What Happens In Vegas: Outtakes

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A/N: This outtake is dedicated specifically to cher, tinywit and gasuz09 who answered the call. All of you are the best. Cher, I hope this makes the hospital waiting time a little less tedious. I wish I could make it all better for you. This is shorter than normal and I know that Edward's thoughts are not what they usually are. Please keep in mind that both Edward and Bella are VERY intoxicated.

The Wedding


I was absolutely enthralled with kissing Bella. There was a little voice in the back of my head that asked me what in the hell I was doing but the more I drank, the quieter he got. That was fine with me; I would prefer that he shut up all together.

Scott, Peter's best man, was a riot. He kept dragging us around with them through their tours of various casinos, even though I was much more fascinated with the brunette beside me. She was hot and the kissing was fantastic. No one seemed to mind the fact that we were making out like teenagers and that was fine with me.

"Edward!" Bella yelled over the boisterous crowd. "Come here! We're all doing body shots!" She held up two shot glasses filled with what appeared to be tequila and I was out of my seat like a bullet. When I got to her side, she handed me the glass. "Here, you go first!"

I bent Bella back over the bar and lifted her shirt to expose her toned stomach. I bent over, licked from her navel to her hip and sprinkled the salt. Another quick lick, then I downed the amber liquid and sucked all the juice from the lemon she held in her teeth. I tore the rind out of the way and my mouth met hers ferociously.

"Mmmm," she moaned when she finally pulled back. "My turn!" She smirked and undressed me with her eyes. Her gaze lingered below my hips for a moment longer than necessary and I ached to have her mouth around my cock. Instead, she pulled my head down and licked up and down my jaw with a deep and throaty moan. Her noises were going straight to my groin and my dick was straining against my jeans.

Bella finished her shot and then returned to licking and sucking all traces of salt from my jaw line. My hands gripped her tiny hips and pulled them into me. Bella's salty and tangy lips met mine with a ferocious passion and I eagerly took all she had to offer. The odd thought that she had taken all of me the moment we met passed through my mind, but like all drunken mental ramblings, it disappeared all too quickly.

"Let's go down to the Stratosphere! Maybe they'll let us go up to the top again!" someone yelled and everyone cheered their approval. I pulled back from Bella to get her reaction and she just smiled and shrugged.

It took us awhile to get to the Stratosphere because we kept stopping to drink the various casinos along the way. Peter and Charlotte rejoined the group sometime along our walk and were clearly very happy together. Bella and I were clearly basking in the glow of their love as we became more and more affectionate. Not that I minded because, really, Bella had it all. She was beautiful, smart, and modest. She was everything I'd ever wanted in a woman and with less alcohol in me, I might have actually been intimated by her.

I wasn't sure how we talked our way onto the observation deck, but there we were overlooking all of Las Vegas. The bright lights glowed and the setting was strangely romantic. Bella snuggled into my arms with her back to my chest and I held her as we gazed over the city.

"Hey, you see those lights down there?" a blond woman next to us said, pointing to a spot almost right below us. "That's where we got married today." Oh, this must be Charlotte. "It was the perfect wedding. Honey," she called to a tall, dark haired man behind her, "can we go back to the chapel and see it again?"

He nodded and held his hand out to her. She grabbed Bella's hand and pulled her along. "Come with us, you two! Please?"

Bella flashed me a silly and wholly suggestive grin and I willingly followed the trio back down to the street. Charlotte was busy regaling Bella and I with all the details of their wedding. I couldn't follow her excited and high-pitched chatter, but Bella was enthralled. I was just content to watch her and wonder how I got so lucky as to have her by my side.

The chapel itself was simple, but pretty. There were a few rows of white pews and a simple altar at the front. Bella giggled like a school girl as we looked around and she kissed me sweetly when she thought no one was looking.

"Can I help you two?" a tastefully dressed woman in her mid-thirties asked as she approached.

"Help us?" I asked blankly.

She laughed lightly at my bewildered stare. "Make your arrangements. I've rarely seen a couple so in love!"

"Oh, we're…" Bella started to say but Charlotte squealed and cut her off.

"Oh, Bella! That would be so neat! Peter and I will stand as your witnesses. You should totally do it!"

"We can take care of everything, from the license to attire," the woman hinted.

Bella turned and faced me, her eyes wide. She looked… hopeful, I thought and one second of staring into her eyes, I knew I'd never be able to deny her anything.

"Edward? What do you think?" Bella bit her lip nervously, her eyes bright.

"Whatever you want, love," I agreed. She smiled and her entire face lit up. "Marry me?"

"Yes!" she squealed and jumped into my arms, wrapping her legs around me and kissing me hard.

I pulled away reluctantly and found the woman in charge. "Why wait? Can we do this now?"

"Follow me!"

Bella and I trailed after her, hand in hand. Charlotte offered Bella some advice on packages, rings, dresses and… I quit listening. As long as Bella was happy, I was happy.

Bella and I filled out some forms and were driven down the road to get our marriage license. On the way back, I asked to pop into a jeweler that was still open and I picked out a simple platinum band for Bella, while she got my ring. Peter and Charlotte were taking their roles as our witnesses seriously and we toasted to everything we could see. As soon as we returned to the chapel, that lady took Bella from me to get her dress and I followed some guy to get into a tux. It didn't fit quite right but it looked fine and that's all I really cared about.

I was nervous as I waited with the pastor next to the altar. Peter was waiting in the pews and Charlotte joined him after what seemed like hours. Before I knew it, Bella was walking down the aisle toward me. She took my breath away in her strapless white gown. The bodice was tight and beaded and showed off all of her curves. I did my best to burn that image into my memory because I was convinced it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

We repeated our vows and exchanged our rings. The minister pronounced us husband and wife and I felt my face break into a wide smile. Bella's matched it and we met in the middle for a kiss that could rival any in history for passion, I was sure of it. Charlotte squealed again and Peter clapped his hand on my shoulder and offered his congratulations. My eyes never left Bella's. I couldn't tear myself away, even to walk back down the aisle with her on my arm.

We changed quickly and the woman that had arranged everything for us handed me a white bag with our pictures and mementos and I had her call us a limo to take us back to the Venetian. There was the small matter of our wedding night to attend to after all.

As soon as the limo door was closed, Bella climbed into my lap and laced her fingers into my hair. I pulled her into a deep kiss. When we had to break away for air, I kissed down the creamy skin of her neck, sucking lightly on a spot right below her ear that seemed to drive her crazy. She was grinding herself onto my already very hard dick anyway, and I took that as a good side.

There wasn't much traffic on the strip at this hour, whatever that was, and we were at the door of the Venetian before we knew it. Bella and I raced upstairs to my suite, giggling in anticipation. I fumbled a little with the key card but as soon as the lock clicked open, I swung my arms underneath Bella's knees and pulled her into my arms.

"What are you doing?" she laughed.

"Carrying my bride over the threshold, of course," I teased back. She laughed again and the sound was musical.

I carried her down to the living area, not wanting to be too presumptuous but as soon as I let her down, her fingers began unbuttoning my shirt. She threw it across the room and I made sure that hers followed suit. In fact, our frantic kisses and touches barely sustained us as we headed back towards the bedroom. Bella tripped over the top stair and landed in my arms as I caught her and held her tightly to my chest. I ran the rest of the way to my bed with Bella in my arms.

I unclasped her bra and took a moment to admire the perfect breasts in front of me. Bella moved to cover herself but I ducked my head and captured one of her tight nipples in my mouth. Bella's moans increased as I worked her breasts with my hands and mouth.

"Edward, please, I need you now," she moaned out.

She didn't need to tell me twice. We both shed our pants and I trailed my hands down over her lower lips. She was so warm and wet. She bucked her hips up to meet my hand and I rubbed my fingers over her clit eagerly.

"No, you, Edward. I want you," she cried out.

"Are you ready for me, Bella?" I asked. I hoped that she was because I could not wait any longer.

"Yes, God, yes!"

Bella was underneath me and her dark hair was spread across my pillows. As far as glorious visions were concerned, this one rivaled her walking down the aisle. I positioned myself at her entrance and pushed into her with one swift thrust. What little rational thought there was in my head suddenly disappeared. My dick was encased in the hottest, tightest pussy ever and I was in heaven. I wanted to tell her how good she felt to me, but all that came out was a strangled groan and some mumbles.

Bella's hands ran up my back and she pushed her hips up a little to encourage me to move. I pulled out almost all the way and pushed back in with some forced. Bella groaned and I stopped a little to make sure that she was okay.

"I'm good. Oh, please. More. Harder," she encouraged. I bent my head to seal her lips with mine and I found a hard rhythm that she seemed to enjoy. The only sounds in the room were her whimpers, my groans and the sound of our bodies smacking together. Personally, I thought it was an incredible soundtrack.

Bella tightened around me and screamed along with her release. I felt her inner walls squeeze me even tighter and I moaned at the sensation. It did not escape my attention that if I hadn't had so much to drink, this would not have been possible, that I would not have lasted this long. I was determined to hold out long enough for her to climax again, because seeing Bella reach the heights of ecstasy was a sight to behold.

I circled my hips a little and tweaked her nipples and her body contracted around me again. There was no holding back anymore for me as her second orgasm triggered mine. I growled as I released into her and she yanked my head down for another passionate kiss.

"Bella, you are amazing. Thank you," I mumbled into her hair as I rolled off of her and pulled her into my arms.

"No, thank you," she mumbled back and giggled. I kissed the top of her head and drifted quickly into the most peaceful sleep I'd had in years.

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