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Bouncer: (noun) – 1. A ball which, when bowled, bounces up higher than expected. It can be dangerous. It can be very, very scary... and it can also make you laugh if you're watching it.

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31) We're not afraid of a couple of decent bouncers

Edward Masen

I knew this was a bad idea. I knew this was a bad idea. We should have gone out to dinner. We should have gone out.

"You live here?!" She said incredulously as I pulled up to the street I lived on, and parked in my usual space just down from the apartment block. "These flats are awesome." I cocked my head at her, somewhat confused, but she grinned at me, "I mean it, the view of the city is absolutely amazing, you know."

"Thanks," I smiled back at her, "I've never really noticed the-"

"Come on? Please can I-" She was already out of the car, our previous tension warped by her sudden excitement about where I lived. "Sorry," She let out a half-sigh. "I should probably tell you that Alice and I looked at the places around here while we were deciding where to rent. That's how I know-"

She stopped at the look on my face and I took three steps around the front of the car and put my lips against hers.

"You don't need to worry." She smiled as I released her, murmuring the words to her again as I held out my hand to her and she took it, looking up to the sky as a drop of rain fell onto her nose. Two more followed it, and even though we were sliding away from April, and the showers that came with it, we were suddenly trapped amid a hailing thunderstorm. And Bella's shirt was quickly damn soaked. I was just thankful that it wasn't white.

We sprinted down the street, Bella shrieking like a banshee about the rain getting into places that she should never have mentioned in public, and me laughing like a maniac at her yells.

"I'm telling you! It's actually trying to get down my top!" She yelled as I pulled her up the stairs to my place, pressing her up against the door and under the awning as I pulled her lips up to mine, my thumb brushing up against her cheek as she groaned lightly. "Or maybe it's just you," She giggled, and I released her just long enough to unlock the door and practically bundle her inside.

"Maybe it's just me," I repeated into her ear, running my hand up her side, and she giggled, tugging at her top and sighing. "Are you alright?"

"I just don't like being cold-wet." She murmured, glancing down at her chest, and then looking back up at me with ridiculous, hooded eyes. I would have stripped her and fucked her then, but for the fear of giving her hypothermia and making her sick. Instead, I showed her to my bedroom and gave her a towel, leaving on the pretext to find her a shirt, but knowing that if I came back and found her with her shirt off, I would not be responsible for what occurred.

When the place was silent for a longer time than I had expected, I called out to her, but she remained silent.

"Bella?" I tried again, venturing toward the bedroom door.

"Oh god, that's good." My eyes widened, and I bit my bottom lip, thoroughly confused. She sounded slightly muffled, "Mmm..." The groan I heard made me practically slam the door open, to see Bella sitting on the floor, topless, braless and stretching her back as she reached over to her toes, giving me an awesome view of her tits.

My bang made her jump, and she looked up at me, embarrassed and wide eyed.

"Sorry, Bella... I just... you-"

"My back... it-" Our simultaneous speech left us in a lurch of silence and she stared back at me, grinning but flushed with complete embarrassment. "It cracked and it hurt," She murmured, blushing, "So I thought I should stretch it."

"You're half naked." I managed to blurt. "Get on the bed."

Wait... what?

"Excuse me?"

"I meant... that was supposed to be two different things." I managed to blurt, trying not to cringe and flinch under her furious gaze. "I made a statement... and then I didn't explain myself..." I managed to bluster my way through the sentences and looked back up at her, "I'm a sportsman, I've picked up some shit about massage and bad backs in my career, however short it may have been." I winked, and couldn't help my eyes flickering between her face and her already taut nipples. I think she might have liked being caught. She caught me watching, and slowly crossed her hands across herself, but, as she got up, I shook my head. "Get on the bed, beautiful," She laughed, "What?"

"I'm not beautiful," I heard her murmur as she laid down against my pillows, burying her head into them and groaning, "Your pillows are fucking awesome." She spluttered and I had to grin, otherwise I would have been groaning, because the mere sight of her breasts, free and easy as she made herself at home on my bed was causing me all kinds of teenaged issues.

"Will you sit up on your knees?" I said. I didn't trust myself to be straddling her hips helping her unwind. "I'll be able to reach better." I rubbed my cold hands together, and knelt up behind her, hoping she wouldn't be so worried about my cold hands.

It went well. I'd wager it would have gone really well, had her head not dropped back on my shoulder and my fingers began to travel across her collarbones. They then moved back around under her arms and made their own way around her body like metal attracted to a magnet, one hand moving up to cup one of her breasts, slowly massaging and twisting at her nipple. I heard her groan softly and... Was that a giggle? I chose to ignore it and settled myself with gently biting at the back of her neck, light little nips, causing her to groan and roll her head to the side, opening herself up to just more of the same. My other hand slid the other way, following her own as it rested on her thigh, rubbing gently over her own fingers, tracing circles across the fabric. She groaned again and turned her head back to me, murmuring my name as her lips found my earlobe and bit down lightly.

"Bella," I warned softly, but she merely worried at me a little, making me groan even louder as I threw it all out of the window and pulled at her belt. She pressed her hand against mine and shook her head, pulling away.

"Not on the first date," She murmured, leaning forward and turning around to look at me, "Not when you're going away soon..." She bowed her head, clearly unhappy with the season schedule. I pulled her lips back up to mine and shook my head.

"Silly Bella. Four days where you have essays to do, and work to get finished, and I have to send balls down toward the other guy's head." She giggled at the obvious innuendo, and I leaned forward to kiss her again, palming her tits unceremoniously this time. She growled into my mouth and pulled back again, her arms wrapping around my neck as we settled into that position.

I grinned at her as I opened my mouth and unleashed what I supposed would be the mood killer.

"At least you know I'm not going to be afraid of a couple of good bouncers," Her mouth dropped open and her head dropped back as I chose that moment to tweak her nipples and lower my head down to taste her, even if I wouldn't get to see the main course tonight, I wanted her appetisers.

With the thoughts of food, I tried to lift my head up, break up the hormone-fest and get her fed and watered. From the look on her face, and her tugging insistence on my hair for me to return my attention to her chest, I figured we wouldn't be getting dinner tonight, after all.

And to be honest, I was perfectly fine with that.