First off, this is not a story for the faint of heart. This is a story about doubt, lies, violence and war. It contains very detailed gore, graphic language and sex. It might mess with your head, it might even make you cry. It will probably have you on the edge of your seat.

Some of the first chapters are still a bit rough around the edges, but I'm constantly reviewing and correcting them.

Anyway, should you decide to keep reading, you might find this story to be unlike anything you've encountered. In that sense, have fun reading ;)

Transformers belongs to Hasbro/ Takara.

The Dark Horizon

Chapter1: If only...

If only I had known what I was getting myself into. If only I hadn't been so naïve. If only I hadn't listened to him, to this deep baritone telling me to trust him. If only I hadn't gotten into the car.

Now I was sitting here on a cold metal table, alien fingers probing and examining a body that wasn't mine. A cage, I was living in one. A big, cold cage, with only one single exit: death. I closed my optics and sobbed. The fingers stopped.

"What's the matter, kid?" the voice of my friend, my only friend, inquired. I shook my head, looking down.

"It's nothing." That wasn't true. It was everything. I knew it. He knew it, but said nothing. He squeezed my shoulder lightly, resuming his work. I thought back. Back to a time when I had admired those warriors of metal, had looked up to them, had believed them. Those times, short and blissful as they had been, were gone. Forever.

It was on a December morning that it all started I think, it must have been winter- it was cold outside, cold and windy. Autumn leaves had long since collected in wet heaps in the outside corners of the school building, yet there was no snow. It was the second class of the day I think and I was sitting there, bored, letting my physics teacher blabber away while letting my mind wander, looking out of the window. The time just didn't seem to pass and every second I was spending in this facility just seemed so very pointless. Just two more years. Two more years and I'd be out of here. No more physics, no more math, no more anything I didn't like or need. Only me and my gift, what I wanted to do, what I was meant to do. And even if studying art meant I had to pass the hardest entrance examination in the world, I knew that if I couldn't do it, no one could. I desperately longed for a bigger world than the one my parents lived in, the only one they knew. I wanted adventure, no day would be like the next. I would be traveling to foreign countries, meeting new people every day, excitement waiting for me at every turn... I was certain that, should I lead a normal life, working in an office maybe, I would suffocate. I wanted unexpected things to happen.

And so, when I heard the sound of screeching tires, of roaring engines and missiles hitting the building, it was a mix of horror and curiosity that I felt. This was most unexpected. My friend Malissa, who was sitting beside me grabbed my arm anxiously, she was scared, as anyone in their right mind would have been. My classmates started screaming, the girls' high pitched voices making my eardrums ache. Suddenly a huge pair of metallic feet crunched down in front of the classroom's windows and only seconds later the window side of the room was being torn off by the biggest pair of silver hands that I had ever seen. In a daze I realized that the other pupils had already stood up and were storming out of the room, retreating further into the building, I started to follow them hastily- but then he called my name.

"Joelle Dahl?" I turned around, shocked. This wasn't possible. I had heard about him. Seen him in comics, cartoons, movies. But this was real. I couldn't believe it. There he was, Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots, kneeling in front of my school, calling my name. Not even in my wildest dreams had I imagined that this creature, this part of, well, mainstream entertainment would come into my life, but there he was right in front of me. About 30 feet tall, moving and talking. Talking to me, at that. For a moment I wondered if this creature might have been man- made after all and if this was nothing but the most expensive trick in the world, but no. I was certain humans couldn't build something like this. This was no machine. It was alive.

"Y...yes?" He blinked the covers over his blue optics, eyeballing me with these glowing visual sensors. Malissa, who had already fled the room now returned, grabbing me by the arm once again, trying to pull me out of there. I wouldn't let her. My feet were firmly planted onto the linoleum on the floor, my body not moving a single inch, no matter how hard she tried.

"Come on, Joelle! We gotta get out of here!" She screamed at me. I didn't listen. All of my attention belonged to the giant red, blue and silver robot in front of me.

"Joelle Dahl, you are in great danger. There is no time to explain now. Please come with me." he said, that beautiful deep voice lulling me into some kind of trance. The next words were the ones that I should have never believed.

"Trust me." He extended his hand. I looked past his massive thigh, where other, somehow familiar robots were fighting, demolishing the whole parking lot and the surrounding buildings. I smelled smoke. The school was burning. Machine guns were rattling, glass was being shattered, cars were being crunched down to mere metal heaps, shredded beyond recognition. He promised safety. In a weird way. 'I'd probably be safer if I kept away from him', I thought, 'but that was what I wanted, wasn't it? An exiting, special life? And what would be a greater chance for such a life than him?' Besides... was it actually an option to refuse him? His hand was still outstretched to me. He was waiting for me. After taking a deep breath, I approached the hand, to the shock of my friend.

"JOELLE!"Malissa screamed. I climbed onto his flat palm, clinging to his thick fingers. I turned around one last time. While Optimus was standing up, I caught a last glimpse of my friend, who was trying to reach out for me, tears in her eyes and terror written all over her face, shouting for me to come back. Once he had reached his full height, I could see the complete extent of the battle for the first time. Four huge mechs, two of them winged, were trying to approach the large bot who was holding me in his hand safely, but a whole bunch of others (I counted at least nine of them) were keeping them at a safe distance. A sturdy black mech, big, but not as big as Optimus, ran towards us, panting.

"Got her?" he asked his leader, gazing into his hand curiously and scanning me.

"Yes. Hold them back a little longer, then retreat." The other robot nodded.

"Yes sir!"


The soft leather seats were warm, somewhat snuggling into the curves of my body, holding me in place securely and comfortably while Optimus' motor was roaring, pushing his huge, transformed body forward at top speed untiringly. He had told me where we were going: their base. We had been driving for over an hour now, the other Transformers I had seen fighting at my school were following closely, a few others had even joined the convoy on the way. I looked to my left, where a holographic, tall man with a short brown beard was sitting in the drivers' seat, pretending to steer the vehicle. I cleared my throat. I wanted some answers and I wanted them now.

"So it's true. You guys are real."

"We are." He said, frowning at me. I then realized I had been tracing patterns on the inside of the passenger door absent- mindedly. I stopped immediately. Maybe I should try to keep my hands to myself, I thought, I was sitting inside someone and not something after all.

"Just like... in the movies and all? How come there are movies about you?"



"An Autobot deserter. He had been hiding on earth for quite a while. At some point, he revealed himself to some humans, did business with them. He told them stories about our kind, about the war. They sold it as fiction and made a fortune."

"What happened to Sideways?" His expression tightened.

"What happens to all traitors when they finally get caught. He is dead."

"So... everything from the stories is reality? All the characters, your planet... all of that is true?" The hologram looked straight into my eyes, nodding. It unnerved me how he wasn't watching the road ahead anymore, but I had to remind myself that the hologram certainly didn't need to.

"Mostly, yes. Cybertron, the war, a lot of the Cybertronians involved, Autobots and Decepticons, good versus evil. There are some things that the humans don't know about us, and some things that they just dreamed up, but still." I shook my head. This was crazy.

"But what do I have to do with this? I mean, I'm just an ordinary human. I'm not a military person, I don't know about any top secret stuff... I can't be of any importance to you, can I?"

"Tell me, miss Dahl, in the past years, did you ever break a bone? Did you ever fall sick? Did it ever occur that you were not 100% healthy?" I looked at my lap, thinking.

"Now that you mention it, no." The hologram nodded.

"And what do you think, why could that be?" I shrugged.

"Good immune system and a careful lifestyle?" He chuckled and shook his head, his brown strands moving almost naturally.

"No. Let me tell you another story. Three years ago a 13 year old girl was killed in a car accident. Only a few hours after that unfortunate incident, someone must have contacted your parents, making them an offer. The next day, the girl was back home, alive and happy. The only ones who ever remembered the accident were the parents and the stranger. This stranger, who had brought back the beloved daughter, was one of us. The girl she brought back that day was her child. The child which she wanted to hide from the Decepticons. The child that would decide over our species' fate one day. Joelle, you're the child." Now I could see what he was getting at. It was just hard to believe. The fact that I was not my parents' daughter made me cringe. They'd never said a word about it. My stomach felt like it would wander up into my throat, cutting off my breath. My whole life, all my memories, were a lie?

"This can't be. I remember a time before I was 13 and I remember being human. You must have kidnapped the wrong girl." Again, he shook his head.

"It's all a matter of programming. Believe me, you're the one." I still wasn't sure if I wanted to believe this.

"So everything I remember... actually didn't happen?"

"It did happen, just not to you." He looked out of the windshield and up into the sky. I knew what he was most likely looking for.

"Okay. Let's say I'm this uhm... child you're looking for. And you want me to help you. How?" He sighed.

"You see, the war has been raging for quite a while and truth be told, our race is going extinct. We haven't seen or heard about a functional femme in centuries. You're our last hope." I blushed. That was what he was after.

"You want me to help you save your species. In other words, you want me to have children."

"Yes." Yes. Just yes. Forgotten were the adventures, forgotten were glory and excitement.

"I'm sorry to say that, although your hologram is quite handsome, you're not my type." Said hologram tightened its grip on the steering wheel, shifting uncomfortably in its seat.

"You're not even fertile yet." I laughed sarcastically.

"Excuse me? I'm 16 years old, I got my period for the first time at the age of 14 and you're telling me I'm not fertile?" He rolled his bright blue eyes.

"What a detailed fake."


"Yes, fake!" He let go of the steering wheel, left his seat and shoved his face into mine. He was so close I could see every one of the little blue accents that seemed to explode over his iris, emanating from the pupil, that seemed to narrow, seizing me up. He poked my arm, I slapped his hand away. "Listen. This skin, the hair, the muscle, the human organs, it's all a fake. A perfect disguise, no earthling would ever suspect you of being something else. This was exactly your mother's intention. And somehow she managed to stop your growth, otherwise you would be way too big by now to pass for a human. So you're still in your sparkling body, but your CPU has developed normally. And if you don't stop being so damn recalcitrant I'm feeling tempted to just tie you up and leave you in the back!" I felt his hot breath on my skin, felt his hands being braced on the seat on either side of my hips. Intimidated, I leaned back as far as possible, away from this relatively big artificial human male. He even smelled real. It was a somewhat musky, but decent scent. I held up my hands in a defeated manner.

"I'll be a good girl. Just... get off me, please?" He retreated back to his seat.

"When we arrive I'll have Ratchet examine you. I think we'll have to remove all that... flesh to allow your body to reach its full size." The next minutes passed in silence. I was starting to get a very bad feeling about this. Still, I tried not to show it.

"You know, you're a pretty detailed fake yourself. Your hologram, I mean." He looked at me, smiling again.

"Thank you." I sat back, wrapping my arms around my body.


As expected, the base was really big. Of course, since those guys were simply huge, they needed a shelter that equaled their size. I had to admit I didn't know where we were exactly for I had fallen asleep for a few hours, but it was located in the desert, a sealed military area. Area 51 maybe? Couldn't be sure. Nervously, I looked over to the hologram again. I wondered if, in case I had to stay here for a longer time, I would be allowed to visit my family and my friends. After all, even if I had left them in a rush without really thinking about it, I still cared about them.

" I have to stay here? I mean, before I can go home and visit my family?" He didn't respond while pulling up into a huge hangar. "Optimus...?"

The hologram disappeared, the door on my side of his cab opened. Slowly, I stepped out. When I had left the vehicle, Optimus transformed. I watched him, stunned. I had never seen anything this fascinating. This shifting of body parts, creation of new connections, the bombastic metallic sounds accompanying it. When he was finished I took in my surroundings. Thirteen Autobots, of which I could identify some, were standing around me, next to a bunch of human soldiers. They were all staring at me. The green mech to my left stepped forward and lifted me up by the back of my jacket, ignoring my shouts of protest. Ratchet, the chief medical officer. He eyed me up and down, obviously running scans as I struggled. He would most likely not intend to harm me, but still the position I was in was highly uncomfortable. Finally he lay me down on his palm and stroked my back with his other hand like I was some sort of pet one could just pick up to play with. I didn't want to be treated like an animal. I kicked his finger. He shook his head.

"A fascinating creation", he said, "probably one of the most advanced disguises I've come across. And you even managed to bring her here undamaged. I'm impressed."

Optimus nodded. "Retrieving her was rather uncomplicated. I'm leaving her in your care. She is to be examined and treated so she can be of use to us. I trust you to find a way to get her development restarted."

"I'm confident I'll figure it out, sir.", he responded.

"You may leave and start your work."

"Yes, sir."

Ratchet started making his way out of the hangar, securely holding me in place between his hands. The other mechs were still staring at me, not daring to say a word. It was strange, having all those familiar yet unknown aliens watch me so intently. After we had left, I could hear them talking quietly in the distance.