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Chapter 13

An Ending For All

Both Kitazawa and Yuki fired their muskets. But Yuki's was a tad bit faster than Kitazawa's, so Kitazawa died first. Yuki had shut his eyes tight waiting for Kitazawa's but no pain came to him. How? He opened his eyes and was shocked by the sight. Before the musket fire reached him, Shuichi had jumped in front; taking the shot instead of Yuki. Shuichi laid on the floor; blood flowing out from the wound.

"SHUICHI!" Yuki screamed as he rushed to his side. Shuichi was not opening his eyes. Even if he did, he would possibly faint again from seeing the blood wound. Yuki hoped that Shuichi wasn't dying on his account. He didn't want that to happen. K had called for a medic to take care of Shuichi.

It took hours for medics to take care of Shuichi. Yuki waited in the castle, pacing around nervously. He didn't want Shuichi to die. The thought of it made him want to cry. Hey, I just rhymed! Die, cry! Ha ha! I'm a poet and I didn't even know it!

"Would you shut up?" Yuki yelled at me "Every author knows that scenes like this are emotional and put the reader on edge! You, on the other hand are laughing like an idiot at random things."

"Hey, I know this scene is sad. I'm the one writing this!" I yell back at him "So shut up and stop listening to my narrations."

"All right then." said Yuki.

Now where was I before I was interrupted? Oh yes. Yuki continued his pacing and worry for Shuichi... I SAID YUKI CONTINUED HIS PACING AND WORRY! He's not doing what I'm telling him to do. Why isn't he doing what I told his to do?

"Yuki? Why aren't you following my narration?" I asked.

"You told me not to listen to your narrations, so that's what I'm doing." he said.

Why does he have to be a smartass all the time? "I meant not to pay attention to anything stupid I may say."

"That's everything."

"Ok then. Don't pay attention to when I get off topic."

"What's that? I wasn't paying attention."


"I'm not trying to be a smartass. I am stating the obvious."

"Listen Yuki. No one wants to hear us talking crap. They want to read the ending of this story. You of all people should know that people do not want to be interrupted when reading a story they like."

"Fine! Just stop your stupidity and not say anything stupid doing the narration."


Now so we don't have to deal with chit chat, K comes in. He was the only person that was allowed to talk to the medics because he was Shuichi's godfather. He walked over to Yuki, who was anxious to know if Shuichi was ok.

"Captain K. What happened?" he asked "Is Shuichi ok?"

"Don't worry, Eiri. He's fine." said K, causing Yuki to sigh in relief "When you shot Kitazawa, it caused his shot to move slightly upward, so it completely moved away from the heart. It just hit slightly under the shoulder blade. He'll just have to wear a cast for a week."

"But what about his Hemophobia?" asked Yuki "Wouldn't he faint or worse if he saw his wound?"

"Already thought of that. There isn't exactly a cure for Hemophobia, but we hired a hypnotist to get rid of it. We made sure he didn't lose any memories though."

"But doesn't hypnotism include a way to turn him back to what he was before?"

"Ah, but here's the best part of the whole hypnotism. The only way for Shuichi to regain his Hemophobia is if someone eats some beef, then drinks milk, then climbs a tall building, then juggles some colorful balls and after that starts to do the chicken dance, then jumps off; commiting suicide and all of this has to be done in front of Shuichi."

"No one would be stupid enough to do that."


Yuki sighed. "Well, at least I don't have to keep an eye of him whrn it comes to blood around." he said.

"Would you like to see him?" asked K "Hiroshi and Suguru have already visited him so it's ok."

Yuki didn't spare it a second thought and rushed to the clinic where Shuichi was resting. After getting inside and looking for Shuichi's bed, he found him. Shuichi was sleeping with his arm tied up in a cast. There was no pain on his face, but he wasn't smiling either. Yuki walked over to his bed. It was amazing that dispite being male, Shuichi was very beautiful. He couldn't help himself and leaned in to kiss Shuichi. The thought that Shuichi was in the clinic in the first place was because he took the shot instead of Yuki.

"Why did you have to run in a take the shot, you idiot?" Yuki said as he pulled away "Why couldn't you have let me take it."

"I didn't want anything to hurt you." Shuichi said, waking up. Yuki just sat there and watched Shuichi struggle to sit up because of the cast. Yuki couldn't hold back the tears of pain he felt for Shuichi and held him close to him without hurting him. He leaned his face into Shuichi's pink hair; smelling a familiar scent he hadn't smelled for a while. It was the scent of strawberries like the ones in Kantori. Shuichi wrapped his free arm around Yuki and tried to comfort him. It was a while before he was alright.

"Shuichi? Why did you take the shot?" Yuki asked again.

"Kitazawa had already taken so much from me. My family, my home. I didn't want him to take the one I love also. I wanted to keep you safe even if it meant giving up my own life."

Yuki was overwhelmed with so much emotion. They loved each other so much, it was unbearable. Yuki didn't want to leave Shuichi alone, so he stayed by his side.

The week had finally past and Shuichi had his cast removed. His arm was numb for being in a cast for a week so Yuki, Hiro, and Fujisaki tried to help him. It wasn't long until Shuichi was back to normal. Tohma and Mika were happy that the musketeer that protected Yuki and helped save Toun was all right. And so, Tohma gave them something that would make sure they never forget their time together.

He made the four of them official musketeers.

Right after Tohma knighted them as musketeers, they had a mission to do; to stop Raibaru from attacking Toun. Yuki had finished getting ready for the journey when he noticed Shuichi sitting on Gentou.

"Shuichi? What are you doing on my horse and not your horse?" he asked.

"I figured that you and I could have a romantic ride on the way to Raibaru." said Shuichi. Unfortunately, it didn't impress Yuki and he lifted Shuichi off Gentou and onto Shunki. Shuichi sulked, but Yuki assured him that when they reach Raibaru, they would have some romantic time in between jobs.

"Here's the plan for rooms." said Hiro as he got on Natsu "We will use three rooms every night until the mission is over. Why? I would my own room, Fujisaki will have his own room, and you two share one. But note that Fujisaki and I will have our rooms far away from you two so we don't have to hear you two every night."

Yuki and Shuichi blushed at the thought. They weren't really planning to do it... not every night at least. After they were ready to go, Shuichi looked at Yuki.

"Yuki? Would you like to do the honors?" he asked.

Yuki nodded and rose his sword. "All for one..."

"...And one for all!" the four said in unison and then they rode into the sunset. Running, running, running until they disappeared.

The End