Sasuke sat in class, bored, he was early and people were just coming in. After the bell everyone was in and his teacher, Kakashi, was actually early for once.

"Okay class, I bet you're wondering why I'm on time-."

"For once." Laughed Kiba from the back.

"Um yeah. Anyway, well my dolphin's class is a little too full so they're taking five students from his class and put them in different classes. So today we'll be getting a new student."

"Is it a girl?!" Kiba asked hopefully, which got agreement from pretty much all the guys in the class.

"Yes, she is a girl, Kiba, since our class has more guys than girls."

"NOOO!!" Everyone turned to a pink haired girl.

"What is it, Sakura?"

"A new girl! It's soooo obvious that she'll fall in love with Sasuke-kun." Ino stated.

"Yeah! See! Ino's right!" Sakura said.

"Whatever girls."

Right then there was a knock on the door. Sasuke sighed, another fan girl to the group, why was he so unlucky?

"Come in!" Kakashi called with a smile. Everyone could hear yells from out side the door.

'NO! I'm not going to this class!'

'Oh yes you are!'

'Why me!? The guys in this class will be worse, I can feel it!'


'Iruka protected me and now he can't since he's on the opposite side of the school!!'

'Oh shut up and get in there!!' With that Tsunade, the principal, opened the room.

"Sorry Kakashi." She said brushing her hair back. "I'd like you all to meet Naruto." She then turned to the door and pulled in a little blond girl.

"Tsunade!! Please send me back to Iruka-sensei's class!" The blond pleaded.


Sasuke looked at the front to the two yelling girls. One the principal the other a cute blond girl. Wait cute!! I, Sasuke Uchiha, did not just call a girl cute! Yes, this girl was cute to Sasuke, very cute indeed, how did he miss her?

She had the longest hair he'd even seen, blond in two high tails at the top of her head that went down to she waist. Big bright beautiful deep blue eyes that sparkled and full pink lips that just seemed to say 'kiss me'. Though she was short she had full beasts. The one thing that did catch his eye was her uniform; she wore black baggy pants, the guys' uniform pants to be exact. All the girls in the school wore the dark blue skirts never pant's, not even in the winter. Her white dress shirt clung to her showing off her figure and she had a blue tie. Sasuke could barely make out the very small orange stripes on it.

"Ok Naruto, please pick any seat." Kakashi said sitting down at his desk. But before Naruto could walk anywhere Tsunade spoke up.

"First, someone in this class will have to help Naruto around since she doesn't have to the same teachers as before. Anyone?" She said looking around. Sasuke felt the need to volunteer but resisted.

"I'll help her around!" Sasuke jumped and covered his mouth. Did he just say that?!! But no he didn't.

"No Kida. I'm not letting you help her around."

"awww." Kiba said sitting back down.

Sasuke exhale, thankful he didn't say that.

"…I'll show her around." Came a deep voice from the back.

"G-gaara? You want you show her around?" Gaara remained silent as he looked out the window. "O-okay, Naruto meet Gaara. He'll show you around."

"NO! All the guys in here are just like the rest. Please no!"

"Sorry… Oh, by the way, touch this girl and you're dead." Tsunade said glaring at all the boys and then left. Naruto walked to the back of the class and sat beside Gaara. Why didn't I put my hand up!!? She could have been mine! Sasuke thought to himself ignoring the voice in his head reminding him he was a emotionless, uncaring Uchiha.

"Sooo, you're Gaara?"


"Nice to meet you Gaara." Gaara glared at her, but for the first time failed. "You shouldn't glare at people, you know."

"You're not scared?"

"Of those eyes? Heck no." Naruto lifted her hand a brushed some red strains of hair from Gaara's face. "They just hold sadness and loneliness." Gaara flinched. No one understood him before and no one touch him before. He liked this touch. That's when something caught his eye when Naruto pulled away and looked at the front of the class. It was the looks she was getting from all the guys. Lust. Pure lust. This class was not safe for a girl like Naruto.


"Yeah Gaara?" Naruto said turning back to him with a smile.

"This class isn't safe for you."

"…I know" The smile faded.

"Don't worry I'll protect you." Gaara's brain did a reboot, him helping someone. But this felt so right, like if Naruto was the little sister Gaara always wanted.

Naruto huffed, "You're just like the other boys all they want is-."

"No. I wouldn't use you like that."


"From now on I'll be your big brother. And you'll be my little sister okay?" Naruto smiled and nodded. Gaara still couldn't grasp the words that were coming out his mouth. What was up with him?! Was he actually smiling? Offering help? Gaara touched his forehead, maybe he was getting sick.

"Thanks Gaara-nii-san." With that Naruto kissed Gaara on the cheek and turned her head back to the front.

This conversation though did not go unnoticed; Sasuke saw the little kiss making him boil with jealousy. Though he heard that Gaara and her were just like brother and sister and nothing more he still got angry that all her attention was going to him. Yes, the Uchiha was acting like a six year old but Uchiha's were known to be possessive and Sasuke did not want to share his Naru-chan.

"So class, what was the last thing we were learning about?"

"Sex Ed." Sakura said with a blush as she looking over at Sasuke. "Right Sasuke-kun?" She winked.


"Oh yeah. Okay, Naruto? Have you learned this with Iru-chan?"

"Uh no. Every time he's supposed to, he blushes and changes the subject." Kakashi smirked to himself.

"I see. Well I think someone in here can fill you in on what we've learned so far. Gaara, do you have everything?"

"No." was all Gaara said but then regretted his words as Kakashi looked for someone else to have all the notes. "I'm sorry, bad habit." Gaara whispered to Naruto who giggled quietly.

"Oh! Sasuke, you must have them all, right?" Sasuke froze, he did but sharing with Naruto would just be… well let say he would have to run to the washroom to uh… fix a few things before coming back.

"Uh... yeah I do."

"Good, so Naruto sit beside Sasuke, for now, to share notes."

"M'kay." With that Naruto got up and walked down the rows to the seat beside Sasuke. While on her way Sakura pulled her down to her face.

"If you try anything with him, I'll kill you."

"Uh… okay." Naruto said confused but continued to the seat. Sasuke heart pounded as Naruto got closer, till finally she was right beside him.

"Okay now…" Kakashi started to talk about something as Naruto turned to Sasuke.

"So Sauce-gay, is it?" Sasuke flinched at the name.

"No it's Sasuke. Sasuke Uchiha." He said proudly waiting for her to freak at the family name.

"Uchiha huh? Interesting… anyway! What's this word?" Naruto said pointing at a word in his notes. Sasuke twitched, was the girl dumb or something? Plus saying this word out loud. Sasuke took a deep breathe and,

"I'm getting an…" Naruto said in a low voice.

"Erection…" Sasuke stated. And put it together and you get, 'I'm getting an erection!' The class and Kakashi stopped talking, silence fell over the class.

"HAHAHA!!" They all laughed along with Naruto.

"What the-. YOU!" Sasuke said pointing a finger at Naruto.

"HA! So you're getting an erection, ah, Sasuke?" Kiba was the loudest.

"Man!! Good one Naruto!"

"Thanks." She giggled, giving him a high five.

"Ha… okay class, settle down." Kakashi said trying to stop laughing. After the class quieted Kakashi continued.


"Why did you do that!?" Sasuke whispered.

"Cause it was funny, lighten up, gosh."


"Don't call me that! Teme!" Sasuke smirked; Ms. Naruto is very short tempered.

"Okay class, now we'll talk about… sex." Now this made Sasuke very uncomfortable, usually it wouldn't but with Naruto it would be very hard. (XP 'hard' that not the only thing that will be hard *wink*) Sasuke tried to block out what Kakashi was saying but it was really hard. (Again with the hard XD) Some words he heard though were: 'penis' 'insert' 'release' 'thrust' 'hard or erection'. And many more.

"I bet Sasuke's penis is really big! Right Sasuke-kun?" Sakura winked, nudging Sasuke.

"Hey, um, pink haired girl? Why do you care?" Naruto asked turning to her with a look of disgusted.

"Because I know Sasuke-kun loves me and I'll be anything to please him. I'll even suck your cock if you want, Sasuke-kun." Sakura smiled licking her lips.

"What the fuck?" Naruto eye twitched as well as Sasuke's.

"Riiiight, and what if Sasuke is small, hm?" Naruto smirked. Sasuke glared over at her. How dare she say he was small! He was so big, Naruto wouldn't be able to walk for weeks! …wait, did he just say that?

"Nah-uh! Sasuke's big, and together we'd have sweet sex. Ne, Sasuke-kun?" Sasuke resisted puking.

"As if Sakura. He loves me more!" Ino said. After that all the girls in the class, but Naruto, were fighting over who Sasuke loves.

"Uh… does this happen a lot?"


"And you have to put up with it?"

"Mhmm, you're not going to turn into one, are you?" For once Sasuke actually wanted a fan girl, Naruto to be exact.

"Ew! No! I'm no fan girl. And I don't like teme's like you."

"Fine, go share notes with someone else then."

"Fine. Hey Gaara-." Sasuke snapped and quickly pulling Naruto back down to her seat pushing the book in between them.


"I was kidding. I'll share."

"Thanks Sasuke-teme!" Naruto smiled.

After a few hard (XD) moments, the class was done.

"So, what's your next class?" Sasuke asked but got no reply. He looked around for Naruto but she was already walking out the classroom with Gaara. "Gaara." He hissed.

"So how was sharing with Uchiha?"

"You mean teme? It was alright, I guess."

"You're not going to be a fan girl like every other girl in the school?"

"All the girls in the school like him?"

"Yep, we surveyed, even the ones with boyfriends."

"Mr. Popularity."

"Yeah, so are you a fan girl or not? 'Cause I don't want you blabbering about him around me."

"No I'm not a fan girl. I hate fan girls and they hate me so I could never be one. Obsessing over something or one, it's a waste of time really."

"Hm. Good."

"There you are." Gaara and Naruto stopped and turned to see 10 girls which included Sakura, Ino, Hinata, Tenten, and Temari. The rest didn't matter. (BURN!)

"How can I help you?" Naruto yawned.

"You can help us by leaving Sasuke alone. He doesn't like you."

"I don't care if he likes me or not. You can have him."


"Are you serious?"

"Uh, yeah. I'm not a fan girl like you guys. As long as I got Gaara-nii-san here I won't need anybody else."

"Gaara's your brother? No, he's not. I'm his big sister." Temari stated.

"Really? Cool. But no he's not my real brother."


"Yeah, just a close friend." Temari's eyes widened. Gaara! Close friend! What world is this?! Where the hell was she?!

"Anyway, shouldn't you guys be stalking Sasuke or something?"

"AH! Thanks for reminding us! C'mon girls." And with that they all left but Sakura and Ino.



"You don't like Sasuke?"


"Good, keep it that way."

"So that's one less fan girl?" They all turned to see Sasuke, himself, walking up to them.

"Yeah teme. Disappointed?"

Yes. "Hn."

"Hey Sasuke-kun!"

"Sakura, Ino."

"SASUKE-KUN~~!!" They screamed latching onto both his arms so he couldn't get them off.

"What the-! Get off!" But his arms were pinned.

"Sasuke-kun! Sasuke-kun! Sasuke-kun!" They both chanted.

"Wow, you're really popular."

"Get off me!"

"So what do we have next Gaara?"

"Help me!"


"Naruto! Gaara! Hello!"

"Ew…" Sasuke could see he was getting ignored as the two fan girls molested him.

"Yo! Naru!"

"Oh hey Kiba."

"Wanna skip math with me?"


"Fine I'll go with Shin-, Wait! Did you just say 'yes'?"

"Yeah, I hate math. I'm not good little girl Kiba." Naruto smirked.

"Alright! C'mon." Naruto started to follow Kiba when an arm pulled her back.

"What the-,"

"You're not going with him."

"What? Gaara?"

"Yo, Gaara. I'm not going to do anything to her, promise."

"Yeah, sure." Gaara sighed. "Fine… I guess."

Naruto waved as Gaara left for math.

"C'mon Sasuke-kun! We have math! I need your help studying and you get A's all the time." Sasuke thought a second before smirking.

"Hey! Naruto! Kiba!"

"Yeah man?"

"Could I tag along?"

"Sure." Kiba shrugged. Sakura and Ino frowned and let go then walked up Naruto.

"Help a girl out. Mention me."

"Me too."

"Uh, okay."

"Good!" They both said before leaving with a giggled.

"It's usually not like you to skip class, Uchiha." Kiba pondered.

"Yeah, well, anything then being with those two."

"If only Gaara came with us." Naruto sighed.

"Aw, c'mon Naruto, let's go to the roof. That's where I always go."

"Nah man. I know somewhere better that NO ONE knows." Naruto smirked evilly.

As they walked Naruto lead while Kiba and Sasuke walked beside each other.

"Are we there yet dobe?"

"Shut up, teme. Or I won't show you!"

"Like I want to see you're oh so special place."

"You would!" Naruto stopped and looked away.

"What?" No response. "What are you mad at me or something? Well sorry, okay?"

"No." Naruto looked around then pointed to one of trees in beginning of the forest.


"We're here." She smiled. She ran up to the tree and looked up into the leaves. Suddenly, to Kiba's and Sasuke's surprise, she started to climb the tree till she disappeared into the branches.


"C'mon guys!" A voice called. Kida was the first to run up and climb up the tree.

"WOW!! This is so cool!!" Kiba's voice called in the tree.

"Come up Sasuke!"

"Uh, I don't climb trees!" Sasuke yelled up the tree.

"Just get up here!"

"No! I'll get my clothes dirty."

"Who cares!"

"I do!"


There was a long pause before a rope latter fell from the tree.


"Climb, you idiot!"

"OKAY OKAY!!" Sasuke started to climb the rope latter till he reached the top. Sasuke looked around in awe.

"How the…"

"I made it myself." It was like a tree house but cooler. It had a small box of food and a cooler for drinks. There was about five blankets and lots of pillows. There was even a solar powered light in the corner. Speakers and portable DVD player.(1)

"Damn girl, you got the whole set up." Kiba smirked as he looked around.




"If this is your secret place that no one knows about why show us?" Naruto smirked.

"Oh just cause I can." Sasuke narrowed his eyes at her, she was hiding something.

After about an hour Naruto stood up.

"Okay we got to go now."

"Aww, but I was having so much fun." Kiba whinnied as Sasuke just 'hn'-ed.

"But how about one last drink before we go?"

"Sure!" Kiba said, smiling. Naruto turned to the cooler and pulled out a bottle of something Sasuke had never seen before.

"Drink up!" Naruto said handing them both the drink. Sasuke eyed his drink, as Kiba quickly drank his.

"Yum! That's some good stuff. What is it?"

"Uh… just a drink." Sasuke quickly threw the drink into the tree and held the cup like he had finished it.

"Okay guys, let's go!" Naruto jumped down from the tree with a smirked as Kiba and Sasuke followed suit.

"So-." Kiba's eyes rolled back into his head as he fell to the ground. (2)

R & R

(1)- It sounds completely random and stupid but I've always wanted my own though not outside my school… aw well

(2)- Yeah, I'll tell you now before u read chapter 2, when you find out what happens to him, don't turn to me and start bashing. I wrote it for no real reason, just cause it seemed amusing, so hopefully you read this first so I don't get a bunch of comments like "Wtf?!" "That's so gay!" "You're weird" etc… :D