John: Mom if this was your dream why was Cameron walking around in hot underwear?"


John: What was that?

Sarah: So the nurse, yeah, evil nurse grrr

John: You're sooo into her *rolls eyes*

Sarah: No I'm not!! I'm soo NOT into Cameron

*grins* John: I was talking about the nurse

Sarah: Oh, off course you were. I knew that. I just thought you should know that I'm not into Cameron.

John: So anyway you go and check what she really does right? You know do a little Sherlock Holmes and… I think Cam looks better with the purple bra than the pink one, don't you think so?

Sarah: Totally. Although I prefer when she wears that little…wait a minute!!

John: Gotcha! You're so whipped

Sarah: John Connor!!

Sarah smacks John's head. That doesn't stop him from laughing though.

John: mom and Cameron sitting on a tree k.i.s.s.i.n.g

Sarah: you little…!!! You are soo grounded John Connor, you hear me?!

John *chuckles*: yeah… so boots on or off?

Sarah: Definitely on… DAMN!!

John laughs even louder.

Sarah fumes and grumbles incoherently while storming out of the kitchen through the backdoor.

Cameron enters the kitchen from the living room smirking smugly after hearing the conversation.

Just as Cameron enters the kitchen Sarah comes in drinking a bottle of water. Sarah notes Cameron's smug smirk and chokes when the Terminator throws her a sexy smile and winks at her.

John laughs so hard at his mother's expression that he ends up on the floor laughing hysterically.

Sarah: I uh..gotta go..do something…not here…mrmgrmgr…

Sarah blushes furiously and ends up mumbling an excuse while fleeting and grumbling incoherently to herself.

Yeah, Sarah Connor was totally whipped.