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Jasper sat in the damp green grass, a rare soft smile settled on his face, after the last two years it was beginning to feel more natural. Alice moved around in the grass her beauty and joy making her look more angelic. A bright smile stretched across her face, as her large expressive eyes fluttered along the grass, looking for flowers.

Jasper could not pull his eyes from her. He never would have dreamed that his life would be half as good as it was now. He had sinned a thousand times over, spiraled into a horrible depression as result and had thought it was only a fraction of what he deserved. Then Alice had walked into his life and changed it forever.

She saw him for everything he was and loved him despite all of his flaws. She made him feel almost human, a side of himself he had thought for certain Maria had destroyed. He knew he would do anything for her; she had only to ask it of him. He would follow her anywhere, even into death, because he knew he could not handle a world without her. He owed her everything; she had saved him from himself, protected him from himself and only asked to be loved in return.

He was broken from his personal musings when Alice skipped to a stop in front of him, but before she could udder a word he swept her off her feet, settling her in his lap. His arms wrapped tightly around her as he kissed her cheek. "Thank you," he whispered against her skin.

"For what?" Alice asked confusedly.

Jasper sighed contently as he rested his forehead against her shoulder and pulled her closer, "For bringing me peace."

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