(Sasuke POV)

At the last minute the figures threw their cloaks right into the creatures' faces and each of their dances began. It only took me moments to recognize the faces of the girls I despised most. The one that caught my attention most though was the pink haired girl, her eyes framed with coldness. She dodged and ducked each blow that each head of the serpent gave without effort. She tried to get closer to the snake but it was near impossible. Her elegances ruining narrow as she punched the ground. The arena rumbled with might as large crater was formed and the snake perished with a boulder on its head.

(Neji's POV)

I had to admit I never thought that my eyes be glued to the girl with two buns on her head. Her moves were precise and fatal. She would throw a couple of weapons here and there looking for an opening. Her eyes never tore away from the dragon as he tried to fry her. Every time he failed and I let out a breath I didn't even know I was holding. I watch her face slowly twist with impatience before jumping up into the air and delivering a fatal blow with katana, right to its heart. She yanked out the blade without a second glance before closing her eyes to only reopen them coldly.

(Shika POV)

Lazily I stretched out watching the ceiling pretending that clouds were there. Then a girl on a giant fan floated up with a griffin hot on her trial. I watched her rhythmic pattern to realize she wanted it to chase her. I couldn't tell for what yet except for a possible type of justu against it. Finally the griffin tired down and the girl just smirked while her hands flew into different hand signs. A tornado formed with so much power that it ripped the griffin's wing off and the griffin from the sky. She was deadly and not one to mess with.

(Naruto POV)

I watched a girl with semi-blue/purple hair. Her dance was elegant and it seemed as if a smile tried to form across her face. I wanted to smile softly too by just watching her. She nimbly dodges each of the fox's swipes. The fox's fury seemed to grow with every miss. The fox at long last seemed to tire and the girl hopped up whispering to the creature. Finally she delivered a fist into the fox's chest, crimpling it to the ground. Her face turned into a frown as she walked up to the creature, without fear, she closed its eyes.

(Kiba POV)

I was so interested as how this was able to get her hair to easily gleam with light. Icy blue eyes watched every move that the hell hound did. Then the huge dog froze staring straight into the long blonde's eyes. She smirked as she raced up the dog's legs. The dogs snapped at her but all they did was hurt themselves. She sat in between their heads watching the blood bath that the dog was creating. Finally both them accidentally grabbed their jugular vs. the blonde. It was a sad sight to see as the collapsed onto the floor.

(Gaara POV)

The lion was merciless, but so was the girl with short brown hair. They circled like a pair of sharks and every so often they would test the water. The air was heavy with tension that came noticed by everyone. The lion was the first to give racing up to her with claws fully extended. She took the impact with her hands and feet. She struggled with the lion trying to grab her face. She so how manage to get the big loaf off her, but the lion slightly got her cheek.

She ran her fingers across it while the lion got up. She sniffed the blood on her fingers seeming to enjoy the scent. Her attention went back to the fight was the lion was a feet away from her. I watch in horror as she jumped out of the lion's range. A long paper with words written on it spilled out her sleeve. She didn't waste time running her blooded fingers over it while the lion stared at its paws dumbfounded.

A loud crisp bird like call erupted as the girl was soon enveloped in fire. Then just like that she was petting the head of a bird made entirely out of fire. It was much larger than her and looked ten times more deadly. The lion looked at the girl once again before running at her tired of playing games. The bird charged straight to the lion with a glint in its eyes I never want to see again. The two crashed into each other but not before the lion erupted into flames.

My eyes had to be the size of dinner plates. I slowly turned to see the others with their faces glued to the other fighters. Their jaws hung slightly open, but I didn't have a chance to say anthing. I watched as the girl I was watching moments before hopped onto the back of the bird before flying around the arena. I watched the girl with two buns race ahead until the bird was even with her. She leaped up and joined the girl on the bird's back.

The wind teased their hair as their face showed joy. The girl with buns in her head's smile seem to grow even more when the other girl bent down off the back of the bird to grab the hand of the girl with blue hair. Then with great speed they rose up into the sky like a bullet. The girl with four ponytails flowed suit on her fan with the other two girls, holding onto the belt that the ponytailed girl had on. I stared dumbfounded at them twisting with each other, but they growing further away. I was enchanted by them. I didn't even notice that I was using the third eye to watch the girl with short hair's tiny smile that had such a blinding radiance. Then they vanished as if they were never there.

The crowd let out their joyous screams before filing out of the gym. I turned to the others seeing the gleam in their eyes before I could roll my eyes in reply. One day this isn't going to be pretty. I just have a feeling.

(Ino's POV)

I was fixing my makeup leaning on my bike waiting for Temaria and the others. I skipped last period because I had enough of teaching ungrateful brats. God, they think this career is a bunch of flowers. Wait … Flowers? … Crap! I have to work in the flower shop. Ugh! Dad is going to kill me.

"Hey Ino," called Sakura.

We did our little greetings before I even considered asking them for help.

"Uh, I need a huge favor," I pleaded.

The girls all shared a look of 'not again.'

"What is it?" sighed Valentina.

"Help me with the flower shop, please. Then we can do our thing," I begged with my adorable puppy eyes.

They all nodded in agreement. We talked about different stuff while we loaded our bikes, you know teacher, bands, etc. We all smiled and laughed enjoying each other's company.

"Hey baby," said a voice coated in a seducing tone.

I turn to meet a boy with spiky brown hair. I turned my nose up at his gesture when he slid his hand down my arm.

"You know I like how a girl who knows how to fight. Why don't you hang out with me?" he almost purred.

My inner gagged at his pathetic methods. I mean really. I would have rather been chased by a rabid dog. I spared a look of desperation to my friends to only see them busy with their own problems making their way slowly to them.

I guessed dumb ass followed my gaze for the idiotic voice played on, "Your friends can join us and we can all have a little bit of 'fun'."

Ok, I don't know about you but I had enough of him. I drove my knee into his …um….wrong spot. I watched him collapse in pain and agony. Then I turned to see the other girls hopping onto their bikes while the other boys lay on the ground. I hopped onto my bike and sped away with them. I pulled into the tiny shop I had grown up in all my life.

"I so glad that was the end of the worst day ever."

I turned to my pinked haired friend and gave her a comforting smile. Soon we were speeding around the flower shop as I tried to get Dad to forgive me. Mom finally got him to leave me alone. See puppy dog-eyes help out. Around sunset, we left the flower shop and headed to the Club House. It is this old recording studio that we transformed.

The quick lay-out is the bottom floor is a dance studio, next floor is the movie/animation/arts, and lastly the actual recording studio. So we raced to the second floor and prepped for the video. When we came out, we all wearing masks and different outfits. It was all simple but at the once empty green screen room was now filled with a few others setting up equipment. On the side everything had the logo of Heart Scream.