smell. I pinched my nose in disgust, not bothering anymore about the rain – considering I was already soaking wet, and tried to search a path which would lead me to the main street.

The piece I was wearing was not of any help either. It stuck to my body like glue, making it harder for me to run, or even walk. I sighed and looked around me.

No clue. Double shit.

And then I heard something. A groan.

I was petrified, not sure on how to act. I was in a dark alley, alone, and there was a groan – a man's groan. I looked around, trying to find the source of the sound, but I couldn't see anybody around.

"Don't turn around," a harsh voice said.

The voice was tantalizing and I was terrified, but not because of fear. The voice was seductive even though it was a little harsh, and I found myself submitting to his order. "W-Who are you?" I asked, my voice trembling a little.

"Just follow my order and you won't be hurt," he said, his voice sending shivers down my spine.

"W-What? A-Are y-you going to kill me?" I asked, wanting to turn around but knowing that he had ordered me not to do so.

"I won't...if you promise to be a good girl," he cooed. He was really close to me; I could hear him breathing near my ears. "Now, will you promise to be a good girl?"

I found myself nodding slowly, and I felt his hand touching my arm.

I stiffened at the cold touch, my heart thumping at an abnormal rate as his fingers slowly trailed down my right arm.

"Your skin is so smooth." He whispered as he breathed in my hair, "and you smell good."

And then suddenly, his arms snaked around my waist and I yelped in surprise. "Hush." He muttered, and he pushed me harshly against the wall – his front touching my back.

It may sound really ridiculous considering the situation I was in, I found myself turned on. Even though I couldn't see his face, neither at least a slight description of the person, his voice was enough to make me melt.

What he said after that completely caught me off-guard. "Take off your clothes."

"A-Are you going to rape me?" I sputtered at his firm statement. He merely chuckled – an eerie one. His monotonous laugh made me shifted uncomfortably.

"I said don't move. Take off your clothes, now." His voice suddenly rang with authority.

Forget his sexy voice. Forget his hot breath fanning against my neck. Forget –


Please tell me I'm hallucinating.

I felt the raindrops fell on my bare shoulder, the cold tingling sensation sent me trembling as I took realization of what just had happened.

He tore my white blouse off.

"Though how much I'd love to see you in that white piece, wet and sticking onto your body like a transparent plastic," he hissed, "I prefer to see you topless."

I knew this was sexual harassment – he was going to rape me for Shit's sake, but I just stood still – like a statue, not knowing what to do. It was like – every movement he makes – every word he says, made something in my heart go haywire.

But I knew I was a goner when he slipped his left hand into my white skirt, his right hand holding up my right arm and cuffing it firmly.

"P-Please…" I pleaded. He chuckled darkly again. "I love it when you begged me. I promise I will be gentle."

I saw the gray clouds started to gather above us, glooming the already dimly-lighted alley, the rain threatened to pour more. Then it came – the thunder.

"Aaahh!" I shrieked. I heard him clicking his tongue and effortlessly slapped my lips with his hand, preventing me from making any noise.

"Tsk tsk tsk." He hissed, "A scaredy-cat, are you?"

He swiftly turned me and pushed my back harshly against the wall, his cold hand still in contact with my dry and broken lips. His palm smelt of dirt and mud, and I tried my hardest to swallow my puke down my throat.


I struggled in disgust, and I heard him murmuring something incoherent as he gripped my shoulder tightly.

Another lightning struck, and this time, I had a clear look of his face.

No, I mean— they were crimson.

Such captivating eyes.

I felt my breath stopped when he crashed his lips against mine. Despite his cold and dirty hands, his lips were warm and sweet. I found myself drowning into his rough and passionate kiss. My hands unconsciously reached towards the back of his head, ruffling his soft hair as his lips moved irrevocably on mine.

Then he stopped. He grabbed a handful of my brunette hair and pulled it up gently, exposing my neck. His face moved towards my skin, and sucked on it. I moaned at the pleasure and the sensation running through my veins. It was something I have never felt before, but it just felt so damn good.

I didn't know who he was or what his name was, so all I could do was to allow his hand to travel around my upper body. "You like it, don't you." He whispered at my ears, and I swear I could feel him mocking my submission.

"Tell me your name." he demanded.

I hesitated, but when he brushed his nose against my swollen neck, a tingling sensation came running through my skin. "Sa-Sakura…"

"Sakura?" he prompted as he slowly licked the red spots he left me with.

"Sakura… Mikan…"

"Mikan." He whispered my name seductively. "Would you give me this honour?"

My pleasure, was what I wanted to say—until something rudely interrupted our session.

I heard him curse before pressing the green button, "Ruka."

I frowned. The name didn't suit him, at all.

"I need to go." He released me from our compromising position. He then neared me, a soft murmur ensued, "I would love to continue our session, soon."

I didn't realize the rain had stopped until he threw me his jersey. "I was just playing. It was fun seeing you scared and all. Bye."

And he left. I was half-naked, drenched, and only a sweaty shirt in my hands.

I cursed my life.


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