April 2, 14, 21, 30, May 19, and June 14, 2010

More serious, set probably after the finale.

A look into characters' thoughts.

Notes: The only way I can think to do this one is giving little one-sentence thoughts from each particular character.

Will reference the whole series, and possibly the characters' individual Wikipedia articles.

XME isn't mine.

25. Normal

To say that the X-Men, New Mutants, Brotherhood, or Acolytes didn't sometimes wish to be normal would be a lie.

It would be stupid to assume they didn't struggle with fitting in.

They all struggled with their mutations, with physical complexities or mental ones. Each one wished, on occasion, that they hadn't been granted their abilities.

Charles sometimes wished he hadn't opened the school, and that his telepathy hadn't emerged.

Wolverine hated that he would probably outlive everybody on the planet, much less the X-Men.

Storm often wished that her time as "goddess" … well, hadn't been.

Beast most definitely wished to be normal-looking again, so he could actually go outside.

Cyclops really hated that stupid visor.

Jean sometimes wished she didn't have to deal with "the voices in her head."

Nightcrawler had always been ridiculed for his appearance, and often wished the hologram was the real Kurt.

Shadowcat had hated her gift at first, called it a curse; sometimes she still thought that way.

Rogue really hated having to isolate herself from the rest of the team, and the world in general.

Spyke hated his appearance and wished his mutation hadn't gotten so bad, or would go away all together.

Iceman, while appreciating his ability to create ice cubes and such, really wanted to be a normal kid again.

Cannonball was proud of having saved a man with the manifestation of his powers, but wanted to go back to the way it had been before.

Magma was certain she would enjoy plane rides and cruises more if she hadn't been so connected to the earth.

Jubilee at times wished that she could go back to life before the manifestation of her powers, before her parents had died… back to being a Cali-kid.

Wolfsbane struggled with her mutation, torn between hating the supernatural shifting and loving the freedom she felt as a wolf.

Multiple really didn't want to worry about his dupes showing up accidentally.

Berzerker wanted to stop worrying about electrocution.

Sunspot wanted to go back to playing soccer—without powering up and freaking people out.

Mystique was sick of the stupid Brotherhood boys, and of being defeated by the X-Men so many times.

Avalanche enjoyed having power over others, but sometimes wished he could do make them fear him without using his powers.

Blob was really sick of being viewed as…well, The Blob.

Toad hated that people hated his hygiene—or lack thereof.

Quicksilver liked being fast, but quick thinking made for boring afternoons.

Scarlet Witch was sick of trying to keep the peace in the Boarding House.

Magneto was proud of having helped save lives as a child, but sometimes grew tired of putting up with the Acolytes.

Gambit sometimes wished his appearance wasn't so alarming to people.

Sabretooth was, contrary to popular belief, tired of chasing Wolverine all the time.

Colossus sometimes wished he and Illyana had never been in the vicinity of that train…

Pyro sometimes wanted to be a regular author, although he'd probably still love flames without the mutation…

Boom-Boom wished she could erase the mistake of using her powers to help her criminal father.

X-23 hated being a clone.

Notes: Eh. Not my favorite by any stretch of the imagination, but an update! …After two months… Sorry!

Influences, Borrowed Ideas, and Other Random Crap:

I went by the order the characters are listed in the XME Wikipedia article, skipping over/ignoring several 'cause I don't know enough about them to interpret their thoughts on being normal. I added a few of the Neutrals as well.

As I was reading Sabretooth's Wiki article, I found that he had a habit of tracking Wolverine down to fight him—on Logan's birthday. Is it safe to connect Creed's first tracking of Logan to Logan's birthday? Or should I not assume that? XP

Pyro's wish came from the House of M portion of his Wiki article.

Piotr's ref was from his Wiki comic article.

You get the idea

Word Count: 507

Time: Ugh, WAY too long!

Other: Did I just coin the phrase "Cali-kid?" Sweet, go me! XD