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His father twitched. "Unforgiveable!(5)" He yelled whacking Sasuke in the head and taking Naruto from his arms and allowing the girl her own seat.

"What the hell?!" Sasuke yelled rubbing his head. His father groaned and turned to leave.

"I didn't raise some perverted son. Hm." And with that he left.



"Hm." Gaara smirked.

"Grrr… Shut up!"

"Your father called you perverted!" Naruto laughed.

"Nice Uchiha." Gaara smirked more.

"Just continue the story!"

I Don't Love You

Chapter 30


"Anyway," Shikamaru sighed, "When Naruto got home I can only imagine the look on Iruka's face. He tried to make sure it would never happen again, unfortunately things don't always work out as planned."

The room was silent for a second until Naruto blurted out,

"But it's okay now! Things have changed! Iruka-sensei really helped me through those dark moments and now I've moved on (1)."

Naruto soon found herself back in Sasuke's lap. He held her close.

"If only I had been there to protect you." Sasuke inhaled Naruto's scent.

"Thanks, Sasuke." Naruto smiled.

"Well, if you two are done with your lovey-dovey stuff. Can we get down to work?" Shikamaru sighed. Naruto turned a bright red and quickly scampered over beside Gaara. Sasuke sulked silently.

Shikamaru set a large file in the middle of the group.

"This is the information Sakura had. Now that she had nothing to threaten Naruto with…" Shikamaru told in a deep breathe. "… we need to confront her."

(1)- Usually the story would be about Sasuke trying to help Naruto get over this but I thought that was too common so I made it so that she was already over the whole incident. Continue!

Sasuke's shoulders were tense. He squeezed the hand in his tightly. Naruto looked up at the man beside her but said nothing. She looked to Gaara, who was on her right; he looked as impassive as ever. Shikamaru lazily walked behind the three muttered something about how it was too early for girl drama.

The four head straight down the path that lead to the school doors. Students nearby whispered and pointed at the couple but Sasuke and Naruto's eyes stayed forward. They entered the school and the chatter and look's increased.

"Is that Sasuke and Naruto?"

"Holding hands?"

"What the hell is going on? I thought Sasuke was with Sakura."

"Oh, Sakura isn't going to be happy."

The four ignored the whispers and searched for a certain pink haired girl by the name of Sakura. It didn't take long.

"EEEEEHHHH?!" Came a scream and the four looked over to see Sakura, her books scattered at her feet, with a look of murder. She quickly straightened when she saw that she held the attention of all the students in the hall. Sakura brushed off the invisible specks of dirt from her skirt and gave Sasuke the biggest and fakest smile ever. She snapped her fingers.

"Hakura. Pick my books up." Upon command Hakura got down on his knees and retrieved Sakura's stuff. Meanwhile, Sakura snaked her way over to Sasuke.

"Good morning, Sasuke-kun." She smiled trying to ignore the person beside her boyfriend. He didn't reply. "Er, Sasuke-kun. Why are you holding the hand of someone who is not your girlfriend?" Her shoulders shook slightly.

"Hm? But I am holding the hand of my girlfriend." Sasuke smirked. Sakura raged.

"What?! She is not your girlfriend! I am your girlfriend!" She yelled. Sasuke didn't flinch, he let go Naruto's hand and wrapped his arm around her waist.

"Yes she is."

Sakura saw red. She opened her mouth to scream but then quickly calmed down and smirked, crossing her arms across her chest.

"Oh, Sasuke-kun. You know what will happen if you side with…" Sakura gave Naruto a disgusted look. "that."

Shikamaru groaned form behind them.

"Jeez, this is gonna take forever. Sakura, you don't have anything to threaten us with. We have" He gave her a knowing look. "that."

Sakura's eyes widened. "W-What? How… no… you couldn't have." She narrowed her eyes. "I don't believe you. You're trying to trick me!" That's when Naruto spoke up.

"Sakura, I don't know how you got those files on me but now that we have them you can no longer hurt me or Sasuke." Sakura growled.

"Shut up you bitch!"

"Sakura," Naruto pulled away from Sasuke and stood in front of Sakura. She touched Sakura's shoulder slightly. "I don't hate you."

Sakura looked back at the girl shocked, utterly shocked. After all the things she had done to her, Naruto didn't hate her? What?

"Are you stupid?! You don't hate me?! After everything I did to you?! Well whatever, that doesn't change a thing because still I hate you!" Sakura smacked Naruto's hand away and clenched her fists as she watched everything she had fought for and fought against slowly slip away.

"But why?" Sakura flinched and then laughed.

"Why? Why? WHY?! Why do you think?! I love Sasuke and you took him away from me in a second! You told me you didn't like him and that you'd help me get him but that's all just a lie! You like him—no—you love him!" Tears started to build in the girls eyes. "I've loved and known Sasuke for years! I tried everything in the book to get him! But no! He never looked my way, so I tried harder! I wanted to be with him so bad! And then you came in and swayed his heart! And you didn't even like him! You liar! You lied to me! I'll never forgive you!" Sakura shut her eyes and continued to scream and cry because she knew that she had been caught and it was all over.


"Then I finally got him but I knew! I knew the whole time he was thinking of you! Always!"


"All I wanted was Sasuke's love but I couldn't have it! Everyone! Everyone is against me! But I'm not the bad guy! I'm not the bad guy! I—."

Sakura was cut off when she felt warm arms wrap around her shoulders. They pulled her into a tight hug. Sakura could see the blond hair of the girl who was hugging her. Naruto.

"I'm sorry, Sakura. I'm sorry… but I love him."

And at that moment, Sakura took in a shaky breath, buried her face into the girl's shoulder and started to cry.

Naruto smiled softly and hugged the girl tighter. In response Sakura hugged her back and they stood there, Sakura crying in Naruto's arms. Until


The boy instantly jumped at the call of his name.


Naruto, still holding Sakura, angrily looked at Sasuke.

"Apologize to Sakura for being an ass!"

"What?! I have to apologize?!" Naruto just gave him a look and he caved. Sakura turned to him shyly.

"No, you don't have—."

"Shut up." Sasuke growled then sighed. "I'm sorry that I was an ass to you and didn't take your feelings into consideration."

"It's o-okay…" Sakura blushed.

"Now Sakura, apologize to Sasuke!" Naruto grinned.

"I'm sorry for… well all that stuff I did and forcing you to be my boyfriend." She looked away blushing more. "A-And Naruto too! I'm sorry for all that stuff and threating you…"

"Great! Now that that's cleared up." Naruto looked at the crowd around her. "What are you looking at, huh?! Shouldn't you all be in class?! And if anyone of you thinks of picking on Sakura now, you'll answer to me!"

At Naruto's words the students went back to their own business chatting and talking with friends or heading off to class like the whole love triangle scene didn't just happen.

Sakura turned to Naruto and wiped the remaining tears from her eyes.

"Why? Why did you do that? After everything? You could've destroyed me."

"I'm just not that kind of person, Sakura. Besides, I forgive you." Naruto smiled at the Sakura who with stiff with shock. She turned to Sasuke and they shared a small moment smiling at each other before linking hands. They turned to go to their next class when—

"Hold up! What?!"

The couple, along with Gaara, Shikamaru, Sakura and a few students turned to see Karin, an ex-companion of Sakura, looking pretty unhappy.

"Eh? Karin? What's the matter?" Sakura asked confused. Karin stormed up the girl and glared from her to the couple then back to Sakura. She repeated this a few times before inhaling a big breath and yelling,

"That's it! After all that, that's it! You hug and make up! Where's the hate? Where's the fighting?! Ten minutes ago you hated Naruto's guts!" Karin screamed, her arms going in many different directions. "I don't get it!"

Naruto just laughed a little before continuing to leave the scene with her friends. Sakura gave Karin a small smile and said,

"Don't worry about it Karin. I'm over him." She looked back at Naruto and Sasuke and noticed the way Sasuke's eyes light up as he talked to his beloved. "Sasuke-kun looks a lot happier now." And with that she turned and walked over to Hakura.

"I'm sorry for being such a bitch to you Hakura. I went a little crazy back there." She said taking her books back from the boy.

"S'Okay, I guess. I'll forgive you if you make dinner tonight." He smirked and Sakura laughed.

"Okay, okay."

Hakura suddenly went serious. "But are you really over him?" Concern pooled in his eyes. Sakura frowned.

"No but… I will. I'll more on and forget about him." She smiled up to her cousin and he smiled back kindly. Oh how he missed his cousin. The one he had before she turned into a Sasuke loving fangirl. And now she was back to her normal self and that's all Hakura could ask for. The bell sounded.

The two cousins linked arms, a satisfied smile on each face, and the two walked down the hall to their next class.

"What is going on?! Seriously?! A happy ending thing?!" Karin looked at the few students still left in the halls. "What happened to Sakura being a bitch?! The hate! Where is the hate?!"

A few students gave her a weird look and continued to class. Soon more followed suit leaving Karin alone in the hallway yelling,

"What's up with this story book ending?!"

-A Few Months Later-

Sasuke nodded to Gaara then joined him in leaning against the wall. He sighed and observed the various couples grinding up against each other in what they called 'dancing'. Sasuke frowned, disgusting.

He then spotted a few familiar couples. Ino and Sai had their own little awkward dance in which Ino moved smoothly and sexy and Sai… well Sai was like a robot.

Nearby a smirking Kiba and red Hinata slowly grooved to the music. And next to them Lee was dancing. Or what Sasuke thought was dancing; it was completely off beat and involved various poses but it's Lee. So it was probably dancing. Dancing with Lee was Tenten, Sakura and Hakura, who were making weird dance moves as they laughed at Lee's odd dance. Neji sat at a table with a few jackets watching the scenario play out.

So now that we've confirmed a bunch of peoples locations and activities, you're probably wondering (or maybe not) where Naruto is. Well let's try door number 3!

"Sasuke! Sasuke!" Naruto waved as she barged through door number 2. Wait! 2? Ah hell no!

Suddenly just when Sasuke was about to reply Naruto turned left. Then!

"Sasuke! Sasuke!" Naruto waved as she barged through door number 3. (:D)

Sasuke smirked and pushed off the wall. Gaara was immediately by Naruto's side helping her walk over to a table.

"Jeez, Gaara. I'm not made of glass, I can walk." Naruto pouted as she sat down.


Naruto just continued to pout as Sasuke sat down beside her.

"Well maybe if some dobe didn't attack Sakura let then maybe she wouldn't be in this predicament."

"It's not my fault! She should have just taken it for what she did!" Naruto growled crossing her arms over her chest.


A few weeks after Sakura, Sasuke, and Naruto made up and the whole weird fan girl stuff was over, Naruto decided to have lunch in her tree house because she hadn't used it in so long.

Upon arriving at said tree house, the young girl was shocked to find her personal belongs removed. Well, while she was in such a state of shock she immediately went straight to the principal's office and questioned the lack of her belongs in a tree. The principal reply with a subtle,

"I trashed it because it was junk and you're not allowed to build on school property! Now get the hell off my desk before I throw you out the window, you brat!"

Naruto had kindly reply with a,

"Damn it!" before quietly departing from the offices, only knocking over a chair and pushing over a plant.

After that Naruto spoke with Iruka about her problem as she lightly patted her tears away.

"Iruka-sensei~! She's so mean~! Who would take down my tree house?! Who?! Why?!"

Iruka confidently reply with,

"Eh, Naruto. Don't rub your eyes with your sleeve it's making them red. Also, here. Wipe the snot off your face."


"Okay, okay. I happened to hear that Sakura had helped the principal find the location of your tree house, which you shouldn't have had in the first place, young lady. You—eh? Naruto?"

Feeling a bit emotional, Naruto had to cut her conversation short and hoped Iruka-sensei didn't feel offended when she rushed out of the classroom knocking a few desks over. Oh dear.


Politely, Naruto addressed Sakura and confronted her on her missing belongings. Sakura guiltily bowed and explained that she had asked for its removal and said she was deeply sorry.

"I am soooo sorry, Naruto! I did that so long ago, I forgot(so did the author ~_~)! I wasn't thinking straight back then! So forgive me!"

(A/N: Review chapter 13. There is a small part where two people are talking but the names aren't given. It's Sakura and the principle talking about the location of Naruto's tree house. Yeah, didn't see that coming now did ya?)

Oh how should I say what happened after that? Erm. Well,

Naruto snapped and grabbed Sakura by the collar and lifted her up high, madness danced in her eyes. She threw Sakura to the ground and started laughing evilly. She then lunged forward and started randomly punching and kicking at Sakura who struggled to dodge the attacks.

And that moment Gaara and Sasuke rushed into see he battle. Naruto had started to punch faster and Sakura was barely able to keep up. Sakura started backing up at an attempted to run away but Naruto stayed on her.

"Baka! Stop it!" Sasuke yelled running up to the two. Just then Naruto rocked back a bit before swinging her right leg out in a round house kick straight at Sakura's face.

"How dare you!" She screamed. Sakura squealed in terror and ducked down, covering her faces. As Sakura ducked down Naruto's foot swiped right over her head and—


Sasuke and Sakura cringed at the sounded. Naruto froze and stared wide eyed at her leg that had just hit solid metal.


-End of flashback-

"Whatever dobe. Now come on. It's a dance; let's dance." Sasuke smirked and stood, holding out a hand for his girlfriend.

"Baka. I have a broken leg. How the hell am I supposed to dance?" Naruto glared. Sasuke just ignored her and lifted Naruto out of her seat and onto the dance floor.

"Put your feet on mine." Naruto just blushed and did. Sasuke smirked and wrapped his arm around Naruto's waist tightly. He then slowly shifted his feet side to side in some sort of make-shift dance. Naruto blushed in embarrassment and wrapped her arms around his shoulders.

"You look beautiful." Sasuke whispered in her ear.

"E-Eh?! S-Shut up, t-teme." Naruto said blushing more and burying her face in Sasuke's chest.

"No. You're beautiful." Sasuke smirked kissing the girls neck.

"S-Sasuke! S-Stop i-it!" Naruto screeched but Sasuke just continued to make a mark on the girl's skin.

Meanwhile Gaara watched the event from the same table Neji sat at.

"They know everyone can hear and see them, right?" Neji asked.

"Sasuke knows." Was Gaara's reply before they both smirked.

"S-Sasuke! Stop it!"

"Oh, Naruto."

The End!

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