Chapter four: full circle-eight years later

Johnny's daddy was taking him fishin' When he was just eight year's old

Eight years later and nothing managed to change.

It was Saturday morning and Ororo came down to start the coffee, when something poked her head in side the living room, her granddaughter was sitting on the big comfy couch watching the birds outside, she knew that Bryce and his father Scott were getting ready for their camping trip and they had been planning for the last couple of weeks and she wanted to go, but didn't know how to ask.

Ororo chuckled, this reminded her so long ago, when Scott and Jean were children "Addison? Are you okay?"

"Yeah." She nodded, Addison Sapphira was the spitting image of her mother, including of course her mother's brown tangle mass of hair on top of her head, with no amount of: braiding, dreading or combing would tame it, it seemed to be inherited from Logan's side of the family.

Like Jean when she was little, Addison was a bad liar as well, this was taking a familiar turn in Ororo's memory and she just chuckled as she went to go into the kitchen to start the morning routine.

Jean Grey was six months pregnant with their second child, and Scott and Bryce Summers were trying to pack for this day without waking her up, but was failing horribly

"Dad!" Bryce Greyson Summers looked up at his father with big green eyes that made it so very obvious that he was Jean's son, "I don't wanna take Addy, why can't we take Ivan? Or Cole? Or Billy?

Scott chuckled remembering when he was his son's age and realized that although everything has changed, many things will stay the same "because, Bry, Addison's ears were the only ones that perked up when I even mentioned fishing to the other kids.

"Why can't we take the dog?"

"We don't have a dog!" twenty years later and the estate still didn't have a one.

"How come Superman can have a dog, but we can't."

"Superman's a comic book hero, and kids here have allergies." He laughed and got down to his son's level "Bryce, believe me, you may not be thanking me now, but you'll thank me someday. Taking Addison Logan fishing for the day, isn't the worse thing in the world."

Bryce sighed and nodded and went to go find Addison, Ororo poked her head around the corner and gave Scott a thermos of coffee and grinned "she can't quite swim yet." Ororo reminded him

Scott grinned and wrapped his arm around her shoulder "hopefully I'll do a better job of keeping her out of the water, than what Logan did with Jean."

Addison and Bryce came around the corner running and laughing as they went to go help load up the pick up truck; Ororo chuckled "it amazes me how much things never change around this place."

He nodded towards the sign on her office door that read Head-mistress O. Logan, and grinned "well almost nothing. See you tonight?"

She nodded and watched him help the kids pack up for their trip.