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-Chapter One-

Rose Tyler, or rather now, Hannah Baxter, but known by her work as Belle De Jour, was finishing off getting ready for her night of work in her bedroom. She'd only got 2 clients to see tonight. She grabbed her back, checked and rechecked it, and rechecked who she was seeing and she set off out of her apartment and her bag on her arm. She wore a deep red, tight fitting dress and matching high heeled shoes. She didn't notice the strange but familiar blue box as she passed.

She called a black cab over and gave the driver the name of the hotel she was going to. He drove her straight there. She paid her fare and got out, walking into the hotel and going straight to the bar, sitting on one of the barstools at the edge of the bar, keeping her bag close.

The Doctor stumbled as he ran down the street, into the hotel Rose had just gone in, his brown trench coat billowing behind him, his converse clad feet slapping the ground as he ran, catching up with the Zygon that was escaping.

"Oh!" he yelped as he crashed through the bar and knocked into her. "Sorry! Don't mind me!" he apologised and he carried on after the creature.

She sighed a quiet sigh of relief when he didn't notice her completely. She waited half an hour longer. "Right…" she glanced around her and at her phone to check the time. "Time for work…" she muttered with a small smirk, walking over to the reception desk, asking for which room number her client was in and she started toward the stairs.

During that half an hour the Doctor had carried on running,but soon gave up and trudged back to the hotel, accidentally knocking into her again. "Oh.. Sorry, love, I seem to-" he started, but then looked, really looked at her. "No…"

She stumbled, gripping on to the banister and turned to look at him. "Next time look where you're going and be careful, yeah?" she smirked, pretending that she didn't know him. 'Why him? Why now?! I thought I got away from all that!' she thought. She started up the stairs again.

The Doctor grabbed her wrist, wheeled her around and looked hard at her. "Rose…" he said, then looking up and down her body; from the brunette curly hair, to the tight fitting crimson dress, to the matching shoes. He swallowed thickly. "Rose you look..-" he couldn't finish.

"Who's Rose?" she asked, keeping up pretences and tugged, trying to pull her arm free from him.

His eyes penetrated hers more. He knew it was her. The way she spoke, the way she looked, the exact colour of her eyes, though the only change there was her hair colour, her attitude, the way she stood… with a great thump of pain in his hearts, he dropped her arm, letting it fall to her side.

At that time, her client had come from his room wand was at the top of the stairs. "Are you ready? Is everything alright?" he asked.

The Doctor felt deep, dark anger and rage and hate and… and a strong urge to kill him bubble up inside of him, "No she's not, and that's no concern of yours." he growled, his eyes blazing.

She glared slightly at the Doctor before turning and smiling at the man. "Yeah I'm ready, and everything's fine, it's just a case of mistaken identity." she said and turned back to the Doctor. "I'm not who you think I am, but whoever she is, I hope you find her soon."she told him, turned one last time amd walked up the stairs to the room.

The Doctor didn't even acknowledge that she'd said anything, and he himself didn't say anything, scared that if he did, there'd be trouble. Turning, he disappeared down the rest of the stairs and to the bar. He hadn't drunk in so long.

She reassured her client that everything was alright as she took the usual envelope with the money in before she did what she had to. She walked out after an hour and made her way down the stairs. She stopped half waqy when she heard her phone ring from inside her bag and she took it out, answering it without looking at the ID. "Hello?" she said. She rolled her eyes when she heard Stephanie's voice on the other again trying to get her to come back to her. A week after her book had been published, and her ex madam wanted her back? Hell no. "No chance Stephanie. I make my own decisions now. Not you." she said and hung up, throwing it back in her pag and walking down the rest of the stairs and over toward the bar. She noticed he was still there and turned to leave.

Over that hour, the Doctor had drunk a lot, and thought a lot about the past, the future, his huge family, though he always ended up alone.

He shuddered and noticed her move toward the doors, he got up and followed her. "Was he worth it?" he grunted, his pain not evident. He could smell it on her.

She could smell the alcohol on him and she wrinkled her nose. She rolled her eyes at him ignoring his question, and she walked back to the bar, unaware he followed her/ "I'll have a water please." she told the barman. "Look, what I do is my business, no one else's. I don't have to explain myself to you." she said, looking at him when she could smell the alcohol behind her again.

He just laughed without compassion. "Sounded like he was worth it." he said. "What happened to you? OH! Water?! Not doing the old drugs and vodka that goes with your lifestyle?" he said bitterly.

She glared and slapped him. "How dare you!" she growled. "No. that ISN'T how my lifestyle is. If you wanna find out for yourself, go research the name Belle De Jour. And when you've done that, try the words High Class Escort." she snapped, but kept her voice low so only he could hear. "NOTHING in my line of work is for the benefit of drugs or alcohol. What happened to me? I fucking grew up that's what I did."

He took the slap with ease. He shouldn't have said it, he knew that. But once again rage flew through him. "This is what you call growing up?! No matter what you call it it's still prostitution! You were never like this! Never! You had standards. For Rassilon's sake you used to work in a shop!" he snapped.

"Being a shop girl is having standards?" she laughed darkly. "You do know I was treated like shit back then." she rolled her eyes. "Yeah right, I have standards in this job. I protect myself at all times, unlike the ones on the streets. I work through an agency that sorts out the clients, making sure we get the safest ones possible." she told him. The thing about the agency was a lie. But she still did sort though the clients and she had close friends to turn to. And she knew what to look for.

He let out a hollow laugh. "Yeah but I bet you're lonely." he said, his voice sniding. "Not many men would stick around with a whore would they? Not many men would enjoy knowing their girlfriend sleeps with strangers for money." he hissed at her.

She held her own, though inside she was breaking. She wouldn't give him the pleasure of seeing her cry. She was back in the Parallel World, being put down at any given chance.

"You were a beautiful, compassionate, confident young woman." he said softly, thinking of how she used to be. "You're not the woman I loved. Not anymore."

"If you really loved me, you wouldn't CARE what I did, you'd love me for who I am not what I do." she glared, grateful her voice wasn't shaking. "I use what I have to MY advantage not theirs. There's no emotion behind this. It's just sex, that's all."

He stared at her, the rage of the oncoming storm in his eyes. "Just sex." he said slowly.

"Yes." she nodded.

"Something happened to her. To Rose Tyler. I don't want to know this woman." he said and walked to the door.

She watched him in confusion, all her willpower on keeping the tears inside. "I'm still me… underneath all of this… I'm still me…" she'd let her guard down and she knew it.

He stopped at the door and looked over his shoulder. "Like you said. I must have the wrong person." he said and walked out. He heard a rumble and heavy rain started to come down. "Great." he muttered and looked for the TARDIS.