Here it is, the third and Final chapter for the Beast boy and Raven fan club, enjoy!

Beast boy opened his eyes slowly, as the morning sun began to pour into them.

He then rubbed the sleep from them and looked around the room.

Who's room was he in again?

Well judging by all the gothic antiques as well as the bookshelf, it looked like he was in Raven's room. That meant… He looked down at Raven, she was still sleeping and snoring softly with her arms wrapped around Beast boy's waste.

"That was real? YES! YES! I thought that was all a dream, thank God it wasn't!" Beast boy thought happily in his head. He felt like jumping up and punching the air in victory, although he didn't want to wake up his beautiful new girlfriend. Well technically his first girlfriend. Him and Terra had not gotten that far before Slade had interrupted.

Beast boy then pulled Raven's purple sheet off of him and he realized he was still inside of her. He blushed and pulled out slowly which woke Raven up.

Beast boy watched as her eyes fluttered open slowly, revealing her gorgeous amethyst orbs.

"Morning boyfriend." Raven said smiling, she loved that new word.

"Good morning my love." Beast boy replied grabbing her chin gingerly as he pressed his lips up against hers in a sweet chaste kiss.

Raven wrapped her arms around his neck as she kissed him back as passionately as she could.

They then pulled away. "Did you sleep good last night Rae?" Beast boy asked her kindly.

"Oh of course Beast boy, especially since I was snuggled up against you." Raven said giving him a wink. Beast boy then got out of her bed and blushed, forgetting for a second that he was still completely naked.

"Aw don't be embarrassed Beast boy, you should feel comfortable being naked in front of me." Raven said giggling which made Beast boy blush even more.

Raven then got out of her bed as well exposing her naked body to Beast boy once again.

Beast boy then walked up to her and embraced her in a hug which cause Raven to let out a small moan in surprise.

Beast boy then leaned into her and whispered in her ear. "Did I rock your world last night?" He asked in a husky whisper.

Raven blushed and smiled. "Oh yes Beast boy." "Good because you rocked mine." Beast boy said placing a kiss on her chakara stone.

This made Raven's face turn even redder. Beast boy then pulled away.

"Hey Rae?" "Yes?" Raven asked practically beaming, she was so happy she never had a boyfriend before. The closest she had ever come to one was with Malchior, but that bastard ended up breaking her heart.

"Do you have some extra clothes I could wear? I mean I don't want to risk walking out of YOUR room, especially your room completely naked and having the others see me."

"No I'm sorry BB I don't, Just morph into a fly and fly to your room, no one will see." Raven said matter of factly.

"Oh duh." Beast boy said smacking himself on the forehead which made Raven smile.

Raven then opened one of her drawers and pulled out a pair of her purple underwear as she slid them on. She then pulled out one of her purple bras.

"Beast boy could you help me put this on?" Raven asked sweetly.

"What? You've done it many times before obviously, why are you asking me?" Beast boy asked annoyed.

"Because it's easier when someone helps me, and I've never had the chance for help before so I'm using it." Raven replied flatly.

"Alright fine." Beast boy groaned giving in as he pulled her bra over her chest and reached around and strapped it on her.

"Thanks Beast boy." Raven said turning around and giving him a kiss on the cheek. Beast boy put his hand to his cheek and smiled. Raven then pulled on her leotard as well as her cloak and boots; and once she did, Beast boy morphed into a fly and flew under the crack beneath Raven's door and to his room. He then got himself dressed and flew back into Raven's room.

He morphed back into his human form and once he did, Raven grabbed onto his hand gently, making him turn pink.

"Raven as much as I would love to hold hands with you, the others will see."

"Exactly, and we're telling the others right now, I couldn't stand keeping my relationship with you a secret, it would be too hard."

Raven then leaned into him and whispered into his ear.

"Especially when we get under the covers again." She said in a suggestive voice. Beast boy's eyes widened in delight, Raven's words made him very happy.

So he agreed, and the two of them exited her room and walked down the hallway together hand in hand and into the main room.

"Dudes good news!" Beast boy shouted out.

"You're a couple." Cyborg replied with absolutely no emotion.

"No we're- wait a second you know?" "Yep we sure do." Cyborg replied flatly once again.

"What do you mean we?" Raven asked raising an eyebrow at Cyborg.

"He means us as well." Robin said gesturing to himself and StarFire.

"What you all knew? Damn was it that obvious?" Beast boy asked pulling his hand away from Raven's and crossing his arms over his chest.

"Listen we always knew you two had a thing for each other, but we never said anything because we knew it would upset you." Robin stated. He then paused and glared over at Cyborg. "At least SOME of us didn't say anything." Robin said through clenched teeth.

"Hey how many times can I say I'm sorry?" Cyborg exclaimed glaring back at the bird boy.

"Well that doesn't answer the fact on how you guys knew we just became a couple." Raven stated accusingly.

"We all knew once we heard the screaming and moaning you two were doing last night." Cyborg said with a smirk, desperately trying to hold back his laughter.

Beast boy and Raven's face then turned redder than the ripest of ripe apples and Robin began rubbing the back of his head nervously and started blushing as well.

"Well it's not like Robin and StarFire don't do anything." Beast boy said grinning.

"Exactly, that's why Robin's not saying anything." Cybrog said, his smirk growing even bigger.

Starfire than turned to Robin.

"Wait what does friend Beast boy mean by the don't do anything?" StarFire asked her masked boyfriend.

Robin face palmed and sighed which made Beast boy, Raven and Cyborg break out into laughter.

"I'll tell you later Star." Robin said whispering into his girlfriend's ear.

"Well I'm just glad that friends Beast boy and Raven are finally together, this is glorious!" StarFire exclaimed happily running over and embracing the new couple in a huge hug that practically crushed them.

"Alright Star that's enough." Beast boy and Raven said practically out of breath.

Later that afternoon, the five heroes headed back to the same pizza parlor for lunch that they had gone to the day before.

Just like before however, The three other Titans entered, but Beast boy and Raven were once again stopped by the same girl from the day before.

This caused Beast boy and Raven to sigh in annoyance, and since they had been holding hands, they immediately let go, not wanting the girl to see.

Too late. "AHA! I saw that, I knew you two loved each other!" The girl yelled out, squealing in delight. "And the two of you made love last night, I know I can sense it." The girl stated in her obnoxious cheery voice.

Beast boy and Raven then blushed heavily.

"Ha, I knew it! So did you check out the site dedicated to you guys that I helped make?" The girl asked them grinning. "Sure." Raven replied in her monotone. "Yeah it was ugh… great." Beast boy said, hoping it would get the girl to leave, which it did.

"Hahahaahha that's awesome." The girl laughed in delight.

"Wait till I tell all my friends and everyone on the forums that you two are finally together! Well by!" The girl yelled back at them, running off down the sidewalk.

Beast boy and Raven then immediately knew she was going to tell some of the townspeople as well that they were together, and soon all of Jump City would eventually know over time. But strangely…They were okay with that.

The REAL end.

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