Slater was cleaning up his room. He had let it get pretty messy lately with everything that had been going on—applying for college, finals, senior prom, graduation, Jessie. He smiled thinking about their walk home yesterday. He was glad they had taken a walk together. He had a lot of stuff he needed to talk to her about, mostly his second thoughts about Iowa.

Jessie had listened intently and, surprisingly, said very little. She had told him she couldn't tell him what to choose, and that California University seemed like a good school. She hadn't given him all the answers like he had expected, but sharing his troubles with her had made him feel better.

Then, he remembered one more thing Jessie had told him, "Just make sure you're happy with whatever school you choose. I read that freshmen who aren't happy with their college's atmosphere are more likely to drop out." He smiled as he remembered the confident look on her face. She was so cute when she was serious.

As he began straightening up some papers on his night stand, he saw the Iowa University brochures. He flipped through it taking in all it had to offer. The university promised so much, but he didn't seem to care anymore.

He stacked up the brochure and loose papers, and started to put them in the drawer of his night stand. When he saw the California University booklet, he pulled it out then turned each page slowly, soaking in every bit of the campus, the sports teams, and the majors they offered. He'd never paid much attention when applying. But now, everything about California University seemed perfect. He knew this was the campus that he where he would be happy. "So long land of farmers daughters. Hello again, California girls," he said flashing his dimpled smile.