Marked: Aphrodite's Story

Chapter 2

I woke up, after what seemed like a two-hour sleep, but in all actuality I slept for eight hours. My hair was most likely a mess. I got out of bed and looked in my mirror. I was right, my blonde hair was a mess. I grabbed my brush and brushed it out.

I walked to my closet. I grabbed a dark denim mini skirt, v-neck lace kaftan, and my Alexander McQueen (Rest in Peace Alexander McQueen) red leather peep-toe pumps (A/N see links on profile). I couldn't decide what bra I wanted to wear. I decided to go with my lacey black one. I got dressed, and did my make-up. I was now presentable.

Walking out of my room, I bumped into Neferet. "Aphrodite, you look lovely. May I please speak to you in my office?" Neferet asked. I nodded and followed Neferet to her office. Neferet and I reached her office in less than ten minutes.

Neferet opened the door and motioned for me to go in and sit down. I did so. Neferet did the same. "What do you think of Zoey Redbird?" Neferet asked. I wanted to say, "Zoey Redbird has no potential of being a vampyre. She is ugly, like a skank, and grouchy. She looks stupid with her colored in Mark. Why the hell is she here?"

I held in my anger, and politely said, "She might have potential. And what's up with Mark? Is she like some prophet only adult vampyres know about?" Neferet smiled, guessing that was what I was going to say.

"I'm glad you think so. Zoey Redbird is special, but not a prophet. I'll see you in Vampyre Sociality," Neferet stated, I got up as she finished her sentence. I walked down the corridor, towards Deino's room. Deino's room was just up ahead. I got to the door and knocked. Deino opened the door.

"What are you doing here?' Deino asked. I shrugged and walked in. Deino was still in her pajamas. Glancing at the clock, Deino ran off to get dressed. She came back in ten minutes.

"Finally! You take forever!" I stated, Deino excused herself, which meant "Get out of my room!". Leaving Deino's room, I was late. Late for Vamp Sociality with Neferet, High Priestess and Professor Neferet. Would Neferet care if I were late? Probably not. Does Neferet think I'm a slut? Yes. Did I care? Nope.

Laughing at myself, I entered Vamp Soc. Neferet looked at me, more like glaring at my lateness.

"Take a seat, Aphrodite. Pemphredo you may continue reading," Neferet instructed. I nodded and sat down. I opened me text book to chapter four; which just happened to be Sexuality and bloodlust.

Pemphredo cleared her throat and started to read; "Though the frequency of needs differ depending upon age, sex, and general strength of the vampyre, adults must periodically feed on human blood to remain healthy and sane. It is, therefore, logical that evolution, and our beloved Goddess, Nyx, have insured the blood drinking process is a pleasurable one, both for the vampyre and the human donor." Neferet cut her off. She pointed at me to continue reading.

"No disrespect here Prof. Neferet, but I decline. I'm not going to read," I stated.

Sorry for it being so short…. I'd like to wish y'all a Happy Easter, just in cause I don't get one out by tomorrow.