It was a sunny Sunday afternoon in Jump City and the five super heroes known as the Teen Titans were currently heading to the local pizza parlor for lunch.

Once they arrived there, Cyborg, StarFire and Robin immediately entered.

Just as Beast boy and Raven were about to enter though, a teenage girl who looked to be about fifteen years old stopped them.

"Hey aren't you guys Beast boy and Raven of the Teen Titans?" The girl asked with a huge creepy smile on her face.

"We sure are." Beast boy said with a smug smile as he put his hands on his hips confidently. "Why do you ask?" Raven asked in her usual monotone.

"Because!" The girl shouted. "I'm like one of the BIGGEST Titans fans EVER! And you two are my favorite!" The girl yelled cheerfully.

"Thanks, it's always nice to have a fan." Beast boy said with the smug smile still on his face.

"So what do you want an autograph or something?" Raven asked with an exasperated sigh. "No!" The girl responded once again loudly and cheerfully which made Raven cringe.

"I just wanted to tell you two about the website me and a bunch of other Titan fans made that's dedicated entirely to the two of you!" The girl exclaimed breaking out in an obnoxious giggle.

Beast boy's smile vanished. "The two of…us?" He asked nervously rubbing the back of his head.

"Yeah! There's forums there and fan art! See, I even drew this picture of you guys!" Just then the teenage girl pulled a piece of paper out of her pocket and unfolded it as she showed it to the two Titans.

To say they were utterly horrified would be an understatement.

The picture showed Beast boy and Raven completely naked, holding and kissing each other. Also in the picture, they were in an extreme state of sexual arousal, which made it even worse.

Beast boy and Raven's eyes widened an their mouths flew open.

"EW SICK DUDE!" Beast boy screamed with a disgusted look on his face.

Raven then narrowed her eyes at the girl. "Why would you draw something like that?" Raven asked her, trying not to lose her temper.

"Duh silly! Everybody at The Beast boy and Raven fan club know that the two of you secretly love each other." The girl stated as if it were the most obvious thing in the entire universe.

"Whoah now wait just a second we DO NOT love each other." Raven said utterly aghast.

"Yeah, we barely even like each other! And what's the Beast boy and Raven fan club?" Beast boy asked dreading the answer.

"I already told you, it's the site I and other Titan fans made that's dedicated to the two of you, and everyone on the forums said that you two are in constant denial about your love." "Anyway I have to get going; I hope to see you two again sometime!" The girl shouted giggling and running off.

"Hopefully not." Raven muttered under her breath as she pulled her hood up.

She couldn't believe it, she was utterly disgusted that ANYONE would make a site dedicated to her and Beast boy, she couldn't stand him, he was obnoxious, immature and he reeked like tofu.

"But then again Beast boy is very sexy, I mean he's gotten a lot taller now, and he has a lot more muscles." A voice deep down inside of Raven's mind said. It was probably her emotion Lust, so she tried to ignore her and hurry up inside of the restaurant. She could never fall for Beast boy and she was sure of it.

The changeling followed her inside of the pizza parlor and up to the rooftop part of the restaurant where they usually sat.

Unfortunately, the only two seats left were right next to each other, which meant she would have to sit next to Beast boy.

Raven's face flushed in anger and agitation. "Why? Why did it have to be next to him? "Especially after that encounter with that stupid teenager." Raven thought in despair. "Oh well just get it over with Raven, you can do this, you're a strong girl." Raven thought. Raven sighed as Beast boy sat down next to her and Raven then took her seat next to the green teen.

"Yo, what took you two so long? Were you guys making out or something?"

Cyborg asked as a smile came over his face before he broke out into wild laughter.

"SHUTUP WE WERE NOT!" Beast boy and Raven screamed in unison.

This made Cyborg laugh even harder. "Alright Cyborg that's enough." Robin said sternly.

"Chill, I was just joking can't anyone here take a joke?" Cyborg asked his smile fading. Beast boy and Raven just grimaced at him in response.

"I guess not." Cyborg muttered under his breath in annoyance.

"Boyfriend Robin when are we going to get down to the ordering of the pizzas?" StarFire asked in her usual soft innocent tone.

"Well I was almost ready until Cyborg had to start up his usual crap." Robin said shooting a glare at the metal man.

"Alright alright, I'm sorry now could we please just decide on what we want?" Cyborg asked Robin, trying to forget about the whole previous situation. "I'd be glad to." Robin said with a small smile. The masked leader then turned his gaze to Beast boy and Raven.

"Just out of curiosity, what did take you two so long?" Robin asked them, raising an eyebrow. "I don't want to talk about." Raven snapped.

The changeling sitting next to her however didn't listen.

"There was this creepy teenage girl who wanted to tell us that there was some site out there on the internet that's dedicated entirely to me and Raven. Then she showed us some picture that she drew of us- Just then Raven clamped her hand down hard on Beast boy's mouth.

She then whispered into his ear. "If you tell them what that picture showed I will throw you into an eternal nightmare that you will never wake up from." Raven snarled threateningly. Beast boy's eyes widened in sheer terror and Raven then pulled her hand away.

"Ugh you know what why don't you guys just forget about everything I just said okay?" Beast boy asked, practically pleading with them as he began to sweat nervously.

Since Robin and Cyborg did not want to condemn their green friend by asking questions, they decided to just let it go and they ordered their pizzas.

Later that night back at the tower, Raven was sitting in her room meditating.

All she could think about was the words of the teenage girl, and the picture she drew of them… It made Raven shiver and cringe.

As hard as Raven tried, she just couldn't stop thinking about this supposed website about her and Beast boy. That was it; Raven had to look at this site for herself.

She got up off of her bed and walked up to her computer. She sat down and typed in .net, and immediately the site popped up. The homepage of the site showed a fan made picture of her and Beast boy embracing in a passionate kiss, but in this one they thankfully had their clothes on. Raven couldn't help but notice how good the artist who drew the picture was; the picture looked so real…

Some of the other links on the site were entitled "forums" and "fan art"

Raven immediately clicked on fan art and dozens of pictures of her and Beast boy popped up. Some were like the picture on the home page but others were like the one that the teenage girl had showed them earlier.

Raven felt like just crawling up into a hole and dying there, she was so embarrassed and ashamed.

Raven then couldn't look at it anymore, she sighed sadly and layed down on her bed as she shut her eyes. Just then someone knocked on her door.

"Whoever it is go away! I'm in the middle of being miserable right now!" Raven yelled. "Raven it's me open up, please." It was Beast boy. Raven then decided that maybe she could speak to him about her frustration. After all, this was happening to him to. She wondered if it bothered him just as much.

Raven walked up to her door and opened it up.

"Can I come in?" Beast boy asked with a concerned look on his face.

"Sure." Raven replied simply and Beast boy walked up to her bed as she sat down onto her purple comforter.

"I don't know why this had to happen to us Beast boy, why can't people just leave us alone instead of making horrible sites like that girl made?"

Raven asked as tears began to well up in her eyes.

Beast boy then crawled next to her on the bed. "Aw its okay Raven don't cry." Beast boy said comfortingly, scooting even closer to her on the bed.

Raven felt strangely comforted by the green teen's words. Beast boy then leaned into her and whispered in her ear. "Is it okay if I put my arm around you Raven?" He asked nervously yet innocently. Raven looked up at him with her beautiful amethyst orbs and nodded. Beast boy then immediately listened and he wrapped his right arm around Raven's shoulders as Raven layed herself onto his chest which made pink color the changeling's cheeks.

Raven smiled and she let out a content little sigh as she snuggled up against him. Pink started to color her cheeks as well and she began to feel butterflies in her stomach. Who knew being this close to Beast boy was this nice?

Beast boy then leaned into her ear again and whispered. "Is this okay Raven?" And as he said this he rested his left hand onto Raven's thigh.

Raven let out a soft moan and she closed her eyes as she once again nodded her head. Beast boy felt like he was in heaven, he loved being this close to Raven and he loved her, he always did. The only reason he always acted so disgusted whenever somebody made insinuations about the two of them was because Raven did. Had the teenage girl only showed him the picture she drew, Beast boy would have smiled and asked her if she could make a copy so he could keep one to himself.

Just then Beast boy's heart fluttered as he saw Raven look up at him. His emerald orbs meeting her amethyst ones.

For a moment they just remained like that, looking into each other's eyes until Raven became annoyed and frowned.

"Damnit Beast boy just kiss me!" She yelled, crimson coloring her cheeks.

Beast boy didn't need to be told twice and he firmly pressed his lips up against the pale beauty's. Raven moaned against his lips as he deepened the kiss. He wrapped his arms around her back as he pushed her down onto the bed, making him on top of her as they continued to kiss.

Raven then wrapped her arms around her neck as she also deepened the kiss. Their hands then eventually began to roam over each other's bodies, stroking and exploring.

Once Beast boy pulled away, the two of them were breathing heavily.

"I love you Beast boy, I always have, I guess I just…never realized it."

Raven said sheepishly. But Beast boy smiled back at her. "I love you to Rae, I always have and I always will." Beast boy said smiling and embracing her in another kiss. Once they pulled away again, Beast boy leaned up to Raven's ear and whispered to her. "You know Raven; I secretly really liked that picture that that girl drew of us." Beast boy said huskily as he placed a wet kiss onto Raven's ear.

"Me to Beast boy." Raven said smiling naughtily up at him. Raven then continued to massage Beast boy's body, but once her hands reached his lower level she gasped in shock. Beast boy was very hard.

"Oh Beast boy you horny boy." Raven said sexily pulling him into a French kiss as she began to grind her wetness up against his bulge.

Their tongues wrestled with one another's until they eventually broke the kiss.

Beast boy then looked over at Raven. "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Beast boy asked her with a seductive smile.

"I think I am." Raven replied sexily as she began to pull her cloak off as Beast boy pulled his shirt over his head.

The End?