Lights flashed everywhere as a tall dark figure walked onto the stage. His eyes were an onyx colored and he had raven colored hair. A microphone waited for him as his voice poured softly out of speakers. Next to the singer was a boy with bright blonde hair, 3 other boys with brown hair, and another boy with fiery red hair. Then the rest of the band joined him in the beautiful serenade…

Just leave with me now. Say the word and we'll go
I'll be your teacher. I'll show you the ropes
You'll see a side of love you've never known
I can see it going down, going down.

In my head, I see you all over me
In my head, you fulfill my fantasy
You'll be screaming out
In my head, it's going down
In my head, it's going down
In my head. Yeah. In my head. Oh yeah

Some dudes know all the right things to say…

"AAH!" screeched a girl at her sister that held up a remote her TV, "Turn off that awful noise to that stupid band!"

Ok, maybe some people hated the band on the TV screen.

Her sister laughed at her as she raced to the TV in her tank top and sweat pants, "Glad you are up now. I believe neither of us will be listening to Starstruck by 3OH!3 anytime soon."

The girl that just got up started to put up her in two buns that she is so known for, "They could go die in hole if they ever try to sing Atreyu or another one of my songs."

Her sister couldn't help but smile, "Oh, how correct you are, Tenten."

Tenten soon shoved her sister out the door so she could put on an Atreyu t-shirt with ripped skinny jeans. After grabbing her black one shoulder bag with multiple rock bands' pins and other funny saying pins on the outside. Tenten did her usual morning stuff before heading down to see her sister, Valentina. Her long brown hair that used to hit her back now came to her shoulders with a bang covering her right eye. She wore little make up except for the mascara and eye liner. Her clothes consisted of a Bullet for My Valentine t-shirt slim fit that showed a dead bird on the front and black skinny jeans that had chains looped onto them.

(A/N I have this shirt and love it) She wore a black jacket with the zipper all the way down that she had designed with the words, "Medic of Lovers ruins every song they sing and their brains will be given to my zombie dog," and her beautifully drawn zombie dog chewing out the band's funny gay picture. (A/N what I mean is like mustaches drawn on the bands faces, who are all gangster poses) Tenten smirked as she handed Tenten her jacket that she had design for Tenten out of their hate of Medic of Lovers. Well she didn't entirely make them; she just added her gore flair to Ino's design for a killer jacket. Ino was a friend of theirs but they would say best for many reasons.

Medic of Lovers is this want-to-be backstreet boy band. Their lead singer is Sasuke Uchihia, lead guitarist is Neji Hyuuga, base guitarist is Kiba Inuzuka, other guitarist is Naruto Uzumaki, drummer is Gaara Sabaku No, and keyboardist is Shikamaru Nara. Tenten's jacket was also black, but read, "Play Medic of Lovers and ask me what a Katana is … you will find it up your ass." It had blood, red paint, splattered on the back. They walked out to the nice sunny day taking their sweet motorcycles with a skull decorating Tenten's and flames scorching the side of Valentina's bike. Their helmet had fun tattoos that represented their own style.

(Tenten's POV)

The sun beat down on my back as I charged into the street with my sister's flaming bike close behind. I pushed my bike creating this racing invitation. My sister responded by zooming past me in unimaginable speed. I couldn't help but smile at our childish behavior while racing to school. Of course, she beat me by twisting her bike so dirt sprayed onto my lap. We pulled into the student parking lot to find a black convertible trying to pull into the motorcycle parking.

I shared a quick glance at my sister's black tinted helmet to only meet air. I smirked as I turned ahead to watch the back of my sister's bike and kicked the engine to go faster. Valentina easily swerved around the black convertible and skid right in front of the car before it could pull in further. I pulled in right next to her. I could just imagine her intense glare as several boys came out of the car.

"What the hell was that for?" screeched the blonde hair boy that sort of looked familiar.

Valentina just shrugged her shoulders as she turned around to lock up her bike.

"Hey I'm taking to you!" screeched the annoying blonde.

I quickly turned to lock up my bike to distract them from my hand slowly slipping into my bag and running my thumb over a hard cold surface.

"Shut up, dobe," hissed a boy with raven hair in the shape of a duck's rear end.

My eyes shifted from each boy for they all looked somewhat familiar. I racked my brain for an answer as I slipped the hard cold object into my sleeve in case needed.

Valentina sighed loudly meaning she was bored and started to walk away with her bag slung over her shoulder. I flowed her pursuit while grabbing my bag just in time to hear the blonde idiot.

"Hey get back here, you bastard!" yelled the blonde.

My bag fell to the ground and I froze. I inhaled in and out in an attempt to calm myself down as I removed my helmet. My hair slightly spilled out of its bun on my head. I turned my stone cold glare to the boys that stood in place.

"What did you say?" I hissed while my fits balled and un-balled.

I watched Valentina join my side and her hand glide across mine. She didn't want a fight but if one did start it wasn't my fault.

"Why the hell did you cut us off, bitch?" said the one with duck ass hair.

I set my helmet down next to my bag as I strode over to the dumb asses. I grabbed the front of his shirt, having him kneel about a couple of inches to meet my eyes, and aimed my fist at his face.

"I would watch it. This is motorcycle parking only dummy, and I wouldn't try any funny business if I were you by calling us bitch. You aren't special. You are only one spoiled brat with a big ego," I hissed.

"Or what? You can't hurt me," he smirked.

I threaten to give him a black eye, but it would've hit him if it hadn't been a glove hand that stopped me. I glared at the owner of the hand but smirked to see a girl with short pink hair and cold emerald eyes.

"Release, now. I will handle this," she said softly as I let go of the idiot.

I started to walk away knowing my dear friend could handle this. I of course got my stuff before plugging into the school.

(Sakura's POV)

I let out a low whistle. I decided to lean against Tenten's bike vs. Valentina's for many reasons. I started to unwrap my lollipop that I found in my jacket pocket. I was in no hurry.

"Well I haven't seen my friend that mad in a while," I took a brief pause, "You all must be idiots for you couldn't read the sign's about whom park's where and you all are new. I give you credit for not being killed already but a fair warning never piss off me or my friends."

I got up from my comfortable position to meet the boys face to face. I smiled sweetly before I stomped with all my strength onto duck hair boy's foot. He let out a gasp of pain as I skipped away but I stopped mid way to the door.

"Oh, I almost forgot since my friend pointed this out," I stood up on the top steps of the school and screeched, "Look it's Medic of Lovers!"

All the girls in the school went crazy as they chased the weird group of guys into their car and away to another place. Who knew I just completely made that up? I walked into the double doors to Kohana's High School and Ninja Academy. I quickly slid into home room. I easily spotted my dear friends in the back of the room.