you should need or want anything, just ask the help. We are at your service Miss Shalott." she says and leaves me to do as I please. I open the door to my room. It creeks slightly. Inside I see a large bed with black sheets and a black comforter. There are soft, fluffy pillows. Drapes are hung elegantly over the bed. The whole room is made of brick, just Like Tom's. There is a vanity in one corner. A desk is in another. I see that Bryce has put my bag on my bed. I start unpacking. I take out my ipod. I turn it on, put my earphones in and start playing my favorite song. It is "Imaginary" by Evanescence. I slip my ipod into my pocket and continue to unpack. I take some of my clothes out and walk to the closet. I put my clothes up and sing along with the song. "In my field of paper flowers and candy clouds of lullabies I lie inside myself for hours and watch my purple sky fly over me." I sing softly to myself. I begin to close the closet door, but stop when I think I see a door. I look closer. It is a door! I put my hand on the doorknob. Then I hesitate. I should use caution while living in this house. I slowly open the door. I see a single lit oil lamp. I also see a blonde teenager with bright blue eyes staring at me. "So… AWESOME!" I yell in excitement. "Was there really a need to scream?" Tom asks, lifting an eyebrow. "Well, it's awesome." I say and pull my earphones out. Tom seems as if he's never even seen earphones before. He probably hasn't. He's never been to the outside world. Poor him. "If you like secret doors and things, there are tons more around here." Tom says. He gets up from his bed and opens the curtains. Light streams in and I am very grateful for it. "Will you show me around?" I ask him. "Why don't you get someone else?" "Because I want to spend time with you" I answer. He looks at me. He is surprised. I smile at him. There is a long silence, but after a while, he smiles back. Suddenly, the curtains are closed, as if someone wants to get them shut quickly. But Tom wasn't the one doing it. Neither was I. I scream. Tom whirls around. But he is not scared. "Well that wasn't very polite. There's no need to get angry at Shalott. What has she done to you?" he says to what seems to be thin air. Is my brother insane? Did his curtains get mad at me? (O.O So scary!) It suddenly gets very cold in the room. The flame in the lamp flickers furiously and goes out. What is going on? I shiver, but I don't know if it's from the cold or if I am afraid. I feel something brush against my right arm. I gasp and come closer to Tom. Something is here. I know it. I can feel its anger. I can barely see in the darkness. "How about instead of scaring your sister, you introduce yourself to her." Tom says again to thin air. The air becomes literally thin. Since when did I have three siblings? Why is Tom talking to it like they're friends? I am so very confused. "Come on now, show yourself. Don't be so difficult." Tom says. Then something begins to glow a ghastly blue-green color. It is an outline of a person. (O_o Oh my!) As it becomes clearer, I see that it is a little girl. She is about 4 or 5. She is wearing a white dress and white sandals. Her hair is pulled into two cute piggy tails with white ribbons. (Oink oink!) Her eyes are dark and depressing. Her mouth is fixed into a dark frown. Her arms are behind her back. Her whole body is glowing. She is frightening. She is a ghost. I am struck speechless. So this house is haunted. Is this the only thing haunting this awful place? Does she hate me? I think I'm going to faint. To make it even worse, the ghost speaks. "I go by the name of Samantha. I am one of the many ghosts haunting this mansion. I am your long-gone sister. What do you go by?" she says. Her voice echoes all around me. What does she mean by long-gone sister? I've never had a sister. Many ghosts? She has a name? Oh, boy. "I call myself Emma. But that's not my real name. My real name is Shalott." I stammer, still scared by her. "Shalott… I like that name. I like all Old English names. Doesn't Shalott mean Land of Astolat? I simply love Alfred Tennyson's poem about a girl named Shalott. Why do you call yourself Emma? Shalott is such a unique and beautiful name." Samantha says. What a mouthful. Suddenly, she is no longer frightful. "I call myself Emma because…because" I say. She has made me think. "What are names anyway? They are only made to distinguish you from others. The more unique name you have, the better the name serves its purpose. But names don't define you. Isaac means "He will laugh". A boy named Isaac might not ever laugh in his life. Just like you. Just because you are called Shalott, doesn't mean that you are from the Land of Astolat. You are not defined by your name. My name means "Flower". I am most certainly not a flower. I am the living-dead. I do not let my name define me. Tom doesn't let his name define him. Thomas means "Twin". He's not even a Gemini. He's a Leo. I'm Cancer. What are you?" she says. I can tell that she likes to talk, but changes subjects easily. "Uhhh… I think I'm Pisces. I'm pretty sure that's right." I answer. "That sounds about right. You won't admit it but, you're always wanting to care about others more than you care about yourself. You live in an imaginary world and can spend all day gazing dreamily out of an open window and feeling a light breeze on your face." Samantha says dreamily. How does she know that? "Are you a mind reader?" I ask almost scared again. "Well, it's very obvious that you're a dreamer." she replies. She seems innocent, but I'm not so sure. "All you have to do is look into a person's eyes to see their personality or even their whole life story. Your eyes never seem to be in the real world. And anyway you were listening to a song about candy clouds and lullabies." Tom adds. I had forgotten he is standing right next to me. Has he been staring into my eyes and gathering information about me? Will he use this information against me? This is slightly creepy. "Well now that that horrid window is closed and I've introduced myself, I think I'll let Tom give you the grand tour. I suppose I'll be seeing you later." Samantha says. As she fades slowly away, I suddenly remember something. What does she mean by long-lost sister? But she is gone. I'll see her later. Now I guess I'll go roaming around this place with Tom. Things happen so quickly. "C'mon now. Don't stand there looking like a fool." Tom says and walks quickly out of the door. Or is he jogging? He's fast. I run to catch up with him. "Where are we going?" "Where do you want to go?" My stomach growls. I tell it to shut up and answer Tom's question. "Let's go to the kitchen." I say and grab a half-eaten granola bar out of my pocket. I eat it happily. "Want some?" I ask and shove it in Tom's face. I remember how I love to annoy my brothers so much. When I was little, I remember climbing up onto one of my brother's laps and acting cute. Then when Mother left the room, I would pull their noses off and rip out their hair. And if I was actually mad at them, I would scream at the top of my lungs and kick them. But if they got mad at me for getting them in trouble with the adults, I would forgive them for whatever they did and give them a big hug and kiss. But I would show no mercy if someone took my brothers away from me. When Mother put Tom to bed to take a nap, I would throw a fit if she didn't let me crawl into bed with him. If Devin left the room, I would totter after him along with my teddy bear. My teddy bear is EVIL! When I wake up in the morning, he is sitting up against the wall, staring at me with those beady eyes. And he used to make a mess of my room and I would get in trouble. But he is still my best friend. (Flashback is now over.) Tom looks me like I'm a strange alien girl and shakes his head. I shrug. His loss. I no longer want any of my half-eaten granola bar when I smell the many wonderful aromas of a kitchen. The food smells great! "When is dinner?" I ask eagerly. "We usually have a fairly late dinner, but you can probably get a snack when you meet the chef." Tom answers. I become even more anxious. I grab him by his wrist and start running towards the smells. Mmmm so good! I can see the hustle and bustle of a five-star kitchen. My stomach growls, but I don't care. I am in a trance. Suddenly I hear a booming voice. "Well look who it is! Hello there, my beautiful young mistress. I suppose you are here to observe and maybe do a little taste testing?" it calls out to me. It belongs to a stout little man who is wearing a chef's hat. His chef's outfit is covered in all kinds of sauces and seasonings. His neatly combed hair is black. He seems to be in charge of the kitchen. I nod to answer his question. "Maybe the young lady would like to skip straight to desert so can get on with her tour?" he says. I nod to answer his question. "Maybe the young lady would like to skip straight to desert so can get on with her tour?" he says. Now this is my kind of guy! He sees someone fooling around in a corner and hurries off to scold him. "That's Pierre. He's the head chef." Tom says. Pierre comes back to us and apologizes to Tom for letting his staff fool around when they had a very important job to do. Tom nods. We follow Pierre to a huge, gleaming pot. I can recognize that smell anywhere! It's chocolate! Beside the pot of boiling chocolate is a humungous tray of one of the best things in the world. Chocolate-covered strawberries!!! (*drool and eyes turn googely*) The strawberries are huge, not the tiny ones you find at Kroger. (No offense Kroger. Shnucks has small strawberries too.) They look so juicy and sweet! The chocolate will make them even sweeter! "Yo, when's dinner?!?" I scream at Tom. He flinches and says "Again, was there really any reason to scream again?!?" Tom screams back. "You're screaming too!" "Only because you were screaming!" "Well that's no reason to scream!" Tom's face turns as red as one of those delicious strawberries. He gives me an evil glare so frightening that if I didn't know better, I would think he is going to tackle me right then and there. I back off and say "OK Tommy, you win. Just take a chill pill." Oh no! I forgot! Tom's eyes widen and he clinches his fists. I take a step back, ready to run for my life. Tom is shaking with anger. Pierre knows better than to try to calm him down when he's this angry. Tom lunges at me. I take off. NEVER EVER call Tom Tommy. He'll go into assassin mode and try to strangle you until you're blue. Then he'll let you gulp for air and then he'll strangle you again until you beg for your life. But since I'm his sister and he hasn't seen me in a while, maybe he'll just wrestle me to the ground. Or maybe he'll torture me even more. I scream and run for the exit. But where is it?! This kitchen is too big! I dodge many people making fancy food of all kinds. I only run into a few. There are many knives and sharp objects everywhere. Basically anything here can be used as a weapon. Tom should be in heaven. I am afraid to look behind me. Tom is older and stronger than me. He has more stealth, experience, and stamina than me. But worst of all, he has much more speed and skill than me. And when it comes to throwing things, he has more accuracy. I mean after all, he's a trained assassin. I'm doomed. Hide me! But wait a second. I do have one advantage! I'm lighter than him. But than again he's kinda on the skinny side, but he's still more heavily-built than me. Bwahahaha! I feel like an evil genius. Now I know how Devin feels. I come back to earth when I almost run into a flaming stove. It's an old stove. Even this stupid kitchen is obsolete! So back to planning while running. How can I use my advantage? I skid to a halt when I hear something whizzing past my head. A fork hits a wall all the way across the kitchen. I almost cry. That was a few centimeters from my head! What would've happened if it had hit its target? I turn around slowly to see Tom. "Please don't hurt me." I say in a scared, squeaky voice. Tom doesn't move. "I'll give you a hug." I say, holding my arms out towards him. He's not very impressed. "Come on hugs make everything better." I say in a weak attempt to calm him.