It's my first E/O challenge. In fact it's the first thing I entrust to you people ever. And since I just couldn't stop, I now humbly (well, to be perfectly honest: a bit proudly too) present you the second drabble for this challenge. Have fun.

He looked up from the book drinking in the incomparable fragrance of aged paper and dust,
the only movement along the rows and rows of written knowledge the dance of shimmering powder
along a single sunbeam.

All of a sudden he felt an excrutiating pain.

He'd lost it. The one thing, that had protected him against the infinite battle of his father.
Against the unbeatable skills of his older brother. Against the curiousness of other people.

There was nothing left to hide behind. Not the books, not his broken brother, not his treacherous ally.

So it was his turn. To be the shield.