This story isn't great; but here it is...the idea is from CopyCatsHurtfulKisses, so thanks Cat; hope you enjoy it

"Come on, Jane!"

Jane hefted her schoolbag onto her shoulder and raced after Anneena, who was walking along the road to the bus stop.

"I'm coming! It's not my fault your schoolbag is so light!"

A light rain began to fall, making Anneena sigh heavily.

"Oh, no! This is going to ruin my top!" she complained.

"Told you it was going to rain" sniggered Jane.

Anneena glared at her.

"You're no help!"

Jane laughed.

"You can dry off at Connie's house."

"Well, I suppose so; but this material is really thin."

Anneena tugged at her dusty pink Indian tunic threaded with gold, and tried to protect it with her schoolbag. Jane shrugged her leather jacket off and handed it to her friend.

"Here you go, Annie."

"You-" she protested.

"I'm fine. You take it."

Anneena took it from her and pulled it on.

"I don't know why the council haven't built a proper bus stop here. I mean, it's bad enough now, with these summer storms we've been getting, but in the winter it's awful" she declared.

Jane nodded, her blonde hair flapping into her face.

"Gideon says his father is campaigning to get one built – he's a councillor."

Anneena smiled to herself.

"Talking to Gideon a lot now, aren't you?"

Jane blushed, and hid behind her hair.

"We're friends. That's all."

"If you say so" replied Anneena dubiously.

"Oh, look! Here's the bus!" said Jane, glad of an excuse not to reply.

When the bus stopped, they hurried inside before they got soaked: the rain was getting heavier by the minute.

"Ooh look, window seat!" exclaimed Anneena.

Jane grinned, knowing full well that they would sit at the back like they always did. When she wasn't with Anneena, Jane would never sit at the back: but that was her friend all over; loud, confident and not afraid of anything.

"Well...maybe we should just sit at the back. I've got to do some more homework on the way back, and there's a spare seat" decided Anneena, walking down the aisle with Jane trailing behind her.

They collapsed into the grey seats at the back before noticing the tall boy sitting by the window, his face turned to the grey sky. Without hesitation, Anneena sat next to him and pulled a silver ringbound notebook out of her bag, followed by a turquoise beaded pencilcase.

"I love your top by the way, Jane" she commented.

Jane blushed and smiled.

"I got it from Aquarius – you know, the new shop on the high street" she said.

"The one with the blue and gold board outside?" asked Anneena.

"Yeah – they've got a sale on."

"Cool – I'll see if Connie wants to come tomorrow."

Anneena picked up her pink gel pen and wrote something down in her neat rounded handwriting.

"Monday's geography?" asked the boy, suddenly turned around.

Anneena smiled.

"Yeah. You're at Chartmouth Secondary, then? That's funny, I've never seen you there."

He smiled.

"Yes. I'm Liam – I just moved here, I've only been at school for a week or so."

"Anneena. And this is Jane."

Liam brushed his black fringe out of his vivid green eyes and smiled at Jane.


Jane smiled again nervously, and looked out of the window to avoid the intensity of his gaze.

"Do you know Connie Lionheart?" he asked. "The Universal?"

"Yeah – we're her friends" declared Anneena. "What's a universal?"

Liam smiled oddly.

"You don't know about the Society?"

"No, she won't tell us anything about it. Are you a member?"

Liam smirked unpleasantly.

"I will be. Soon."

Anneena smiled uncomfortably. Something about his smiled was...odd. Almost unnatural.

"Where are you from?" persisted Liam.

"Hesombe. We're both from Hescombe" responded Anneena.

They lapsed into silence, much to Anneena's relief, until they reached Hescombe.

"This is our stop. Come on, Jane. Bye, Liam" she said thankfully.


Anneena hustled Jane out of the bus and out into the rain. As the bus pulled off, she could still see Liam watching them with his unsettling cat-like eyes.

"What did you do that for?" demanded Jane, shivering.

"He was weird! And it's only a short walk."

Jane shrugged, and followed Anneena down to Connie's house. The rain was, if anything, harder now; huge raindrops stung their arms and heads, quickly plastering their hair onto their heads. Wordlessly, they both broke into a run to Shaker Row.

"Oh no, this top will be ruined!" complained Jane.

"It's half synthetic, you'll be fine" assured Anneena.

"How do you know that?"

"You left your label showing!"

"Annie! Why didn't you tell me?"

Anneena cast a wicked glance at Jane.

"Well, Gideon wasn't there – I didn't think you'd mind."


Anneena grinned and opened Evelyn's gate. Before Jane could berate her any further, she ran down the path and rang the doorbell. Jane caught up with her, and stood sheltering under the eaves, trying to wring out her sopping blue halter neck top. A few minutes later, the door was opened by Evelyn, with George balanced on one hip.

"Oh, hello Anneena, Jane. Come in; Connie's going to be back soon. I think she went to see Col."

She let them in, and shut the door firmly against the pouring rain. Anneena reached out and let George grab her finger with a podgy fist, making him gurgle happily.

"Do you want a cup of tea?" asked Evelyn.

"I'm good, thanks" responded Anneena.

Jane smiled and shook her head. Evelyn nodded.

"Okay; do you want to go up to Connie's room? She shouldn't be long now."

Anneena smiled.

"Great. We'll do that."

She gently prised George's grip from her finger, and followed Jane upstairs to Connie's attic bed-room.